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  1. Got time to work at the bench again. Starting to see the finish line. Got some rigging and the sail to install. Thanks everyone for following this build.
  2. Welcome aboard. Fellow "mainer" here as well. This is a great forum to learn and ask questions about any type of model...(working or sailing). I have visited bluejackets store several times. I highly recommend starting a build log. Pictures in build logs helps everyone with your questions and give you tips to help you along with your build. Working boats are my focus as well. Check my build logs. Starting out... remember it is not a race but a hobby. Enjoy your time at the workbench.
  3. Just got time to post some updated pic's of my build. Started to work on the two masts. Alot of deck fixtures are reinforced using the masts as anchor points.
  4. I like to hear from everyone what they do with kit boxes after the build is finished. Myself.. I am excited to keep ALL my kit boxes from my "stash". When people admire my builds..it is nice to show how the model got started.
  5. Got time to get the top rails attached to the boat. What would we do without clamps in this hobby.
  6. I scratched built some fishing deck fixtures that will be found on fishing boats like this one. Rubber inflated buoys.
  7. I got time to paint the hull. This size build everything takes more work to complete. Very happy with the finished hull. Finished the inner ribs above the deck. In the pictures I placed a ruler to give everyone a sense of size to the boat . Forgot to mention the scratch build stand the boat is sitting in.
  8. Scale drawings are 1:1 drawings in this kit. This kit included 4 sheets of 1:1 drawings. They are printed well and not cluttered with information to make measurements easy.
  9. To answer your question Bobg. I have no complaints about the quality of the wood in this Soclaine kit. I will say the instructions are not for beginners but if the modeler has some builds under their belt, they should be OK. This kit relays on using the scale drawings to complete the model.
  10. Welcome to MSW. Nice to see another fellow mainer on this forum. There is so much to learn and share on the forum. I too will be thinking about a lazy susan at my workbench.
  11. Back to the work bench. Finished installing the rub rails to the boat. Next is to start painting the hull and get a stand built.
  12. Got a new tool. Something not necessary but makes one job easier. Model expo waterline marker. When the admiral gives the "ok" for a new tool, I don't pass it up.
  13. Next was to build the life raft container. This will be mounted on top of the main cabin. Alot of little projects getting knocked off the list.
  14. After the gas container build...I needed to build the storage box. I weathered the wood to a grey wash look.
  15. Back at the workbench. Today got work on making two gas containers. The picture show each step into the build.
  16. Thanks GrandpaPhil , BobG, ccoyle and everyone else for all the nice comments. It is always encouraging to hear from others in this great hobby. Model ship world is a great forum filled with friendly and helpful members. Thanks
  17. Built container to hold two barrels. Aged the wood to have a weathered look. Also a storage locker that will be found on the deck in the stern of the finished model.
  18. Began to build the wheelhouse. Enjoying this model as I continue. This is a great kit but I wouldn't recommend for beginners. The wood and supplies are good...instructions are not very detailed.
  19. Got some time at the workbench. Got alot done and got time to upload the pics for everyone to enjoy. Some deck furniture built and ready.
  20. Finished planking of the hull. Sorry no pic of that process. Fully sanded and primed. This is my best planking for sure. The old saying that the more you do something you will get better shows with each of my boat builds. Thanks everyone for following along and giving those thumbs up's.
  21. While the glue on the hull was drying ...I started working on the winch. Casting in the kit are in good shape and easy to work with. I really enjoyed building the piece. I approach each object as its own model kit and when you put all the kits together you have a finished model boat.
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