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  1. Glad I found your new build, really enjoying it! Neat set of set squares and steel cube, were there any machinists in the family?
  2. As you already coppered the hull on your first build you should buy some nice hardwood strips and put a fine layer of wood on top of the scrap they provide in the kit. Your wife will like it better that way I think.
  3. You are a braver man than I am. Still finding it hard to complete my own Hermoine and one of the reasons is that when I first purchased the AL kit I was expecting the pre-modern replica version, was surprised by what I recieved. Should have returned it but it was a gift and I was eager to start building just about anything. Did you try to find an old version of the kit?
  4. Beautiful work Messis. You did an excellent job on you first tries on both coppering the hull and filling the sails. It has been a great pleasure sharing this build with you. The Summer here was so terribly hot and humid I had to close down my own shipyard. It's just changed this week to being more seasonable so hopefully the better weather and your fine example of a finished ship will spur me back into action.
  5. Welcome aboard Mark. Looking forward to being in Fergus this year for the 1st time, we usually attend Glengarry.
  6. Try not to be too hard on yourself. This type of modeling requires lots of experience to get the kind of results we can be 100% content with. Even the best tutorials and instructions can't replace actually building a ship. Think if you tried stripping the planking totally off it could cause bigger problems than just plowing ahead. Believe there are places where you can order more planks if needed. Expect somebody with better knowledge of where to do this will give you some guidance.
  7. When a cleaning is needed I use canned air and QTips for tight places. Think my variation on the chainplates will work just fine. Wonder what the point is of Artesania giving two slightly different sizes of dead eyes for this location?
  8. Install the new row without forcing anything, leave whatever gap there is, then fill it with a small piece. As you are going to paint the hull it shouldn't matter or be noticable.
  9. You have found the best place in the known universe to be if you enjoy model making, working with wood and the fellowship of like minded people. There are lots of "starter" level kits you can try your hand at to get a taste. Explore this site and you'll find lots of ideas.
  10. Looking very nice, have you got a large figure to place at the capstan? Will try my idea with the chainplates and let you know how it works out. I'm not as confident about the Artesania instructions, have found the Rigging section contains quite a few errors and lack of clarity and I'm only at the Mizzen mast. For example, on the upper mizzen it calls for a "CF6" block but CF6 is a crowsnest platform??? looks like a #176 block.
  11. The two lower parts of what the english instructions refer to as "chainplates". Was thinking about trying to make this as one piece, leaving bottom side untwisted during blackening, twisting after joining to upper part, then drilling the hole in the hull last to line up.
  12. How did installing the chainplates go? I'm installing the details on my masts today so will be trying this myself soon. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Was wondering if I could us one (1) piece for the lower chains instead of two (2) pieces.
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