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  1. Just made my first chain pump and having difficulty fitting it through the main mast partner hole. The book says the hole is 9” wide. I have opened the hole to 9” but this is the result. I am curious what you did. My instincts tell me to reduce the pump housing to fit the 9” hole. The second shot shows what happens when i pass it through a 10” hole. kevin
  2. She is looking good. I decided to ignore the scuttle covers as no one would see them and if i wanted to build them i would just scribe the lines and highlite with pencil.
  3. There is a second hand one on ebay for sale now. You might get it for the upset price.
  4. The base is 6” long by 4 1/8” wide, so if it will fit on your xy table it should work . It uses theses bolts to hold onto the table. It can be drilled to position it on the table.
  5. New stock of “ Juniper “ arrived for the outside framing. I had hoped that i would have gotten much more but the price was right so i am great full.
  6. I knew that there had to be a good explanation. Ill have it easy to do the rest of the deck planking and then to start the outside planking. Right now i need some easy stuff.
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