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  1. I have used all of the paints you list and all are very good. The link you you gave lists conversions for Vallejo Model Color. Vallejo Model Color generally does not like airbrushes (even when thinned) but is excellent for brushing. Generally, you can airbrush most brands of acrylic paints (intended for plastic models) over other brands of acrylic paint as long as you have given the "base" coat ample time to dry. If you are going to use any enamels or oil products for weathering, a clear coat over your paint base is recommended.
  2. This model is a really fun build and when completed it makes a great show piece. There are quite a few build logs of this model and most took the "natural wood" route. One modeler even went so far as to install interior lights to give it a real special effect. Enjoy the build.
  3. Well, I have been working on the ships launches for almost two weeks. The kit provided three metal launches. I started by painting them to hide the shiny metal and that was a complete disaster. I could not get the paint to stick and it would peal when I tried to glue the wooden parts to the interior. I decided to proceed without the paint hoping that the wood would hide most of the metal. The exterior hulls were planked and painted and then the interior built. I am not entirely happy with the result; as they only look OK. I am now starting the masts and rigging. Just thumbing through the instructions is intimidating. Well, here goes nothing!!
  4. Do you have a more close up photo of the model. Love to see the details.
  5. It would probably more realistic to blacken the brass. I tried painting on a previous model and was disappointed with the result; plus it chipped and scratched when I was rigging. I have wanted to try a blackening agent; but working with toxic chemicals is a little scarey. I hear they liquid can cause burns and the fumes are caustic. Does anyone have suggestions on a non-toxic blackening agent?
  6. Mojo....I have only one rigged model in my past; so my CS will be a learning experience for me.
  7. I got a little upset about this log being hijacked. Perhaps I over-reacted. I will continue posting in hopes of some constructive comments. I have continued with deck equipment and structures. I round into difficulty that many of the dark (walnut) trim of the buildings crumbled when I tried to remove from die cut sheets. Had to manually reconstruct many of them. I enjoy working on deck stuff and there are plenty of it to be constructed in this model. Here is are some photo graphs that show the model stern to bow. Tried to get in close with the camera so you can see some of the detail:
  8. Since it appears that this log has been hi-jacked several times, I will stop posting and let the hijackers enjoy their discussions without my interruptions.
  9. EJ_L. I had the same questions but that is where the instructions show then. I tried to find a better place but they would only end up obstructing other objects. I decided to go with the kit's instructions.....perhaps not the best decision.
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