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  1. how do I get my hands on one. beautiful craftsmanship
  2. Thanks for all the likes ! The rest of the wing transom was installed along with what I'm going to call frames # 29. I just free cut these but the footing match perfect at 27 degrees as opposed to the 28 degree footing frames # 28 have. Let me know if anyone sees any problems.
  3. I installed the wing transom using a pair of home made 90 degree jigs I made is plexi glass.
  4. So it's been over a year since I have posted anything to my triton build. It looks as though all of the pic's are gone
  5. You deserve every compliment you get. There is only a few posted Rattlesnake builds and maybe two builds that following Hunts practicum. Sure someone else may have posted it before you somewhere, but we saw you do it here. Keep up the great work
  6. I have head rail envy. You did a great job sir ! I'm right where you are right now trying to figure out how to get the gammoning, heads and grating to fit with the two dolphin striker like things coming form under the bowsprit. gonna be a tight fit.
  7. Jon your model is great ! It's nice to see someone getting close to finishing Just a word of caution on the proxxon mill, you will have a hard time getting tooling and other items to fit. Go with the sherline you won't regret it
  8. I fell into the same trap. I was good to learn on and it looks good, but not at all an accurate representation. At least now I know what appeals to me. I see you have a model shipways kit on the shelf. I have three MS kits on my shelf, and all of them are buy far and away better than anything AL produces. I view AL kits like what you would buy in a souvenir shop.
  9. That was a great guess : Their she sits on the shelf. Mainly because of moving, I will finish it....., just don't know when
  10. Christmas break this year was very productive. Installed the steps worked on the ships boat and nearly finished the capstan
  11. As always thanks to everyone for your comments and encouragement ! Almost done with the headrails. Working on the grating and seats of ease. It's going to be a tight fit. My headrails are 2/32 or 1.5 mm pear wood bent and painted.
  12. So it's been ten or so months since I made any progress. I moved and have my dream basement workshop My shop is still under construction but have found the time to work on the snake a bit. I have worked on the head framing and the gallery windows. Also let me apologize for any missed responses or emails with the move I neglected to respond to quite a few people
  13. Looks great. I too struggled with the gun ports. I look at mine and see some irregularities. Its a tough hull to get right. You might want to put in a complete filler block at the bow to give you planks something to hold onto as the approach the bow. You might even want to put a filler block in between bulkhead A and B. As your planks approach the keel their is little material for them to attach to without a filler block. Not a must, but may make planking the hull a little easier and sturdy.
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