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  1. Do you mean this sort of thing: Seemed pretty straightforward to me, which part are you struggling with?
  2. Shaping up nicely, I’ll follow along if you don’t mind. I love Discovery as a subject and hope to give her a crack someday myself.
  3. You can find smaller pieces (pen blanks) of the Castello and the like more easily than the larger stuff that's for sure. Very interested in those tagua nuts, thanks for sharing!
  4. Slow and Steady wins the Race. Among other things in the past month I have steadily made progress on the Triton. I started adding some inner planking, thick stuff and keel components. I suppose this is the rather boring part of the build as far as build logs go but anticipate much more to discuss when we get to deck framing and other more interested (challenging steps). Though I do rather enjoy the process of shaping and fitting each of these planks. Its slow, rather straightforward and gives a pleasing result.
  5. Wow almost a month since my last update... since then Ive gotten part of vaccine, took the family to Hawaii and returned to 75% onsite work. Cant say I welcome the last, but resetting after a sunny trip to HI sure made a difference in getting my attitude straight. Ive been a little all over the place with Syren. In my last post I was working on ways to come up with a figurehead that I like that hasn't really gone anywhere definitive yet. I have a tried a few things, and will continue to do so until I have something worth showing. I did however start working on the tim
  6. They certainly have that right, but the models won't last just because McCaffery built them. Perhaps he chooses more reliable materials, perhaps he doesn't. I don't really know... My guess is that from a material standpoint, there is likely little difference between his models and your own. In my opinion, its up to clients to ensure a proper display environment, which in the end is the only thing that I believe will have an impact on their longevity. As far as the original premise "that a properly built ship model should last for a hundred years," well I don't know. I
  7. Ive actually tested this in artificial aging chambers and in a light-bleaching lab. Given the right parameters, nothing is "archival." "Archival" paints are favored for their inert chemical make-up and their light-fastness as a stand-alone product. Its all in how you use these products, not the products themselves.
  8. As a professional conservator I probably land on the more conservative side of this discussion. Many of the materials being used today, especially on model ships, make me cringe. The coatings, the glues, the plastics and display scenarios are all either not well vetted or are just what is practical (vs. ideal). The worst are those that use really modern materials to provide an easier building experience. There is no such thing as archival quality anything - given the right scenario all things will deteriorate. This becomes even more complex as we combine many different materials into a
  9. See if you can get yours in Swiss pear or boxwood... 😜
  10. In due time. You'll be happy you went with the Byrnes even if the wife isn't! The sliding table is excellent, and something I use very often.
  11. Wow. I sure wish I could be a fly on the wall in your workshop. Just wonderful skill. That longboat is a thing in and of itself.
  12. As I recall the secretary will send you an email when it is time to renew.
  13. Triton Hull part II: Not much technically to update other than to say Ive finally finished reframing the hull. Lots learned, so in the end Im happy to have gone through with it. I did a few things differently which helped tremendously in time, cushion and level of frustration. Namely, I waited to take down the material to the plan lines until after I had the entire frame built and I stopped trying to make treenails of the same diameter as the hole drilled, fit. Taking them down one step made for a much better fit and a lot fewer broken pieces. Roughly fair
  14. Thanks Patrick: I should have known UPDATES It feels like ages since Ive last posted on my Syren progress. Aside from actually working on the model itself Ive been doing some background on miniature carving and sculpting to get some headway on the transom decorative work, and the figurehead. Reviewing Chucks stuff here, as well as reading Bill Short's "Carving Ornamentation for Ship Models," both of which I found helpful. Work is returning as COVID restrictions ease, so time is slipping away sadly.. back to my 2.5 hour commute and lots of reading time.
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