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  1. This is my first model and what did I know when I started. I shaped the hatches and placed them directly over the planking. I did epoxy the mast in place and then added the topmast. That was a mistake and fitting the shrouds and forestay would have been easier without it. I will be adding a photo soon as I am almost done with the standing rigging.
  2. Hello, It has been a while since I last posted the results on this site. Been busy doing some software programming and other things but I have completed quite a bit on the model. This photo shows the process of stepping the mast. I added two-part epoxy into the slot provided in the frame and then placed the completed mast into the slot. I chose to mount the ship on pedestals and that this is a temporary plate. After squaring the mast I secured it in place using the temporary lines attached to the plate. The main hatch and the grill for the cooking area are
  3. It has been several months since I last posted on this build log. However, I have been busy but without much photographic evidence except for these photos as I have completed the walnut second-planking. My sister-in-law is an expert quilter and says that small mistakes are called "sparklers". So I have a number of sparklers in this my first build. I used Jatoba wood as the accent strip along the gun ports. I finished the wood with Watco Danish Oil natural. I am very pleased with the results. I finished the main-mast and the bowsprit so that I could visualize how they fit into
  4. Thanks to several members who gave help in uploading photos. The photo above was taken about December 16, 2014. I was well on my way in the planking process. The finished work on basswood planking. Here is a view of the model as of today, January 23, 2015. All planking with .025 walnut, oak and jatoba is yet to come. I have been studying material on planking to improve on the walnut on the lower hull to have as good a look as possible. I am using DAP DryDex spackling for fill in some low spots and gaps in the hull. More cleanup is required before I continue
  5. This is a call for help. I could not find the icon to add photos to my post. Can anyone help? Later, I tried again and got them in, but not in the right order. Hope you can follow.
  6. It has been a while since I last posted. We went through Christmas and other activities but I continue to work on the AVS. However I did some "outside" work that I will describe here . I could not understand some of the instructions that I was reading concerning the planking of the hull. So I decided to build what I’m calling a hull section pictured below. I copied the bulkhead patterns for bulkhead L and a couple more which had the spacing to provide a gun port. The results are seen in figure 1. I created the sub deck by gluing together lengths of 1/8 inch Basswood and applyi
  7. Hello, Here is where I am with the fashion pieces in place. I added to the port side to get better proportions prior to adding the fashion pieces. I used a scroll saw to cut the round pieces and wonder why the kit designer did not add this to the laser cut sheets supplied with the kit. I actually used some scraps from one of the laser-cut sheets. Al
  8. This is my first post concerning my present project, the Armed Virginia Sloop. I received it in late August 2014 and then went on a two-week tour in September. Have been working on it pretty steady since late September.
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