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  1. Thanks! I only put one plank on till now so I'll take a pic soon.
  2. I'm building the Scotland from Corel. Since it is double planked, I am wondering if I should do the first layer using accurately (take measurements, use drop planks etc) as shown on the guide on the site. Is it necessary to do this? Even if it isn't necessary, I want to have a nice look on the second layer. Should I use these techniques for the second layer, or will it also not be necessary there since they are shorter planks? How do I avoid making the planks on the hull look too curvy (like a really happy smiley face).
  3. Hey sygreen, did you use drop planks and the like when planking the hull (as shown here: http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/Framing_and_Planking/plankingprojectbeginners.pdf) or did you just lay the planks regularly? I am worried that if I continue planking the downward the planks are going to get too curved, like a really happy smiley face. How did you do this part? Any advice?
  4. Looks someone already answered your question Tasanhalas. There are some other wooden lathes with really subtle difference. If you want to be really sure, you can also use callipers to make sure the the dimension matches the manual.
  5. Hey Sygreen, I just took a look. It seems you did it correctly actually (but a bit different from the manual). I think there's supposed to be 2 planks on top of lathe 27 like you did. It even shows it in some of the drawings. I did that too and am sanding the top most plank to make it flush with the deck house. It's a little hard to explain. I'll post pics when it's done and you can let me know what you think please! btw, catching up on your build log, it seems like you were down to scrap with the material too. You're right, they really give you exactly how much you need. I had to go to the hobby shop and pick up some extra planking to finish the deck.
  6. hey sygreen! and welcome to my log benjy! I haven't been active lately, I was really busy with school, but I'm back now. Here's a pic of where I'm at right now. I'm doing the side deck planking. Deck detailing done with pencil: current stage: I'm not sure how to do the planking above lath 27 (the one that ends at the deck house). It seems like there's no where to stick the planks on to. Unless I maybe use the thin side and super glue. Can someone advise?
  7. wow! you've been productive! looks really nice, good job! I've been away for a while but back now
  8. welcome tasanhalas, I'm doing the same ship too. looking forward to follow your log. (check out mine too!)
  9. I haven't been posting in a while, but I'm continuing the model at a slow and steady pace. I finished the deck and some of the stern and am now working on planking the sides. Will post pics soon. over and out.
  10. Hey sygreen, I'm on this step as well. I've been working really slow on the ship, but I'm still around. I thought this pdf was really useful: http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/Framing_and_Planking/plankingprojectbeginners.pdf edit: by the way how did you glue the 6x1 strip to the deck? It can be glued easily near the raised front deck and quarterdeck, in between it's pretty thin there.
  11. Thanks tulok and mog!! tulok, what you said makes sense, I'll try some tung oil
  12. Actually, scoring between the planks with a very think crafts knife has been giving some very nice results. I'm gonna try going at it with a 0.3 mm pencil too. Thanks for the suggestions!
  13. Thanks everyone, someone requested that I post a picture. Here it is. My complaint is that it's really white and almost a bit flat looking without the separation of the planks being emphasized anymore because of the excess sanded materials filling the voids. Thanks for your suggestions. Do you guys think I should restart or is it salvageable. Maybe the varnish will bring out the grain a little? Or some light stain?
  14. couple of questions: 1. I over sanded my deck and now it's lost its graininess and colour. I don't want to use any paint on my boat and one with just a natural wooden nice looking finish. What should I do to correct this? 2. Should I build the whole boat first and then worry about the finish? Or should I apply stains/varnish and so on step by step? For example, should I varnish the deck before planking the sides of the boat and installing the masts? Thanks!
  15. Thanks everyone. I found some CA debonder at my local hobby shop. It worked really well, and works much better than acetone. Maybe a little too well. Some planks came loose! I soaked the stain areas with debonder for a few hours, and some sanding (400 grit) got rid of all the CA stains. The chemical is called Gamma butyrolactone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamma-Butyrolactone It's also great for getting rid of CA on fingers (way quicker than acetone). Lesson learned though, I am going to avoid CA except when necessary from now on.

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