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  1. Thanks for the likes. Scott, just used a spray starch and iron before sewing the edges.
  2. Finished up installing the jibs. Going to work on the foremast shrouds and ratlines now before installing the main sails,
  3. Finished installing the Topgallant and Topmast Staysails. Also finished installing the upper ratlines on the main mast. Going to start working on the 3 jibs now. Thanks for all the positive comments. Really appreciate it.
  4. I finished the main mast lower ratlines. Got a little crooked for the first time doing these but overall I'm pleased. Working on the center sail now. Have the staysail partially installed. Next is the topgallant and topmast staysail.
  5. In my book on rigging by Petersson they show a similar setup but it ties off at the deck, not to itself which makes more sense rather than having to climb up and untie it.
  6. Working on rigging the deadeyes now. Thought it made sense to rig the lower portion then I could lastly seize the lower portion around the upper deadeye. Hope that makes sense.
  7. Hand stitching the upper sail to the spanker gaff. Also added the peak halliard lines at the same time.
  8. Sewed up a spanker sail. I don't know if I am going to add all the sails but well see how it goes.
  9. All the Bowsprit rigging is done except the end of the shroud which gets attached to the fore mast. Received dead eyes from Syren today but waiting on a block tumbler from expo to complete them. Will get the spanker booms hung next I think.
  10. Looks great so far. As far as the paint goes don't go crazy, I've had to retouch mine a few times anyway.
  11. Had a little more time to finish the manrope netting on the bowsprit. Ordered some dead eyes from Chuck at Syren so hopefully I can start on those tomorrow.
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