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  1. Hey guys so I've done the 1st part of the decking 1st time I've ever done decking bit dodgy in some parts but a good attempt I think
  2. Hey guys so this is my 4th partwork I am currently doing got this one this morning all issues 1-100 for $300 plus $50 for delivery bargain if I might say so yeah hopping it goes good
  3. Hey guys it's 11months since I last posted on this build log I've moved 2 hours away new job got back with the mrs a new baby on the way and started collecting the mallard and u96 uboat partworks witch I will start build logs for them soon and just received a full set of the endeavour partwork for $350 delivered
  4. Hey guys been 6 months since I last posted yes I am still building her life got In the way a little and a lot of distractions I've moved 2 hours away from where I was new job got back together with the mrs and a new baby on the way I have also started collecting the mallard and u96 uboat part works and will start a build log on those aswell
  5. Following this buid mate I'm up to issue 15 in this series I got mine for $350 australain 1st ever buid but just taking my time with it
  6. Hey guys wow it's been 3 months already been busy at work and with family so I'm currently wait to receive my next shipment ( issues 20-23) hopefully be here on Monday ( december01) I had a problem with issue 9 where it was broken so I had to wait for a replacement and issue 11 was out of stock so I had to wait for that as well so I've received all issues up to issue 19 now but stil waiting on replacement of issue 9 I've painted my model with black stain called walnut I've just got to finish the cell walls then I'm done but luckly I still have them I prepaird them ready to paint then went to
  7. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help I've guled something with wood glue how do I break the bond????.
  8. Hey guys I'm greg from Gold Coast Australia I also have another build log going and that's for the BLACK PEARL from hachette I bought this kit off a lady in Perth Australia who's husband had sadly past away a few years ago and she had collected all 100 issues every week for him but he was unable to start/ complete it it's copy righted 2001 so it's a good 13 years old all the issues are unopened except for issue 1 I am currently up to issue 8 and was wondering if anyone has done this partworks before if you have please feel free to help me with any tips or tricks as this TITANIC and the BLACK
  9. Antony it's the gap between part 16 and the rib there's a small gap under part 16 u can see it in the 1 st pic
  10. Hey guys I'm doing part 4 at the moment and found that there is a gap between the rib and part number 15 on both sides just wondering if any1 else has this aswell or I've stuffed up again cheers
  11. Wow thank you so much geoff it worked so stoked thought i would have to rebuy the parts again thanks mate
  12. Hi guys I've put a rib in the wrong place and need to turn it around how do I take it off if I'm using white glue?
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