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  1. Hi Chris welcome! I don't have experience with that kit, but know Syren projects to be quality and the support here on MSW for those in particular to be un-matched. I personally have been holding off on Chuck's kits until Im more confident in my basic foundational skills, but that is no reason YOU can't jump right in. For what its worth, Ive wrecked LOTS of balsa planks... Im wary of doing the same to that beautiful yellow cedar. Looking at the Medway build, Im certain that is where I personally would be struggling and on a build like that, there is no paint or second layer to hide your mistakes. Be sure to note that if he is describing it as a "intermediate/advanced POF model" then there is a reason. For some reason, I trust that description more than I would on other manufacturers.
  2. I too have attempted to use something similar to cut out gunports... what I learned was that a drilled hole and sanding stick/file are far superior and cleaner (less error prone). Further, I have learned that reading ahead and planning for those ports in your build can help you having to cut them out at all, that is to say...you can build them in ahead of time and save the headache.
  3. about a foot of snow... to the shipyard I go.
  4. Has anyone tried these: https://www.micromark.com/Premier-Elite-10-Piece-Micro-Chisel-Set
  5. Interesting! I’ve not seen that setup before. I just have this, but still find that I use it quite a lot without marring or other associate problems. You do have to be careful though with how much pressure you’re applying so as not to snap off a chunk of your model....
  6. I know better then to click on threads like this... invariably someone suggests something I "need" and invariably Im left poorly explaining the arrival of a new package to my better half. Oh well, there are worse vices to have... speaking of vices... have you got one yet? I good keel vice is always handy.
  7. This is a great build log. Love the photography and the work is something I hope to achieve one day. Looks amazing.
  8. Great start! Looking forward to seeing it through.
  9. This is very similar to what is done with some historic artifacts as well. Nothing matches better.
  10. I have the Thickness sander and when I use it, I count my blessings that I have it. I have a less expensive/quality disc sander with belt side and find that adequate as my final sanding is always done by hand and Im less prone to take too much off. I use the thickness sander most often for scratch building new parts or replacement kit parts, thinking back Im not sure how much I could have done without it or how much time is saved by not waiting around for replacement parts. The disc sander Im sure is wonderful, but for me my money is better saved for the table saw than the disc sander which of the three tools offered I think might be a last priority. However... I will say that my opinion is not nearly as valuable as that of some of the more seasoned builders. Perhaps one day, when my workmanship demands more precision, I will find that I require the whole Byrnes trifecta. "A good tool is still a bad tool in the hands of an idiot." - My Grandpa.

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