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  1. Having read Lansings account i agree about the dog huts, Model is looking good- i tend to use occres instructions as a loose guide, but i do have 30 + years experience with wooden ship kits so kind of know what to watch out for (still get caught out sometimes though)! Have you thought about adding bootstriping to the waterline? Keith
  2. Thanks for the likes and looking in everyone, pulled the pins on the quarter deck and drilled/ fastened with bamboo dowels made from shaved down cocktail sticks (will need sanded down before deck planking added). Also added some more of the walnut 2nd planking. Take care all Keith
  3. soak the bulwarks in cold water for an hour or so- i found hot water "melts" the glue holding the ply together. Keith
  4. Nice work and a nice looking schooner- and another polar exploration vessel casts off in MSW😁. Keith
  5. regarding stowage of the boats- on the plans i bought from the N.M.M and some of frank hurleys photos ther are actually boat skids for the forward boats to rest on- the after boats look like they are hung from the davits (see the pic you put on with the white painted hull). They would have swung the boats out for readiness once in the ice pack. One other aspect i am wondering about is when were the dog huts built on the quarter deck? Keith
  6. i would have gone with red too if painting mine, they actually used red lead in the paint mix traditionally on wooden ships if memory serves me right. Keith
  7. Welcome to what keith s describes as the little terror club😁. I always use matt acrylic varnish for wood work , but don't apply it til all fittings are fastened in place. If altering the dimensions of the masts now is a great time to enlarge the holes and slots. I used 6mm for the mizzen, 8mm for the main and 7mm for the fore and bowsprit. Really depends how much you want to alter the kit to make it more realistic. Keith
  8. Thanks and sounds like they might have listened! Don't forget to checkout keith s and daniel d' s Terror build log as we have been bouncing ideas off each other for over a year now and his build is pretty spectacular too. Keith
  9. it never fails to amaze me every time i visit one of your logs Greg- you are like an upgraded warship constructing terminator😎! Keith
  10. Thanks Paul and for likes / looking in everyone . Little more accomplished with the main yard lifts now rigged (as per Lees masting and rigging), as mentioned in previous post wont be belayed until i get the topsail sheets rigged. take care all Keith
  11. Thanks for looking in, 2nd walnut planking continues and the admirals clothes iron was commandeered again so i could curve the bow planking so it ended at the stem (more hot fingers)! Take care all Keith
  12. i always wait until i have finished painting and use matt acrylic varnish which gives a nice deep dull finish, but only paint after all planking/ fittings have been glued in place. Keith
  13. a sigh of relief i sense yes (as yoda would say☺️). i am not a fan of 2nd planking and my Occre HMS Terror was my first serious attempt! Make sure everything is firmly in place for when you glue the "rubbing" strakes on. Keith
  14. i have this one lurking on top of the wardrobe in the bedroom as no room to store in my workshop- hopefully start her soon but i have a few projects on the go already! god speed and happy modelling. Keith
  15. thanks for popping in for a look everyone, managed a little more work on Terror with the trusses now rigged through the blocks under the yards and rigged the blocks on the end of the yards for the lifts. Will leave final belaying of these til i have rigged the topsail as the topsail sheet is the only part of the rigging which will pull the yard down (everything else pulls it upwards). take care all. Keith
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