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  1. Thank you all for your tips !!!! i have some time until i will gate to this stage but waiting for me a lot of gun ports in my victory ... Best regards Michael.
  2. Y.T thank you for replying , the problem with the x acto knife is that you cant really cut a a clean line when the planks are glue to the ship .... i saw long time ago a micro saw (looks like a blade of x acto ) after searching in micro mark i have found it the question is if someone has use it before for that method ... ? also i saw in a very old build log some Chinese micro saw but i cant found it At the moment ..
  3. Hello there what is the best tool / method for cutting windows of gunports ?
  4. After a lot of thinking … I think I have found the problem , if you will look carefully you will see the piece 373 came bigger , here is a 2 pictures for comparing (my build and the Calder craft build ) The caldercraft piece finished with the line of the first gun ports pattern blue arrow and mine finish about 2.5 mm Downstairs red arrow so the best solution it’s to cut the end off part 373 and bring it to the same line of the first gun ports pattern anyway it will not make any changes for the finishing panel ( even if I will need to take off from the panel. Because that panel will be painted black without any decoration here is a picture from caldercraft of a finishing model)
  5. Hello there working on the back gallery and got some issues .. i have fixed and glue the windows pattern of the gallery (part no.374)and also the stern fascia inner skin (part no.373) in the right position regarding the line of the top quarter gallery pattern (part no.215) and now i have a problem with part no.371 this pare is about 2 mm up from the last slot that old the part no 220.. here is a picture from joitica the part no.371 need to be flash with the corner as the red Arrow but in my case it finished in about 2 mm up (at the point of the yellow arrow ) the thing is , i saw the same problem in other build logs but they fix it without to talk about that i have some idea show to fix it but any idea will cause other problems ...
  6. Hello Jonesey , me too , I think I will leave it without the plates but will see
  7. Thank you md1400cs about the plates im not sure may be leave it without the plates like Berto it looks more serious with wood finishing but there is a time to decide ...
  8. Thank you dear Robert for the comment and also for all the tips
  9. Thank you EJ_L and happy to see you again i missed that forum , the build and the smell of the wood just happy to be back
  10. Hello friends , after long time I'm updating my build log, 6 month ago we had a baby so I not had the time even to think about the build but now starting again ... so 6 month ago I left the ship after finishing the first plank and now im working (very slowly but working lol) on the gallery here is some pictures how I left the ship :
  11. Very nice jig ! About your problems , the part 17 must be fitted with the keel , but you must make sure that the outside line of both of the parts are on the same line !! also the inside line must be the same line ( it looks like the part no.17 is out of the inside line (the slot line ) you must fix it befor the next stage , if not the bulkhead will not fitt 90 degrees !! about about the problem with the 14-12 it looks a bit strange , because any way how the plank will touch the bulkhead 14 ? The step between 14-12 its ver big !... check againg in the plans also in mor build logs how it looks in the back btw you doing well !!!! Keep asking questions and learn more about every step , in hebrew we say , when you understandings well the problem - its half way fo the solution! Best regards ! Michael.

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