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  1. Hi YT its nice to hear of your progress. I am still away from home so my model is still shelved. You are right with the instructions on the gun installations, Mamoli have a big issue here and wonder how they never made a correction. You seem to install the gun barrels at a later stage but then how are you going to fix the brackets on each side of the gun? Hope you know which part i m refering to but i dont have the instructions here to give u the part number. It will be very difficult to install from the gun port and if left out will not give a uniform appearance when model is looked from the side. Also, these ensure that gun barrels remain in place. Try consider fixing the whole thing before attaching the upper deck, including barrels. ☺
  2. Thanks alot YT for yr help and assistance which i much appreciate. I intend to travel home for a weekend break during mid September and whilst there i will give it a try. I will let you know of development but it seems simple and it shld not be a problem. Have a nice day and regards, David
  3. Hi YT. Yes i agree with you that we might cause some confusion with our models especially when you reach my stage. For the time being my model is shelved since i am away from my home country so there wont be much progress for these 3 months. I intend to create a log on the website later on this year but I need to find time and seek some assistance from my family on how to create it. Regards.
  4. This weekend I finished my work on the ship's waist. Victory is really taking shape now.☺ However the project will soon have to be shelved for quite sometime since i will be travelling to Germany for 3 months on official duties. Work shld resume in December. By that time YT you would have probably reached my stage in the model. Anyway pls do keep in touch as i really like your progress. ☺☺
  5. Your calculations seem fine but i still think there is something strange in the matter. The ladders supplied by mamoli would contain about 11 steps to get to the upper deck/bridge which i think is a bit too high considering the rather low decks of the victory. Moreover the large plan of mamoli which is 1:1 shows only 7 steps in these ladders. I also checked on some actual photos of victory as per below and all seem to have around 8 steps but definetely not 11. Moreover ladders all seem to be open type at the back and not closed as supplied with mamoli. Anyway its only my view. 😊
  6. Hi YT. Just for curiosity, are the ladders supplied with your model like the ones in the photo? They are out of proportion and contain too many steps. I had to discard them and make my own with only 7 steps. More appropriate i believe. I did 2 so far and another two for this weekend 😊. Time consuming but rewarding. Still require some fine sanding though. What do you think?
  7. Yes you are right. Malta once was linked to africa but then was seperated by huge earthquakes. In fact this was evidenced by some fossils and animal skeletons found here which today only exist in african countries.
  8. Yes good idea. Do you intend to close some of the gun ports? I will be closing mine for the ones on the rear and the front. From some photos of the actual victory i notice that the ones on the rear have a window frame although they also have a gun lid. By the way its almost midnight here and i'm off to bed cause tomorrow for work early. ☺
  9. Malta is a very nice place and if you like history its vast and goes back to more than 4000 years. Its a mediterranean climate and quite hot in summer. I recommend spring as the best time to visit as it is less hectic and less hot. Its a very small country also with nice beaches.
  10. Just a small remark. I notice that some gun ports in the middle row are protruding from the planking. Not sure whether its the photo. They shld be flat i believe as they will create you some problems later on after the second planking. Regards.
  11. Hi YT. Nice work indeed. You are progressing quite fast. I like it. Yes you are right i might need to create a log but unfortunately i dont have much time at my disposal.
  12. Hi zeppto. Thanks for yr remarks. I started this model some years ago and it is quite complex but interesting indeed. If you need to ask for some advise i am happy to assist. 😊 regards, david
  13. Hi YT and all. This weekend i finished my work on the poop deck at last. The deck is in place ready for fixing. Unfortunately some details on the inner cabins will be lost when fixing the deck but at least a small opening on the side will reveal some of the hours i spent on this section. And obviously some photos for the record. In due course i will be working on the skylight and other details on the deck.
  14. Hi YT Some kits do have eyebolts attached to gun port windows as correctly stated above. However this is not the case with mamoli. I believe most of these eye bolts are needed at the rigging stage for attaching pulleys with them. This is clearly shown in the instructions at least. Moreover you will also need some for the cannons and to tie them to the bulwarks. I used six bolts per cannon in total including one on the deck after each cannon. You would need to buy extra eyebolts as the ones with the kit are not enough since cannons in mamoli are left stand alone and not rigged. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi YT. It is more clear now from the photo. Actually when i was looking as to how i would have to rig the cannons i came to a photo of a model similar to yr procedure. To tell you the truth i do not like it alot since it is not very realistic with the length of rope not being the same on both sides. However its only my opinion and if you are happy with the results go ahead. But pls do think carefully before proceeding as it will be difficult to arrange once you fix the bridge. As regards the blocks i suggest to leave these out since the scale is too small. The cannons will become too clustered and wont look neat. I will only inlude some eyepins on each cannon for detail and do some rigging without blocks. Most of the models at this scale at least adopt this system. Regards.

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