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  1. Hello Mark, some notes from Falconer and Boudriot's, the 74 gun ship, Vol 2 page 135. First what Falconer under Helm wrote and Boudriot I deleted the picture, because of copyright and so on So at least you could turn the wheel only 2,5 or 3,5 turns to one or the other side. For the Dragon I made also 7 turns at the wheel, I think that is what Goodwin wrote. At Page 136 he wrote also something about the sliding foot assembly. May be you find by Falconer more about this.
  2. Hello Mark, I made some changes in your drawing, so that your drawing fit the Dorsetshire drawing. The sweep is there totally between the beams. For the Dragon I build the lip under the beams and only the upper part between them. And yes Gary, the structure below the beam is the sheave for the tiller rope. In my drawing I put it a little forward to get free from the tiller, whom I also shorten a little. But Mark, may be you find a way not to shorten the tiller. And so looks the sheave for the tiller rope at the Dragon
  3. Hello Mark, I would agree with Gary, that you should set back the sweep between beam 24 and 25 and follow Lavery's sketch at page 65 of his Bellona book. But I set the blocks for the tiller rope in front of the 24. beam and fitted my sweep between the beams and then it works. I hope the picture explains better what I mean.
  4. Thank you for your kind words, and yes, many nations ships had in those times lions as figureheads.
  5. Hello, and many thanks for the many likes and nice comments. I do my very best to satisfy you. @Karl, as Greg already mentioned, you could see these red muzzles on many models of that time and also at paintings. Not only at english ships, but also the „Wappen von Hamburg III“ has that future. Lt. Gabriel Bray At least I did't post here for a long time. I got the Corona Bluse, but good luck not the infection. Because the summer here in the northern part of Germany is more or les cold it is much colder in my basement. So I'm fixing t
  6. Hello Mark P, that picture with the black spirketting is the model SLR0472, a 60 gunner ca 1745, 1:60. The pictures of the Ajax I think I have from this web site and are may be from you. NMM SLR0311 https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66272.html The Minerva is from the NMM SLR0317 https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66278.html There are a lot more models, but I think you are right, mostly they painted the spirketting red.
  7. Good morning Mark, I'm not sure, but I think that all these ivory parts where in reality not always white. If you look close at the pictures of the Victory, there the wheels are red! But because you could turn ivory better then wood and it looks pretty good, so they leave it white. And all the wooden parts who where'd painted, where in reality may be ocher painted like the figures at the stern. You have to paint wood that is exposed to the sunlight to protect it.
  8. Hello, Mark, the officers quarters at the upper deck and the captains cabin where painted white at the Bellona. I thought that I send you all my pictures I have of the Bellona! Here you could see it also at the deck beams. That light blue or green color was very popular during the 18. century and even before and later. The color I used for the Dragon is from Humbrol „Matt 65" A good example for colouring a ship is the Victory model SLR0512 https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66473.html He
  9. Hello and many thanks for your likes, it is done, all cannons are ready! Here they are all together at the gun deck, or at least there carriages. And that they are I have one question to an administrator. Did you change there something with the likes? They did't turn up in my notifications. There are now only the comments listed. The last time I have much trouble to open this site, I think because of too much traffic when in the US starts the day now in the Corona time. So some times I shut down this site when it was't open correctly. It takes some
  10. Hello and many thanks for your likes and comments. today I finished the 12 pdr's. Because the deck is't ready, I can't install there barrels. But the two extra guns are ready for display. Now only the dozen 6 pdr's are left. 😃 And that are the carriages for the guns of the ship. That was a lot more work than expected.
  11. Hello, and many thanks for your likes and nice comments. That encourage me a little more to build all these tiny little eye- and ring bolts. It is done, the gun deck is fitted with cannons. Next I will build all the other cannons more or less ready. Then all cannons could go back into there garage and wait until there permanent installation.
  12. Hello and thank you all for your likes and comments, today, the gun deck got his guns 😊 To get all at the same high and that they are The port side guns, from my mothers side I'm Prussia And here they are on board. The decks where very curved in those days
  13. Hi Mark, and if you make the spear from metal. I read, I think in Old Ship Figure-Heads and Sterns, that at some ships they removed all things from the figure head who could get lost by a heavy sea. Even arms!
  14. Hello and thank you for the many likes and comments, yesterday and today I was busy bending eye- and ringbolts. That is not my world, mass fabrication and this is just the beginning 😧 But here the first results. For the gun deck I would't fitting out more cannons with these bolts, because you would't see them later. But I have to install at least the bolts for the ship.
  15. Hello and many thanks you for the likes and comments, it is done. At least all carriages so far ready. If you count them, I made two extra of every size. The next thing will be to made all the ring- and eyebolts.
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