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  1. Hello and many thanks for your likes and comments The carpenters cut a lot of wood the last days. At least I'm not sure where to start, but I tend to make first the drift rails and the fife rails only at the poop deck. After they are installed I could better fit in the scrolls, or hansing pieces.
  2. Good morning Druxey, in later models you would't see such blocks. Mostly they are plain. Your theory is the same as the question: what was first, the egg or the hen.
  3. Mark, which yellow color did you mean? That below the wales? That is the final color. Now I will first finish the outside of the hull, with all that is possible except the stern. Inside the hull I have build all I could do. But as you know, you could't install the cannons before you have the outside ready. Then when the hull is from the outside ready, I go on and build the rest of the inside and with it also the stern.
  4. Marc, that was't my idea. Here some pictures from the Centurion. At the warship I also had the opportunity to see at Chatham it is the same. Only the pictures I made are not so good.
  5. Hello, today I finished the sheave blocks at the starboard side. The next thing would be the rest of the rails and scrolls 😕 I will see how it works
  6. Hello, and many thanks for your likes and comments I have been a little lazy at the yard the last 14 days, because of the wonderful weather we had here in the northern part of Germany. Last week we had here winter with 5-10 cm snow and temperatures down to -15°C (5°F). This week the opposite, spring with 15-20°C (41-68°F) and mostly bright sunshine 😊 That was the sunrise this morning, the yellow color comes from the Sahara desert dust, that came with the warm winds. But today I started at the yard with the sheave blocks
  7. I'm with you Druxey. From the, I think six 60 gunner who where build after the 1745 establishment, the Tiger is the only one where the lining is drawn at the plan. And that is I think, because it's a ship build at a privat yard. So the plans where a little more detailed, also with the art work. With the models it's not the same, but the modellers would show the ship. So some small things where left out ore where simplified build.
  8. Hello Druxey, for this time, or ship typ (60 gunner), I think it's not so unusual. But often the anchor lining is not drawn in the draughts or build at the models. If they where'd there, or not, I don't know. Here some examples, the Centurion 1732 A Warship 1745, even with a bolster below the wales Ipswich 1730 Standart 1782 (64 guns) And a warship 1735 And then arose, when looking at this picture a question. This model has the hinges on top of the lid and not as I build it, under the li
  9. Thank you for your likes and comments, and here the reason why I started to make the hinges. I would have all port lids ready for painting when I at least paint the hull. But there are those who get the anchor lining. But now they are also ready.
  10. Thank you Keith, yes it's a lot of work. But I think, bending them from sheet brass is't easier. For the Dragon I made it the same way.
  11. Hello, I'm busy with building the hinges for the port lids. For that I chiseled with an engraver a die out of a piece of steel and hardened it. The hinges itself I build from copper wire, hammered slightly flat, bent one end back and soldered it with tin Then I hammered it into the mould filed the surface at the back flat and at the disk sander I cut the sidelines flat The drilling I made by eye, 0,65 mm Ø And with that I rounded the back of
  12. Thank you Jorge for the compliment and also Noel for the explanation, you where just a few minutes faster then I.
  13. Thank you Matt, and also all others for there likes I cast the cannons from tin with 2% Antimony.
  14. Hello and many thanks for your likes Today I finished the anchor lining. Now are only the port lids left.
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