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  1. This is turning into a great tutorial. It should inspire a few of us to turn or return to ship in bottle building.
  2. Haven't dealt with them myself. Once only seen their ads in some old model airplane magazines back when I used to fly. Prices seemed reasonable then
  3. A quick Google search comes up with a few different Hobbyworlds, and one of those is in Russia. Which one were you referring to?
  4. It feels good to be back in the shipyard after a long hiatus. This build, as the title suggests, is a traditional fishing dory from North America and the UK. Young Modeler is an outfit out of Korea, and after searching through the list of banned manufacturers, I posed the question here in the wooden kits general section of the forum to see if they wee legit. @ccoyle was nice enough to follow up on this and suggest they were a legitimate company after further research. So thus begins my log. The package itself is quite small, bring nothing more than a blister pack with t
  5. I've been away for a while and you go and finish this on me. Always beautiful work Daniel. And I get to learn something with every post.
  6. JohnLea I found the best solution for rolling blade handles was to tape a small scrap (i.e. broken toothpick or the like) to the handle opposite the sharp side of the blade. Prevents the handle from rolling and keeps fingers away from the pointy bits
  7. Great way to make those catheads. I like the contrast between the strips too. Makes it all stand out.
  8. Thank you John. I think i was reading it as 1/2 Inch to one inch. Your scale sounds much better.
  9. Hi John. Looks like an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I'm reading your scale right. Is it 1/2:1 or 5:1?
  10. State bird? That's the Canadian air force you're talking about
  11. Bob, really like the contrast between the boxwood and holly planks. Some people can really "paint" with wood.
  12. I have to echo that wow. Glad you didn't break any of your deck beams during that tricky bulkhead planking
  13. Love the look Bob. One question though. Are you going to paint the ends of the wales or leave them natural? I would think they would have been finished the same as the wales.
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