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    bought a sergal cutty sark kit probably 10 to 15 years old seems to be all there. doing research before a start. I have built smaller ships, but none this size. Looking forward to the forums, have enjoyed the posts and am impressed with the quality of work and sharing of ideas

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  1. Did you lay the lapstrake over the plastic? What type of glue? Where did you get the engine. I would like to build one the way you have. John Roy
  2. I built the Cuttysark by Sergal. It was an old kit and the plans were in Italian it took awhile because I had to convert to English but the kit was very cheap. I am ready for a new project. I like the "Alert" US cutter, The Bluejacket and the" Independence" by Artesatia . I would like a nice kit with better parts than came with my 1st kit and am willing to pay a fair price. I would appreciate any advice on a new kit along the lines of the ones I have mentioned. It would be a bonus if there was a build log and discussion about the quality of the kits etc. any help will do. John Roy
  3. I have been following your posts and enjoy them very much. I am building the C S but not as well as you master modelers. I don't have your patience but its coming. The hull is done and i'm starting on the rigging. I have installed the first section of all 3 masts and the crows nest..I have a problem the small metal pieces that joins the first section of the mast to the second crumbled when I tried to drill out the holes. I tried to fashion them out of aluminum but they look terrible.Is there a place to buy parts like these?.I was able to save one but I don't know how to mold metal. Buying them
  4. Great job on the port holes. I have a problem, the plans and kit I have do not show any port holes should I put the in? Great fun following all the posts I feel I am getting to know you folks Johnroy
  5. I like it and need one, what is it? johnroy
  6. Thanks for the help you guys are great. I think I just might make it with my current copper plates. I have held off doing the bow but with your suggestions I will get copper tape cover the front of the bow and plate up to it. I think that should work. My problem was trying to turn the corner on the bow with 5x15mm plates, I couldn't make it look right like the pictures in the plans (my plans are in Italian), will let you know. Do you think I'm being to fussy? Will keep you posted. johnroy
  7. I sure enjoy your posts and like the work you do. Thanks a lot I am learning a lot just following this line. I do have a question. Is this the place to ask? I am also building a CS kit and I don't think I am going to enough copper plates they are 5x15mm. Do you have any idea where a guy could buy some extra? Will appreciate any help. johnroy
  8. where to buy copper plates

  9. Nenad Looks like its coming along just fine. I'm trying to get my nerve up to start coppering, will keep watching johnroy
  10. My name is john roy and I am working on an older Sergal Cutty Sark kit. I have the deck planked and the hull double planked and its now time to put the copper plating on, however the plans I have are in Italian and it is hard to decipher the instructions. I have been using a computer program to convert Italian to English but it is very slow going. Does anyone have instructions on installing the plating? Is this the right area to be asking this question? I have been following your posts and it is very interesting and informative. I would greatly appreciate any help. johnroy
  11. I am in the US and would like to buy some 2x3mm walnut. I'm a newby to this and would like some suggestions where to buy. johnroy
  12. great detail, really like your work. Where did you get the large cutting mat? johnroy
  13. Thanks Nenad and Marc I ordered the walnut and contacted plansandphotos waiting for there reply. I sure appreciate your help johnroy
  14. I'm having a problem getting started. I have got the bulkheads and keel assembled and the main deck attached but have not started the planking. Does not appear to be enough 2x3 walnut planking do you plank the whole deck under the cabins? I have been online trying to buy the Campbell plans any idea where I might buy them? Any help will be greatly appreciated. johnroy
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