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  1. Crippled, no less. OPSEC is fundamental, and there's no way you get to be Captain of a carrier by being a dummy. He knew exactly what he was doing and what the fallout would be. The worst part to me, is there are now likely thousands of families wondering what the hell is going on and if their people are ok and being looked after. Huge blow to morale, and trust. I think ultimately the entire thing is complicated though, Crozier had a hard call to make and the Navy did too. They definitely seem reluctant to remove him.
  2. Any student of Naval history, or who has any experience with the Navy likely knew that Crozier was toast as soon as he sent that letter. I knew it the moment I read the headline several days ago... Naval families carry a burden too, and are all too aware of the dangers their loved ones are exposed to while deployed. Not following protocol likely did a lot of damage, even if done in the best interest of those under his command. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/navy-expected-relieve-captain-who-raised-alarm-about-covid-19-n1175351?fbclid=IwAR3XQrKwnNbK7Kg5fUNzNcF68O-k_R2KaoJlaAp9QfzLfwVf-o_swpDoHuY
  3. I figured it was some sort of jig and I guess I can see what you're describing. Thanks for deciphering that for me
  4. Its done. Wrapped up the last bits today, including a few more anchors, a few handholds and the provided stand. I used some Syren scale rope I had laying around from another project in lieu of the provided nylon rope for the steerage cables. I also added the air pipe. All in all it was a pleasure to build and a fun little deviation from the much longer, much more arduous building projects. I think I need to reward myself with more of these little quick builds in order to break up what can sometimes feel like an endless build somewhere else. Forgive the black backdrop on these final images, its what I had laying around. I wished to take better photos, but without my studio at work Im a bit hampered. I can usually bring a few bits home for these sorts of things. I must invest in my own neutral grey sometime soon... or perhaps a good Lightbox. Thanks all for following along and all the kind words.
  5. I have none really. My plan was just to finish, and as always, that can be ambitious enough
  6. Not entirely. They are provided as laser cut pieces which one must bend and shape into hinges. They certainly werent my best work, but they'll do.
  7. It was another productive weekend, although with the shelter-in-place order in effect, there really isn't a whole lot more I could really do anyway! Or so I told myself It was time to start in on the "iron" banding, which is made from a black 10 pt card. As someone whose professional life revolves around the intricacies of paper, I appreciate that Master Korabel got this bit right. I was at first resistant to using paper, and I may yet regret going with it. In new condition however, the look and workability of the chosen material was spot on. I especially appreciate that they got the grain direction of the chosen paper sheet correct for wrapping around the hull. I also started in on more of the metal work. I have to say this was not my favorite part of the project. I know next to nothing about making hinges, which becomes exponentially more problematic when making them at a minuscule size. Fitting them to the fire-pipes, getting them blackened and having to make probably 4x the needed parts took about the whole day. For whatever reason, if I dropped one piece it completely and utterly disappeared. I mean gone. No matter how neat and tidy I kept my bench, if it slipped from my tweezers/hands/pliers it was gone. Hence, making each piece so many times... The above shots show the installed hinges with the pin left long as I fitted and adjusted the piece. Ive also had to brush on a bit of blackener to occasionally refinish the brass as my fumbling scratched it. You can see the glean of the liquid blackener on the surface of the hinge here. I also had to add a few brass loops and eyes here and there which Ive left unblackened for the same reasons as previously stated, I just like the contrast. You can see the post and eyes in the below photo unblackened, and also left long until completely finished. Finally, here she is as she currently sits. Still a few details away from finished, but getting there.
  8. I certainly appreciate the in-depth review, thanks for taking the time. Im also encouraged to see that my initial reaction to these tools is supported by actual use by wefalck and Tony. When I first saw these on the Micro-Mark website I was curious but from the pictures could tell they would likely be much too coarse for anything Ive ever done in ship modeling.

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