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  1. hello and thanks for looking in, oh my clocks back an hour and winter is coming to quote an excellent series😉. I was thinking sleds! Did they actually build the sleds for Terror and Erebus in situ, or were they made in the shipyard in England to save time and effort (it was the spikes holding the sled together that made me think this). Also on the antarctic expedition plans it looks like the boats are sitting on a runner from a sled. Built a basic sled (havn't drilled the holes in runners yet), and tried it in situ with the ships boat resting on it.... still can't decide if to leave it like th
  2. the ice bumpers will be more secure glued to the first planking and see keith s build log regarding spider band on mizzen. Metal bands on masts on vessels by this time though i dont think she had made masts like victory so may have just had bands on the cheeks (still looking into this). Keith
  3. you can put a piece of dowel in the mast hole, mark the height of the top and run a bit of string down to get the right angle (i just marked and drilled with about 1mm extra on top of deadeye diameter. Keith
  4. Looks good so far. I have this model in my stash and it looks a lot better than their attempt with HMS Terror!!! My advice is ditch occre method and go with the planking in a more prototypical manner though it does come down to what you feel confident with. Also there are lots of books on the subject of ship modelling most of which can be purchased second hand for a reasonable price. Keith
  5. it is certainly better to be safe than sorry Daniel, are occre actually putting full length planks in the kit now (must have heard us all complaining on here)! Keith
  6. Ty Broden, i think terror did not have made/ composite masts which means the bands would only be needed to hold the cheeks each side of the masts. Keith
  7. believe it or not the set up on yours was and probably still is very much in evidence on recent fishing boats, the compartments either side of the hold are used to stash the boxes of fish with the aforementioned ice. on deck the catch was deposited in the "pound" and a table set up on the starboard side, the fish was then gutted and sorted into boxes according to type (cod in one, herring in another etc etc) we used the baskets fore prawns which back when i was on the boats all had to be "tailed" by twisting the heads off the tails, sometimes around a thousand prawns in a catch)! The fishroom
  8. nice work, normally on small fishing vessels like this the catch is sorted into wooden fish crates on deck then stored in the hold and covered with ice (depending on which point in history you are modelling) have also seen some catches stored in wicker baskets on old photos, but when i was on fishing boats the boring old plastic baskets and fishboxes had taken over.
  9. another terror gets the plating treatment😁. You can see why i used the thinner copper self adhesive strip though it does not look as "chunky" as the aluminium. clean the alu just before painting to ensure good bond with paint. Keith
  10. Ty geowolf, as far as i am aware all ships displayed their names (and still do) on the stern though the style and size of lettering did alter. People would have identified ships by their rig and sailplan etc from a distance when the name could not be seen. Keith
  11. you could decide which is going to be the "viewed side" of the ship and make an access panel on the side not in view? Keith
  12. Thanks for comments and views, and glad to see someone else going down the realism road along with keith s and myself Daniel. Back in the shipyard and made/ installed the stern davits (wasn't happy with way occre designed them so made them out of two solid lengths per side tapered along the hull). take care all Keith
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