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  1. Finally some moments to spend on my Santa Maria... Summer is behind me and with winter and snow settled here in Alberta, Canada a bit early, I am sure I will have extra time to finish the model over this winter. Some work redone on some of the standing rigging as some of my fall lines were originally done in black and have now been redone as they should have been, natural or "untarred". Very happy with the progress except for the block pulled off the deck and a railing unglued from tying lines under too much tension... perhaps because of fiddling around in e
  2. Thanks Jan-Willem for the compliments. Last summer when we went to Holland for a family reunion of my wife's... the Kinderdijk's was on my bucket list of things to do and see while there... amazing! I have an update on the forestay (which I redid) and some of the bowsprit rigging. The forestay is looking much better in my opinion...
  3. Doing some of the stays and noticed the forestay is completely out of scale to want should be in the plans in the first diagram... to my eyes, anyways... I will redo them tonight.
  4. Finally developed the motivation and initiative to get the rigging started after a busy summer... Definitely not my favourite activity but getting "some" of the shrouds done was not too bad. Very happy with the Caldercraft branded rigging thread I should add. But I just realized that I did not order enough of the Black 0.75mm size last spring... I am going to run out and still need probably a meter to finish the standing rigging (each roll is 10 metres).
  5. I know there has been some discussion on this forum how slow mail service has been for parts, etc online from overseas to North America and vice versa. I am late reporting this but basically at the peak of disruption in mail service (April-May) I ordered some miscellaneous parts directly from Jotika - my order was placed on May 13, postmarked on May 13 and delivered from England to my door (Canada) on May 27. Can't complain!
  6. Hi Jan-Willem, In doing some research on "painting" rigging line, they may actually mean applying a stain to the line with a brush to get the tarred look. I noticed that some people on the forum have indeed "painted" or stained the lines... Of course the other option is dying the lines... but of course much easier to just purchase the rigging thread. Cheers,
  7. Now... to complain about a couple of things. I noticed with this Mamoli vintage kit, they have always been very tight/cheap with items and parts... This grabrail stanchion is the last one of two that yet needs to be placed on the deck. The fife rail noted in the picture was not mentioned in the deck plans or instructions and I only picked this item up when studying the rigging plans (now that I am at this stage of the build). I quickly added this to the deck. Lastly, this is the rigging thread supplied with the kit... it is excellent in my humble o
  8. I made the drastic move of cutting into the hull to add my sheave block... turned out good but when I put the finished sheave block into the opening, I pushed it straight in... I remade a second block and did the exact same thing! I have two sheave block rattling around in my hull! I remade a simple sheave and guided it in with a loop of rope to prevent it from falling in while setting it flush to the opening. I will keep the loop of rope in yet in order to easily guide the rigging line when ready to do so. What I can not understand from the plans
  9. Thank you Steven for the compliment... A few more images before I start adding all the blocks to the deck and exterior of the hull... and then I am ready to mount the masts permanently as at the moment they are just sitting loosely in their respective places.
  10. Thanks Popeye for your kind comments... stay well! Thanks Sea Hoss for your compliments... much appreciated. Thanks Jan-Willem for checking in on my build log once again and of course the kind words. Everyone stay healthy and well!
  11. Thanks for your reply Popeye... I usually get things done fast and expediently... but certainly not in this regard. Covid-19 is certainly a worry here in Canada but I think from the news, not to the same degree as in the United States. I am in a close contact profession and was shut down early by our Chief Public Health officer... I am in week 5 of non employment and “light” self quarantine... I have been thinking for about 3 years that I would like to take a sabbatical and here it is... but not the best of times for others unfortunately.
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