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  1. louise steam boat

    Hello, did you still have the english instruction for that constructo model

    mine it's only in chinese it will be helpful to have it in english or frenck

    Many thanks

  2. Thank you all for the likes. I've finally decided on the placement of the gun deck ports, and have drilled the holes to start the process. I've also cut out the spaces between the holes. Now for some careful filing.
  3. S.Coleman, Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm progressing slowly, but I really like the look of this ship. I made the forecastle cap rails. Metal ones were provided with the kit, but I prefer the wood. I also bent and attached the cap rails above the upper cannon ports. I still need to finish the ends. I'm also getting closer to drilling out the gun deck ports. Their placement is still bothering me.
  4. Nick, Good to hear from you. I am looking at some other cannon possibilities. Since the gun deck had 12 pounders, and the spar deck had 6 pounders, I will want them to be different. I am also considering adding swivel guns. Correction: There were eight 1 pounders on the quarter deck, and two 1/2 pounders on the forecastle. Since I don't have a full gun deck, I will also need to match the cannon plugs to the full cannons. There is a lot to consider. On your model, I see that you noticed that the actual ship has 14 gun ports on the gun deck. The kit calls for 15. I think the
  5. She is a joy to behold. Love the details.
  6. Mattss and Jparsley, Thank you for the kind words. I've built up the bulwarks on the forcastle. Next will be the upper gunports.
  7. Jean- Pierre, Mark, Jamme, Boyd and Nick, Thanks so much for the encouragement! It's good to be back in the shipyard.
  8. Finally I have finished planking the hull. It still needs more sanding, but now I can start working on the topside.
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