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  1. Ty Daniel and still in the air about davits at he moment, nice weather does cut down on shipyard time! Still plodding away with the shrouds and have tidied up the lanyards for the mizzen and main deadeye shrouds. Also have made and fitted the sister blocks on the topmast shrouds. As an aside have been thinking about pics i have seen and info from drawings regarding the davits also comments by keith s and the sketch i have made shows how they might have been (all conjecture and can't wait till Matthew Betts book comes out)! Take care all and thanks for
  2. i think the line at the bottom of the fore sail is actually the stays for the dolphin striker which lead from the striker to the catheads, yet more questions as opposed to answers with every pic we see!!!! Keith
  3. looks the part Keith- i had the davit arms down as straight but look nice curved. I did notice on the cover picture of Matthews book the davit arms midships are curved (the enigma continues). Keith
  4. Thanks Keith- stlll a long way to go with the standing rigging and seriously thinking about delaying rigging the forestays and bowsprit till Matthews book comes out as her bowsprit/ jib boom are still in place and he will have juicy details to disclose methinks 😁 Keith
  5. thanks for looking in folks, time to rig the ratlines on the main shrouds, i have noticed on various lithograph/ sketch images only half a dozen or so shrouds on the main and fore had them so decided i will fit the ratlines on 8 per mast (not all of the shrouds were rigged on a few vessels, and looking at the topsham model of her as built she had extra shrouds fitted at a later date. Also included a bow shot which gives a bit of an idea how she would have looked when preparing for winter quarters with top hamper all lowered. nice to see the li
  6. that's the belaying plan i am using for a reference keith, but will have to make some alterations as not all pin rails are the same. Yep bit confusing when starting out with all the names for the rigging! Keith
  7. back with the mizzen mast and sorted the ratlines, i found the thread occre suggested looked too thick looking so used some thinner thread from my stash. take care everyone. Keith
  8. Hello everyone, work still continues on the shrouds with the foremast tackled, also rigged the main topmast stays (i was going to use small blocks to guide them at the foremast head, but just used the eyes i had placed on the masthead in the end) they are lashed to eyebolts on the deck at the base of the foremast. I have just realised i omitted to mention the hearts used on the mainstay are the model shipyard 3 part card ones (will use them on the forestays as well on the bowsprit when time comes), also for the lower shrouds i used some 0.8mm thread from another build as opposed to the occre 0
  9. Doing good ty Emmet and a happy easter to you too. Still working, though partial furlough still in place, but we are getting busier. Still on my Terror build at the mo with rigging underway. Keith
  10. you can always add packing pieces to fill/ alter any gaps- i always add the deck pieces after gluing the frames to make sure they stay lined up- it's a learning curve.
  11. Interesting prototype- billings do make a decent kit which lend themselves to adding extra detail easier than some makers kits. Enjoy the build. Keith
  12. Thanks for looking in as always. Work continues on the shrouds with the main top mast shrouds now rigged, next i will rig the topmast stays (need to rig a temp. forestay first). Also rigged the hearts on the main stay and preventer stay. The strops on the deadeye plates will be for the topgallant shrouds to be lashed to. Take care all Keith
  13. thanks for looking in everyone, still ongoing with the main shrouds (seems like a lifetime)! but also rigged the mizzen stay and topmast stay. Also started on the main stay/ preventer stay though not fully rigged yet. as an aside BBC 2 in the u.k. have started showing the Terror T.V. series so finally able to watch it😁. Take care all Keith
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