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  1. Well done your plank work looks very good, I really like the area around the stern that is always a pain. As you said I have never seen a build of this interesting kit until now, I will be following along with great interest.
  2. Welcome to the forum, glad to see another Virginia build. Do a search on the forum there are several of these builds going on rite now and a few finished ones also, may give you some ideas.
  3. First let me say welcome to the forum, second your work pretty fast and very clean, I really like that yellow colored wood you used for the inside of the bulwarks.
  4. Thanks Russ, I thought installing those parts would give a cleaner job also, I have decided to paint most of the hull so not sure if it really mattered, lol. Thanks Schnu, yes larger scale should help with any modification, which there are shore to be many.
  5. Time for an update. 1. I did a little more work on the stern filler blocks. 2. I installed the keel, stem and stern post, all are made from walnut and pinned for strength. 3. The false deck was also added. All comments welcome.
  6. Oh I agree Michael it does take a while, better off spending time now than later fixing bumps and dips in the planking.
  7. Thanks Jay. Thanks Russ, I just rechecked what you said and I agree the rear filler blocks need a bit more work, this is why I post picks we all miss stuff, lol.
  8. Way past time for an update. In this update I faired all the bulkheads and filler blocks, I still have about 15 or 20 minutes of hand sanding just to clean things up a little. I know my bulkhead filler blocks look sloppy that's because I used what ever scrap I had on hand. I will try to keep the updates coming a little faster. Next up I will add the false deck and a few planks and that's when the interesting stuff starts. All comments welcome.
  9. I was wondering what this kit was like, I will be following your build. Nice neat and clean work so far.
  10. Great work as always, every time you post a new pic it just gets better and better. My work space used to look the same than I gave it a good cleaning, now I can't find any thing!
  11. Thanks Jay, for those who are building or about to build this kit fair warning the ply wood is very soft you will need to add filler between most of the bulkheads to stiffen the structure.
  12. Great work on the rigging, I am always amazed at how much rigging is on a boat with 1 mast.
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