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  1. Thanks for the answer. The problems that frames which have been reconstructed from the waterlines do not fully match the frames given by the monograph as well as inconsistencies between different plans of a single set are something i have experienced far too often with some of the more recent Ancre monographs. In the age of cad software this should no longer happen.
  2. What a beautiful start for a beautiful boat. Allow me a question. Most of the recent Ancre plans left me somewhat (or in some cases, very) disapointed. How is this one? Was it easy to draw the frames or did you had to correct much?
  3. I would like to highly recommend the book. It is rather thorough, has nice drawings and photographies and the english translation appears to be well done as well.
  4. Did you exchange the longitudinal stop with something more accurate?
  5. This is dangerous misinformation. Healthy people are less likely to be severely affected but it is still possible. The disease is, even if we take comparably low mortality rates like on Diamond Princess and South Korea, considerably more lethal than the "normal" flu. It is also very contagious and so far there is no vaccine (which helps to protect medical workers as well as vulnerable groups) and no viable medicine (although there appears to be cause for some optimism in that regard). To take this disease lightly is to risk getting your medical system overloaded, the results are devastati
  6. Some people are complete and utter selfish, inconsiderate morrons. The lawmakers in Germany and it's federal states start to take the entire crisis a bit more seriously (about time!) but there are still so many people who appear to have been hit with the idiot stick. Some "friends" of mine recently decided to go clubbing next week because "the virus isn't more than a flu" or "we are young enough not to be in danger" or my all time favourite "we won't change our entire lifes just because of a virus".
  7. This might be the worst global pandemic since the spanish flu a hundred years ago so a certain level of alertness is advisable. Northern Italy is a rather horrible example of how bad it can get very quickly. Still, hoarding toilet paper might not be the best solution
  8. Where can Mr. Rivera's plans be purchased? There isn't very much about spanish vessels in the usual (that is, english, french and german writing) sources and i would be quite interested in some good plans of the spanish navy.
  9. So, during the Holidays i had another look at the plans and contacted Mr. Fissore who found no problem with them. Well, perhaps it is me but unless i realy need new glasses then quite a few things are seriously off here. If anyone with a bit more experience than me could comment if i am right or just blind it would be most welcome. (i received this file from Mr. Fissore, 4 and 7 AV/AR are his insertions, the other measuring lines are mine) PL. 1 -- 1÷12 -- 310 x 680 -- 19-12-2018 modified.pdf
  10. The discrepancy was between the frames (as well as the body plan) and the waterlines at 1:12. Something about the waterlines ist seriously off. They appear to be less wide than they should, which makes it difficult to create the ( sadly missing) bevel lines. Truthfully, i am at a loss here. Either i missed something or Fissore realy messed up.
  11. I have recently purchased this little monograph and think that it wouldn't hurt to share some thoughts about it. The monograph includes a short historical section and, probably more interesting for us, the plans as well as a considerable number of pictures of Mr. Fissore's construction of the vessel. The editing of my english version is...spotty but everything can be more or less understood without too many problems. The pictures are nice, in colour and should be generaly helpful. Let's get to the plans. There are 11 CAD drawn and pretty detailed plans. 10 for the boat and one for th
  12. Since i find this ship to be rather beautiful i am thinking about buying the kit as a christmas present for me. Yet Artesania Latina isn't exactly blessed with the most stelar reputation and so i would like to know if the kit's quality is good or if there are major problems with it. Thanks, Daniel
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