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  1. No offense Greg, but that is outrageous! I don't pay for cable, just internet. We have HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Peacock and Apple TV and we pay less than $200 for all of it (including the high speed internet to stream it). I havent see an ad or a commercial in 3 years. It all is connected seamlessly on our living room TV (and can be watched anywhere we happen to go. That said, I watched Greyhound on my phone, on a plane and still loved it. Cable TV is a rip-off.
  2. I feel similarly. I know next to nothing about WWII Naval warfare or ships, at least compared to the Age of Sail. I too felt the movie was really more about pressures of leadership, vigilance, and commitment to duty. The noise maker and radio hijacking bit was an interesting twist if only just a thematic element and not something that ever actually happened. It was exceptionally heavy on CGI, which I noticed early on but quickly forgot about as the characters and momentum of the story was exhilarating. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It is, after all, a movie - not a treatise or history lesson. It will eventually be available to rent either on DVD or elsewhere, it was only released on Apple TV due to COVID. Expect to see it at your local Redbox.
  3. Looks really great. I might have lost my mind trying to work out those tiny sheaves - perhaps I will when I get there. Definitely understand how work gets in the way, I had a great productive few months and now Im all bogged down myself with "emergent issues." Though, your description is a bit more gracious that mine might be...
  4. Its looking wonderful. I hope to make some progress myself soon... thankful you are leaving me with some great leads to follow.
  5. Yes, I actually meant at the joints. This is what I meant, and should have been more specific. I, too, have read the arguments and ultimately decided it comes down to the precision of the laser cutting and the fit. Ive never worried about the glue personally, more about that slight misalignment from recto/verso which might have an ill effect on squaring of the bulkheads. I certainly had builds where sanding was required otherwise the bulkhead absolutely would not square. Of course, Ive had some that were cut far wide and needed shimming to get a tight fit. So I guess you do what you need, when you need to... Ultimately my question was more about James' approach (which he answered). I see some folks go through and sand every last bit of char before assembly and turn out wonderful models and I'm always hunting down those steps which separate their wonderful models and my middling attempts :). Was just curious how serious people are about that char, har har! Thanks James, Ill stop hijacking your build log now!
  6. I noticed very little - if any- char removal. Are the bulkheads fitting well and square without intervention? I can never figure out if char removal is a rule-of-thumb or just a common, though perhaps unnecessary, step. Thanks for sharing, as usual your photography is unmatched.
  7. Im very interested, though I cant say Im particularly thrilled to see another Victory kit in the market - perhaps this one will become THE one. Looks like a lot of design work and prep went into it congrats to them, happy to follow along. Thanks for sharing with us all James.
  8. I received an email about the new site, and went to comment that it looks great but it seems to have disappeared. Anyway, the site looks really great - a great big thank you to those who worked hard to make it a reality. Huzzah!
  9. It does become complicated, but I would caution against belaying as you go. Once everything is rigged, you'll need to tension everything up. I don't know what the appropriate sequence is for that, Ive just always gone bow to stern. BUT the important bit is that as you tension in one area you will need to re-tension in another and keeping things "un-belayed" helps tremendously with this. I usually coil the rope and attach an alligator clip to the length of line for some light tension (provided by the weight of the clip). Leave yourself lots of extra line and don't be tempted to clip the excess until well after you've completed the belaying of the entire model. Even then, wait like a day or so for things to "settle."
  10. Those are a massive upgrade over the cast badges. Are you happy with them?
  11. Wow... I think Im convinced. That paint turned out great.

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