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  1. Hello Dowmer, here are all things ok. I'm vaccinated, and the flooding is more in the west and south of Germany. But that is really heavy there. We here in the north had till now a really normal summer. It was't so hot here and now and then a little, or a little heavier rain. But also here where regional some basements flooded, but no houses destroyed. And that should be more normal for the next years! ☹️
  2. Hello Keith, thank you for your request. But I don't know why your post is't visible here. Anyway, after painting half of the frieze I was so exhausted, I had to make a break before painting the other half. But then the summer started here and I decided to be lazy. Just a little work in the garden and relaxing.
  3. Thank you Mark, the frieze is 8 mm high, that means in real life 38,4 cm. So it's not so large, but very complex. If the real ships where all times so rich decorated I don't know. May be at there launch, but most of there life I think not. Also many models had there frieze painted only blue ore black. Here the weather is actual very could and rainy, so it's to cold to sit in the winter garden and paint. So I'm trying to draw the upper part of the frieze. But not the mermaids and there companions, but with trophy bundles. My painting skills are also limited.
  4. Hello, today I finished the fries at the port side. You may notice, that I also installed the port lids at the quarterdeck.
  5. Good morning Jorge, and thank you for the compliment. yes, the brand of the paint is Vallejo. No 70.949, 70.913, 70.983 and for the background 70.899. The brush I use is from Boesner, a German dealer for artists, 3/0 Synthetic Retuschierpinsel BSR03. That is there own brand. But I think you could do it with every brand as well.
  6. Hello and many thanks for all the likes and nice comments. They are very appreciated. Today only a small update, because my lawn waits for me 😐 , but much more bad is, the shipwright would't spend a grog today 🤨
  7. The shipwright spent a grog from his best rum! At least here is grog weather, the north cap must has come come some hundred kilo-meters nearer. 10 to 15°C (50-60°F) since Eastern! But I made the grog not so northern, otherwise is there no painting tomorrow 🤪
  8. Hello, after a long time of meditation about the next step, and there is nothing more to do in the garden, I had no more excuses to start painting the fries. I did't sleep well last night, and the first brush strokes where really horrible, but at least I think I got it. My nerves calm down 😊 I went with the ship in my winter-garden (?) and used my campaign chairs to hold my ship. That was a really good idea, because I could turn the ship in the direction I needed to work. The first picture show you this assembly. And here I'm painting. I used at least only three colors, and Prussia blue for corrections. and the first result. This is at least a 3 hours work.
  9. Hello, and many thanks for your likes and comments Keith, I did't mean faults as there is something wrong. But you see where planks not have the same thickness, because my Proxxon thought it must not be! I did't realised that during sanding and also not later, because you could't see it. But after I applied the paint these things are clear visible. But it is ok, I think that that happened also at the real ships.
  10. Hello, I'm not very busy these days, but I painted the hull with clear satin finish lacquer. The yellow is now a little deeper and brighter. The lacquer is't totally dry at the moment, and a little thicker as when fully dry, but you can see that I did't lost any detail. But now you see every fault in the planking, you have not seen before I painted the hull 🤔, but that is ok. And I'm doing my homework for painting the friezes. These friezes are 8 mm high, it is even with a pencil a challenge to draw. 😰
  11. Many, many thanks for your comments and likes. Yes Noel, it's an azalea. It looked a bit, like she is sailing into the sunset 🙂 The idea to paint the hull in such a bright yellow came from this model in Chatham, an early 74 gunner, CHDT MOD.050
  12. Hello, today I painted the hull. There are only some small things to repair the next days, where the paint run under the masking tape. But first the paint must entirely dry.
  13. Hallo Siggi,

    sehr schönes Modell. Top Verarbeitung.

    Nur Schade , die farbliche Gestaltung mit Pigmentfarbe.

    Aber das ist ja bekanntlich Geschmackssache.



    1. Siggi52


      Moin Karl,

      so sahen die Schiffe halt aus, was ist da Schade dran?

      Nur Holz-Schiffe gab es dagegen nicht, oder sie wurden nach nicht mal einem Jahr schwarz und vergammelten. Die alten Modelle waren auch bemalt, wenn auch nicht immer korrekt, aber bunt und das macht den Reiz aus. Sonst müsste man heutige Kriegsschiffe bauen, die sind alle irgendwie grau! 

      Vielleicht denkst du ja mal um und bemalst deine  Modelle auch, dann sind sie historisch wirklich korrekt. 


      Gruß, Siggi


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