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  1. While i am waiting on the wood for the top of the work table, i have rearranged my two workshops, installed a vacuum system in the outside shop, threw out lots of stuff that i have not used in ages, rearranged the inside shop, moved the vacuum into a cupboard so its not so loud, moved the Byrnes and Preac to the old work bench, mounted the drill press on the old wine chiller. Wow, i now have space. Even Susan my wife seems happier.
  2. Trial fit. Not sure of the finial height yet. Currently at 33”, considering 34” as the finial height. I have a week to decide as will not get the Mahogany until next Saturday.
  3. It would be a shame to put this nice vice on my old work bench so I decided to build a new work bench, a job I put off for many years. Went to my friend and best joiner ever Richard Hadeed to discus the project and he gave me this old workbench that needed a lot of repairs but was exactly what I was considering building. I have repaired all the draws and am now waiting on a slab of 2” Mahogany for the top. It will be 44” by 20”.
  4. Santa was very generous this year. Lee Valley best of the best. unfortunate they will be sent to New York to be picked up some time next year. hope you were all as fortunate as i was. best to you snd your family. kevin
  5. Henry This build is in it self a teaching opportunity. My view of errors is that at this stage most of the mistakes will in fact be covered by later parts of the build, so unless it was a fatal error i would simply move on. I continue to make errors. If there is a lesson learnt it is that the flow of the work is almost more important than the actual measurements. I too made errors with the port notches and felt as disappointed with my errors, but once i realized that i planned to plank both sides, no one will know about the error except myself. So plung on, correct if you want or have to
  6. Greg Two points. 1.should the deck planking be slightly thicker to cater for finial sanding. My planks never seem to have perfect thickness even though i put them through the Preac sander. 2. What clamps do you use to get nice tight joins between the floor planks. Using the blow drier worked well to get the shape locked in but they still needed some pressure. The best clamp that worked was the large tweezers.
  7. Completed. I take this opportunity to wish all of you and your families a very bless and happy Christmas. May we all have many successful modeling days in 2021. https://youtu.be/oysIf3QMBI0
  8. Just the last two deck strakes to install. Thank goodness the deck covers up my inaccurate carlins. This will not happen on the main deck. One of the main reasons for installing the full deck is to learn from my mistakes and make sure when i lay the main deck it will not have these errors in it. Experience is the best teacher. I have learned so much. This build is the best teaching course one could attend in model building. I am so appreciative of the time David and Greg put into this practicum.
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