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  1. Attaching rudder Thank you Nils and Bob. ;-) Four set of pintle and gudgeon braces were fixed on the rudder and stern post with brass nail. The nail heads were blackened after hammering. I think this work seems one of the hardest part to get neat result. Cheers, Lee
  2. Rudder, pintle & gudgeon brace Hi, friends. Thank you for the generous comments and likes. Small progress during last weekends. Rudder and hinge assembly were prepared. Pintle and gudgeon brace parts were made with copper plate and brass wire and then blackened chemically. Cheers Lee
  3. Copper plate & bolting on the keel Thank you friends as always. ;-) Horse shoe and fish tail copper plates were attached on the both sides of the keel. Brass wire was used to fix them on the keel. After finishing bolting work, keel, frame and outside planking strakes were oiled with the mixture of linseed oil and turpentine oil. Cheers, Lee
  4. Stern planking and fitting of cathead, channel, shot racks...nailing and bolting... Many thanks friends for the warm words and likes. Now, I'm on the way of nailing to the wale with brass wire. Nail heads will be blackened later. Cheers, Lee
  5. Main deck planking Planking of port side main deck has been finished at the breast center line. Though it is hard to see at this moment, treenails were simulated with syringe needle tip. I hope they will be more visible after oil finishing. : ) Windlass spindle, jeer bitt and several standards for them were attached and bolted. Small windlass will be added between the jeer bitt pins. Cheers, Lee
  6. Great start Karl!!!! So excited to follow your build.
  7. Thanks Nils, Antony, Coleman, Tadheus, Tom and Alex for your compliments and likes. Tom, yes I mixed carbon black into the normal white glue to blacken it. To make uniform mixture, I made carbon black slurry with small amount of water and then mixed it to glue with small agitator. Drop of bonding strength was negligible. Cheers
  8. Upper deck planking Many thanks all friends for warm words.
  9. It's a great pleasure to follow your building progress, Nils. Will you do planking the hull? One more question is that you built hull with series of blukhead to support the hull shape (so it would be plank on bulkhead, 'POB') but you write "POF" in the title. Am I incorrect? Lee
  10. Draft rail and rough tree rail Hi, Nils, Christian, David and Mike. Many thanks for your compliments. Long break and little progress due to busy work and trip. Draft rails on the top timbers and gun ports were joined with glue. Nailing seems to be required to reinforce the joining strength. At the aft hull side, rough tree rails were placed between extended top timbers over the draft rail. Now I'm ready to install deck planking. ;D Cheers, Lee
  11. Waterway, spirketting, plank sheer and scupper Thank you Nils and Bob as always. Welcome Jim on my build log. To Nils; I drilled smaller holes and chiseled them to square hole. Next will be adding rough tree rail on the top timber ends. For the color contrast, I'll make it by ebony strake. Cheers, Lee
  12. John, I'm so sad to hear that accident. I hope your fast and full recovery .
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