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    Model Maker, Backyard Astronomer, Aquarist

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3rd generation professional model maker. Worked at the three largest industrial design firms in NY, Walter Dorwin Teague (12yrs), Deskey (10yrs) ,and Dreyfuss (5yrs). Presently with Ideal Jacobs and Alcatel-Lucent .  On a couple of occasions I held seminars on model making techniques at Pratt Institute.


Passions: Scratch building ship models: Flying Fish, Essex (quarter section), (presently) HMS Victory, backyard astronomy, aquarist.


Throughout my career I have had the greatest opportunity to work with some of the finest model makers, wood carvers, and cabinet makers in the industry. As a young apprentice I gleened everything I could from these masters and strived to hone the skills they taught me.  Over these past decades, I have had the good fortune to have been given the opprtunity to utilize those skill in advancing my career. 

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