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  1. Thanks. I really wanted this model to tell a story, and a contemplative Shackleton figure seemed to be a good addition.
  2. I intended this model to represent the James Caird as it might have looked on Elephant Island just prior to its departure on the voyage to South Georgia. I based the model on photographs taken by Frank Hurley during the expedition and used plans developed and shared with me by a member of this forum. I have left part of the canvas deck covering folded back so that the supplies and provisions stored inside the boat can be seen.
  3. It has been a while since you posted about this model. Do you have any updates for the group?
  4. We just returned from two weeks exploring southwestern England. We managed to visit many of the places suggested in replies to my original post, but the most interesting and moving site for me was the James Caird at Dulwich College. The setting is remarkable - a two story high atrium in a new building called the Laboratory - and I was able to take photos from the ground level and from above. I took many photos of the boat, focusing on the details of hull construction, rigging, blocks and tackle, sails, etc., so that I could make my current modeling project, the James Caird itself, as accurate as possible. When we visited the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, I found, to my surprise, an image of my model of the Bounty’s launch in a display in the Museum’s boatshop. I had given the Museum permission to use images of the model in a previous major display about William Bligh in 2017-2018, and was happy and proud to see a picture of my own model in another display in the Museum when we visited. I still consider myself a novice ship modeler, but one who has been lucky with respect to his modeling choices. Thanks again to all for hour suggestions, which helped to make our trip very enjoyable!
  5. Could you share the plans for the Mayflower shallop that are in the background of the pictures (rudder, etc.) in your February 15, 2014 post?  I know I have asked tou about shallop plans before, but those look very useful to someone hoping to model this boat.  Thanks.

  6. Thanks to all for the travel tips, our itinerary for the trip is quite full now. Should be fun.
  7. Thanks, another good tip. We will have to add a couple more days to our trip, at this rate!
  8. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions! Much appreciated. I will stick pins in my map and try to connect all the dots. My current model is the James Caird, so I plan to visit Dulwich College and see the original in its new setting.
  9. Thanks, Roger, I appreciate the suggestion. I have wanted to visit the NMMC and the Mount’s Bay area.
  10. We will be in England for a couple of weeks in May, traveling between London and Cornwall. We have already identified a number of places to visit, but would welcome any suggestions from the group regarding sites along the southern English coast related to maritime history and shipbuilding. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Chuck, Did you darken the edges of the planks to define the planking? In some of the closeup shots, it looks like the seams are a little darker than just a shadow. Beautiful planking, regardless. James Maine
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