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  1. myself i would go with sewn set of sails, i think ships like this always look a bit bare when modelled with bare poles/ furled sails as not much going on up top compared to a full rigged ship (i sew the hems but get my mother in law to stitch the "sail panels" on her sewing machine though as she is now in her 80s she has said no moreeeeeeeee!!! Keith
  2. looking good and nice advise to yourself regarding gluing spreaders in place! when i am about to permanently glue things in place i always move the ship back a little and scan everything in that area to make sure i don,t have to "tweak" anything (still sometimes get caught out though)! Keith
  3. welcome back my fellow terrorite 😁 - Matthew Betts book has been delayed in the U.K. too with a 2022 release date announced! ......Looks around to find Keith S so we can get our threesome going again😜. Keith
  4. OMG just when i thought you couldn't surprise me anymore with your sublime detailing you maniac- keep up the good work😀 Keith
  5. starting to look nice and busy on the decks- this is the bit i like when all the small details start gathering momentum after the slog of making the hull. Keith
  6. very - hard to think it's actually sooooooo tiny! nice lil steamer😀
  7. work continues on the topgallant with the sheets and halliard rigged (still need excess thread trimmed and coiled at pin rail). the piece of dowel in the bows will be the foreyard. Keith
  8. love these old steamships they have soooooo much character (even the workaday ones). Keith
  9. She is evolving nicely and yep the hammock netting is a nightmare (was bad enough in 1/75 scale)! i would leave the davits off till as late as possible because they will deffo get snagged endlessly while rigging the mizzen mast. Keith
  10. back in the shipyard and the topgallant yard is hoisted, though the halliard still need rigged as well as sheets, lifts etc.once the halliard is rigged i will rig the topsail halliards and backstay (not rigged yet to allow easier access to pinrails). take care everyone. Keith
  11. thanks as always for the likes and looking in everyone, with shorter days and not much needing done in garden managed a little bit of time in the shipyard (to quote a famous T.V. series "winter is coming") The rubbing strakes and the timber above the stern/rudder are in place along with a bearing in the sternpost for the prop shaft. have fun all and keep up the good work everyone. Keith
  12. Many thanks Keith- that's not the words i use to describe it at the time though!😜 You will be noticing like me that the nights are starting to close in and winter is creeping up on us- though thanks to gulf stream we can get some nice but shorter days up to November time. Keith
  13. thanks for all the likes and looking in as always everyone, managed a little more on Terror this weekend with the clewlines rigged on the main topsail, the ropes on the main mast pinrail all belayed and coiled and the main topgallant yard ready for the footropes and sail to be added. Take care everyone. Keith
  14. also you can rig vangs to the gaffs if needing downward tension. Keith
  15. work slowly progressing with the stem and keel pieces attached. Also fitted a brass bearing for the prop shaft in place from my spares box. There is a nice pic of her stern in dry dock showing a two bladed prop (spares box the the rescue again)! Also looks like the prop shaft went through the prop and into another bearing on the sternpost so will add that to the sternpost before gluing it into place take care all Keith
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