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  1. TY wahka- for future projects i have a few to choose from, but thinking occre's HMS Beagle (asides from finishing HMS Victory at some point)! Though i also have the trumpeter 1/200 titanic as well😉. Keith
  2. can't beat it when stuff like that happens😱. going to make you swear a little now..... the fife rail abaft the the mainmast should be on the forward side (initially made that mistake myself)🤪. Decks are starting to look nice and busy now😁. Keith
  3. Hi Keith and TY, the tops are made from scratch ,thin ply base with veneer strip for planking and ply curved front piece and kit decking strip around other three sides. The battens are around 1.5mm squared but then sanded thinner as in following pics. fore top is 55mm wide and 35mm at sides, curving to 40mm at front. Main top is 60mm wide x 40mm at the sides and 45mm at the front of the curve. take care everyone Keith
  4. Thanks for the likes and comments so far everyone. Back with the masts and fitted the battens to the main and fore tops using Lees's book (based them on the 1802 onwards style), and the handrails using some etched ones left over from victory build with brass rod from kit which needs ends files neater and painted black. take care all. Keith
  5. nice work with the main bitts- look far better with the curve😁. for my bands a just used some black card that was backing for a 1/35 turned aluminum gun barrell so can't say exactly but isn't much thicker than a sheet of paper. Keith
  6. Hi Daniel, i used some spare billings turned brass eyes left over from previous builds for my bearings (never throw anything away after a build)! The drums on the posts in front of the main and fore masts are warping drums especially for the jeers. In later days these evolved into dolly winches (see cutty sarks deck fittings). Keith
  7. yep keith, thats where that chain around the mast came from😉. Keith
  8. brrrrrrrrrrrr getting colder here !!! After much deliberation on how i was going to attach the mizzen topmast shrouds/ futtocks i decided on a single chain collar (will fit two chains per mast on fore and main as per Lee's book). take care all Keith
  9. or my capstan i used the spindle and base off the kit one and made new head from two pieces of wood with squares filed in then sandwiched together, and plasticard discs for the metal base and pawl bits.
  10. I used 8mm belaying pins for mine Daniel , glad to see the other keith clearing the decks and preparing for action😁. Keith
  11. nice touch (don't forget to leave a bit of it blank though😉) have you thought about replacing the occre belaying pins with brass ones though? Keith
  12. Thanks for looking in as always everyone, back in the shipyard and the mizzen mast is finished with the eyebolts for the topping lifts and peak halliard in place. Also fitted the fid on the topgallant mast. Thinking of the boom sheet i decided to go with an eyebolt on the transom and a cleat on the deck as in Lees book. Just realised i am now ready to fit the mizzen and start rigging the shrouds (i always start masting/ rigging with the mizzen and work forwards). take care all Keith
  13. the battens are on all three masts (not topmasts heads though) There are holes drilled into the ends for the shrouds to pass through from the topmast , and will attach them to a collar around the mizzen. Keith
  14. Happy New YearDaniel. The masts in Lees books show the set up on large man o wars don't bother with hoops or bands above the top, Oh and no top fitted on terror and erebus just the cross and trestle trees on the mizzen. The pic on top of page 10 on my log shows the mizzen complete bar the eyes for the blocks. Keith
  15. Happy New Year everyone, heres hoping its an improvement on the last one! It's not a Terror pic but thought it might help warm us up during the cold spell Take care all. Keith
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