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  1. This is my first attempt at making a cannon on the Sherline lath. Not a bad first attempt, used the Lignum Vitae. Fantastic for this fine work.
  2. Already done Maury. I have been collecting wood for. Long time now and have friends in the lumber business so have experienced the problem when the ends dry out before the center. I have had problems with the coffee wood and with Sea Grape that cracks so easily. Recently i decided to keep the new stock of coffee wood in branch form and not cut it until it dries. It splits terribly. Sea Grape is the worst.
  3. Just back from Tobago and settling back down. I have been collecting modeling wood for a number of years and just got my first large piece of Lignum Vitae the most dense wood in the world. Not sure how long it needs to dry but will leave it for at least a year in the drying shelf. As would be expected the grain is very tight but i was disappointed that the heart was not darker and more consistent in colour. Oh well, just glad to have it in my collection of tropical hardwoods. The woods grown in the caribbean and usually found in very thin trunks because it grows so slowly. It should be exce
  4. If you read the history of this boat early in your build you will realize that no one knows for sure what she looked like when she won the race in 1851. I only found this out close to the end of my kit build. There are a few photographs over time that show different deck layouts. All the early paintings were done without the artist even seeing her. This caused me to do two models, one is the Constructo kit and a second scratch built of what i think she would have looked like when she raced the British.
  5. Here is a sample of the drawings available. The frame layout is the only referenced document to the Thorn
  6. Hi Phillip as you must know having tracked me down, that the Thorn was a Swan class ship. There are lots of pictures of models of various Swan ships. I have only one written document that makes direct reference to the Thorn and that is the frame layout. I too am currently trying to access ship logs of the vessel but so far have not found anything. I plan to keep looking so if by some chance you do come across any data i would be most interested. The National Maritime Museum has numerous plans of different sister ships. These are beautifully illustrated copies of which would make wonderfu
  7. I am constantly taking breaks with my models, either for work, or because i am having a skill issue and get fed up. Walking away has always resulted in a better finish to the model when i start back.
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