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  1. Hello Gary, I do not understand your question fully, but in front of the main mast the hanging knees are in front of the beam, behind the main mast they are behind the beam. That is what I could tell you, depending of the plan from the 1745 establishment and the Dorsetshire plan.
  2. Hello, today only a short update. I turned the pillars for the gun deck. They are all turned manually.
  3. Hello, today only a small update. Because some of the beams where to high, I had to level them all to the right high. The shipwright is now testing the elm-tree pump and also with the cannons seams to be all ok. The next thing to build are the carlings for all those beams. 😟
  4. Hello, and many thanks for your comments and likes. Today was a great day, because we laid all beams of the upper gun deck. The shipwright was very pleased, and spend a brandy! 😊 From the ropewalk came the anchor cable. For this I used dark brown yarn, but made also an experiment and tarring a cable. That looks very interesting. That tar diluted with benzine is now dry, that one diluted with turpentine is still sticky. But they are both black now, as at the contemporary models.
  5. Hello, now the Rudder is ready. Because there was no protest or other solutions, I build it the way I think it is right. At least it's not an unknown praxis. Ruder2.mov
  6. Hello and many thanks for your comments and likes the last week I was not very busy at the shipyard but I got the tiller and most of it's components finished. The sweep, flush with the beams, as the 1719 establishment asked for. And here all parts are together, and it works! 😅 I don't think to build also the ledges here, most of this you would't see when the ship is ready. So far, so good but how to get the ropes up? The wheels are behind the mizzen mast, so I should have the sheaves direkt beh
  7. Hello, this time only a short update. The crew finished the cabins at the stern and the knees for the transom. The tiller is also in the raw ready. so the next time the crew has to build the rest of the beams.
  8. Hello, today the carpenters build the step for the bowsprit and the manger. The painter painted it afterwards. I think, he has to wait until the paint dries to get out there 😁 The next thing would be to build the cabins for the gunner and his neighbour in the back of the ship.
  9. Hello, and many thanks for your likes. Today the carpenters where extremely busy. They build all the beams who are made from one peace of wood. This ship is smaller and has lower decks. Here you can see the beams are only 5f 11,5in above the deck.
  10. Hello, it is done, the standards for the gun deck are in place and also the scuppers are bored and painted. As next I would build the beams for the upper gun deck. I would't install them permanent, but I would have as much done at the gun deck as I can, before starting and finishing the outside of the hull.
  11. Hello, it seams so, that this is not a theme of much interest or knowledge. Yesterday and today I searched more about the list's of establishments. The 1719 list is the most complete list with two modifications who deal only with the length and breath of the ships. Also the list of 1745 and her modifications, deal only with the dimensions of the ships, not with the interior. When I looked at the information about the Dorsetshire (1757) I learned, that she was build to the 1745 list of establishment, as a 70 gunner but carried only 64 guns. Interesting is, that the master shipw
  12. Many thanks Gary, for my Dragon I build them also like you have build yours. But now there should be only 2 pairs of standards at the gun deck. Ok, I think that would't be a problem, I do not build them. At least you would't see them. The question is , how would the iron version look like? But for the upper gun deck I think I should build them. As always is here the plan for the Dorsetshire (1757) a great source. Where I made the brown arrows I think that that are the standards. But what are these things behind them, (blue arrow) cleats? Like th
  13. Hello Gary, the standards are at every side of the ship and there normally in the middle where the ship is strait. At the picture from Falconer they are behind the cannons. „ F“ for the lower cannon. And then between the cannons at every second beam.
  14. Hello, I'm sorry that I did't mention that the elm-tree pumps at the moment are not to be permanent installed. This morning I gave them a coat of lacquer and after that they went to a save place. But I have a question about the standards used in a ship. In the 1719 establishment list is there something unclear, or I did't understand it. All I could find about this, I found in Goodwin's Constructions and fitting...., and what he writes there (at page 108-109) is even more confusing: By the end of the third quarter of the eighteenth century the number of standards had
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