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  1. A wonderful model! Well done! Fair Winds, Joe
  2. This is one of the best weathered scratch built boats I have had the pleasure to look at. Very well done! Fair Winds, Joe
  3. Very nice and neat workmanship. Makes for an interesting display. Fair Winds, Joe
  4. This is a very nice ship model; clean and neat with beautiful woodwork. I like the stitching on the sails, too. Fair Winds, Joe
  5. A great looking ship model! Wonderful colors and beautiful craftsmanship. Bravo! Fair Winds, Joe
  6. Too cool! Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Fair Winds, Joe
  7. Very nice replica. Enjoyable to look at the photos. Fair Winds, Joe
  8. Nice job, Mike. I like those oars and the details. Fair Winds, Joe
  9. Nice job on your first build. The nameplate really enhances the overall presentation of your Swift model. Bravo! Fair Winds, Joe
  10. Gorgeous woodwork and planking on this ship model. I certainly like the overall finish. Fair Winds, Joe
  11. A wonderful example of very fine craftsmanship! Bravo! Fair Winds, Joe
  12. This will be my first kit build log on MSW and my second wood boat build. The Sakonnet Daysailer, a 1937 club "one-design" boat, designed by John G. Alden. Joe
  13. Hi Niels, Nice submarine model you have there. Here is a method I use to modify the size of photographs so I can use them on forums. Sometimes I'll shoot in Large format and the change to photograph size for download is required. These are the steps I follow and you may have this program or something similar to use on your particular computer: 1. Import your photographs to the computer. 2. Open photo of choice in Microsoft Picture Manager (or similar photo software package that you may have). 3. Click on Edit Pictures, then click on Resize or Compress Pictures (as desired). 4. Select the size you want for your photographs. 5. Then, I always click on Auto Correct and see if the camera software improves the photo; sometimes yes, sometimes no. 6. Go to File, then Save, for the photo. Now the picture is ready and saved for use as an upload to a forum. Hope this helps! Joe
  14. Outstanding model and sea. And then I saw the pen laying on the frame...this model build is really a work of art. Thanks for sharing the photos! Joe
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