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  1. ok for my next build i will try to do the same ; but first I have to finish my first ship after a long while.
  2. It looks really great. Are you sanding every piece of wood? Every piece of wood on your victory looks so smoth. regards Ludger
  3. she is growing nicely. keep it coming. it will become a beauty. regards ludger
  4. no words... very nice what you are able to create from wood. please no coppering and painting!
  5. Very very nice and clean work! here you have a second fan from germany, so you are not the only one using a dictionary
  6. hey captain magee, isn´t it a huge challenge to finish off the first wooden ship ?! It feels like I am working slower and slower on the ship from day to day
  7. Good evening MSW After a long while working on other model-projects I am somehow back on track with my corsair. Here some pictures. As you can see I worked on the sails and the lifeboat. I still need beeswax best regards, ludger
  8. I am sorry about no further pictures. I worked a bit on the ship in the last weeks but nothing what you can really see on a picture. But the story about this is, that I worked over aprox 70 days in a row on the ship because for me it was a great help during exams in the bachelor study progress (which covered the last couple of years of my life) in the begining of the year. now I have kind of a burnout about modelship building, which I was aware that it would happen once in a while but still my aim is to finish this ship. so to everyone who is following, I will go on as soon as I feel it is
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