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  1. Thank you , i prefer the flat ones but like i wrote before i dont know why but there is a lot of bad comments in AMAZON about different company who making this ruler im still keeping searching for a good one so if someone hear has a accurate one i will be more than happy to know hat company is it..
  2. yes ! i think the drafting one can do a perfect job for that .. correct me if im wrong
  3. I have found this tool who got a beautiful reviews about the calibration !!!! here is the reviews: https://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/B073YGVQT3/ref=cm_cr_unknown?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=five_star&reviewerType=all_reviews&pageNumber=1#reviews-filter-bar and there is also a store how sale that in Europa: https://shop.kinexmeasuring.com/en/precision-triangle-kinex-250mm-45-90-csn-25-5162-csn-25-5163-p9002369c22c189/ you can also get with it CALIBRATION PROTOCOL now im wasting to the sore so send me the shipping cost .. ---- but again if someon
  4. i have a few and im used them at the moment but like you know you can easily scratch the edge then you loosing the calibration..
  5. Thank you ! i need it to be a perfect straight without any bend and also to be a perfect 90 degrees for caliber my proxxon machines like a table saw scroll saw disc sand act.. so your beautiful tool cant help with that because it not has a sharp corner but thank you anyway !
  6. Hello friends im looking for an accurate drafting triangle square in size of 12’’ [30cm] 90 degrees made of metal but in each one when I’m looking at the reviews over the internet the said it’s not accurate … can someone recommend about a very accurate one? best regards, Michael.
  7. Thank you Gary I have think about that but I wasn’t sure if the cannons can be moved to the sides because the Wheels are directed forward so how did they change the degrees ?
  8. -Hello there , I am bout to drill the gun ports holes on my HMS Victory but I’m not sure about the position of the cannons in the bow the gun ports getting the same curve of the ship so the big question is if to drill the hole for the dummy barrel parallel to the cannons of the middle or maybe I need to drill it 90 degrees from the gun port it means that the cannon in the bow will not be parallel to the same line of the cannons in the middle in the sheets of the caldercraft the cannons looks all parallel the cannon in the bow and the cannon in the middle they are the same
  9. Thank you Very much !! Im glad you like my work , to be honest it took me long time to do it i took each plank as a project i think the secret for getting proud of your work its to do part by part plank by plank as a project by itself without to think when im going to move to the next plank ... just to do your work without rushing at all , its an hobby not a business , just relax and put all your mind on the little thing that you doing and think about that as a project by itself BTW i saw your Vasa and it looks amazing ! So im sure your second plank on your current model
  10. Thank you for your kind words about the copper , I do not going to use copper plates at all , BTW on top of this planks going to be second plank (walnut) Michael.
  11. Thank you dear friend ! thank you and welcome to my build log also thanks friends for all the likes 🙏
  12. Thank you Robert 🙏 its always Pleasure to talk with you ! What a clever person ! Glad to have you as my best friend ! Michael.
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