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  1. The only problem with the x-acto its the teeth are very big and im not sure if they will cut a clean line on walnut planks of 1mm can someone check it out for me? i mean to try cutting a 1mm walnut plank from the side Bets regards Michael.
  2. Hello there , is someone has experience with this micro saw? need it for cutting planks in the gun ports https://accurate-armour.com/model-supplies/modelmaking-tools/mt011 best regards, Michael.
  3. just build it up to pay 26 USD for piece of plywood and few screws... i think its a lot !!!! Michael.
  4. Thank you Moxis interesting idea but maybe I will leave it in the same color and use the same method that you wrote before
  5. Thank you Mtaylor, yes i have read the tutorials but all of them taking about the first plank , and no one talk about the issue below —————————— Thank you Moxis , that what though at the first , but a friend told me if i choose this method all the line will have the same color and the segments will no be show , but maybe i will pick this method if i will not find other solution
  6. Hello friends, i have finish the first plank of my H.M.S VICTORY and soon i will start the second plank ( walnut wood ) the thing is, i want to make it as the real ship i mean to make the plank from segments of 127 mm the real ship used 30 ft. of plank for the ship (9.144 miter) so if my model is 1/72 it will give us exact 12.7 cm i will be more than happy to receive some advices for this method i think the big problem will be to make the connecting edges between the segments to be in exact same wide for not having small spaces when installing the next line of the planks but maybe its not even a problem (i never did it before so i dont know ) also what method you used for holding the second plank in place any why ... any advices are welcome !!!!! here is some pictures of my first plank i was explaining my method in my building , if you interesting you can visit the link below : Best regards, Michael.
  7. Hello Mort , sorry for the delay (i just saw your question) i did trim the part 373 but not flush with 270 line ! if it will be flush the space between the side gallery supports (the last one and the one before the last one ) you can see the problem in pic A So the way to do it its to trim it diagonal i mean to leave the corner of the last side gallery flush with the corner of the 373 part, and to make the slot near the blue Arrow deeper to make the last side gallery support to be flush with back panel (pic B ) Best regards, Michael.
  8. You welcome Moab im happy to hear it serve you Just like to share my ideas 💡 when its posible (not all of them works LOL 😂 But when it does im just posting them) Best regards , Michael.
  9. Y.T that is true when you have access to that aria but in my case you cant reach the spot without risking the model ,but with this tool you can get a perfect sanding very quick and must important without taking any risk
  10. Hello friends long time ago i had the chance to buy few brand new tools of proxxon from some guy who bought them and never used them ... one of the tools called Delta its a bit big for our hobby.. but I knew a day would come and I would find use of this tool so today i had to sand some aria in the ship but it was very difficult to reach this spot.. so i made a very handy and precise tool for my Delta i used an aluminum strip for the tool firs i made an hole of 10 mm to feat the delta screw than i cute the shape that i want (by using a table saw , and sanding disc) and after all i twisted the aluminum to useful shape and after all i used an sticky sand paper and its working amazing !!!!!!!!!!! i hope you will find it useful Best regards, Michael.
  11. Thank you Jaager are you doing that weakly on your table saw ?
  12. The best thing its to buy a pack of 100 from AliExpress for a few dollars with shipping ..... a have a pack that I bought something like 3 years ago and still have a lot of them left

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