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  1. Antony, I'm sorry I missed the part of your post that asked if I was going to paint the final planking. I know for sure that I will not be painting any of the wales or bulwarks planking. I would prefer to leave the lower planks without paint, but I will have to wait and see how the finished planking turns out. If it's close to the way the first layer turned out, I'll be leaving it "bare" so to speak. Frank
  2. I jumped the gun on tearing down the bulwark though it's no biggie. I still have final planking below the wales to do
  3. Pin-striping In Progress Planking of the wales is underway. So far, so good. I also finish planking the bulwarks and used the pencil outline trick to simulate caulking. The only thing is, I outlined all 4 edges on the planks and it looks a little overdone to me. I read later on that outlining should be done on one long and one butt side per plank so as to not have them appear too dark. Oh well, I'll have to live with it because it's not bad enough looking to me to redo it. I'll be removing almost half of them anyway later on to make room for handrails and openings for the cannons.
  4. Planked the stern and underside with tanganyika and walnut respectively. I'm applying a thin coat of very thin mineral oil to keep the walnut and tanganyika from drying out during the build. This oil evaporates after a few days, so I don't have to worry about any adhesive issues popping up. These surfaces will eventually be varnished with a matte finish.
  5. Bulwarks installed and finish sanding almost done. Waiting for the peanut butter to dry.
  6. First layer of lower planking complete. It went way better than I had feared, though not as smooth as I had hoped. All in all, I'm pleased with it overall. The garboard plank was made about twice as wide as the 5 mm lathes at it's widest point at Bulkhead 5. I chose to cut this layer of planking back to the bearding line and will run the finish planking to where the rabbet should be. I'm not too impressed with the limewood that came with this kit. It was very dry and even splintered after being soaked overnight. I gave up on it after my first band and switched to 1/16" t
  7. I've gotten the first band from lining out the hull planked. In my ultra-focused state during the lining out process, I forgot to take pictures. I'm kicking myself now because it would have been helpful to anyone wanting to know just how to lay it out. My apologies. I followed Chuck Passaro's planking tutorial - http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/Framing_and_Planking/plankingfan.pdf and used "art tape" to line off the hull. Art tape can be found at any office supply store or Hobby Lobby if you have one. Just make sure your bulkhead edges are clean so the tape will stick sufficiently. The
  8. To carve a rabbet, I would rather have the keel bare and be able to lay it down flat. I just thought that was the way it was done. I can't imagine having to do it with all of the bulkheads on. I do have a build log - Beagle by Mamoli/Dusek 1/64 in the build log area.
  9. As I'm progressing through my planking in the band below the wale (there will be 4 bands) I can see that as I progress below and further aft from the first bulkhead, I will have nothing for those planks to land on at the keel. I did not include a rabbet line because of a previous failed attempt resulting in a keel replacement. It's too late to add one at this point. Will I have to add filler blocks between bulkhead 1 and 2? Thanks for any help, Frank
  10. Antony, in regards to your question about building per instructions - after abandoning the spiling method - I am going strictly by them so far. That may change as I move forward. Everything seems to fit nicely with the exception of the main deck - which I had to file the notches for the bulwarks somewhat to make it fit. Other than that Its gone smoothly. Nice to see there are others who are interested in this ship. I would highly suggest that if you are in the market to buy this kit, that you get one produced by Dusek. From what I've seen of the old version, this one is of a much better qualit
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