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  1. I think I would go for the least impact solution. Leave as it is and I would smuggle with iron of the hinges just as if it were how it should be.
  2. Wauw, just realise its been 2 months since an update. Now I also have been busy building other projects and some holidays. But some progress was made, so here he goes. I finished the deck planking and did some roping as later on I would not reach the knights head anymore. During the clamping of the inner planking a clamp spri=ung off. I was uncarefull in placing it so I had to repair the parts carefully. I used sanded dust and diluted glue as I did not want to replace the parts. I was quite succefull i think.
  3. Jim, she used and older email and it came through. Very strange why the h.oosterwaal@... does not work from your end, it does work for this forum's notifications?? Anyway, I was stupid and had my sliding table fell to the floor. Its bent now. Tried to remedy but alass. So decided to purchase a new one and use parts of the old one for some of my jigs. Sorry for all the trouble and thanks. Hans.
  4. Jim, checked this morning, alass no mail. I think maybe Donna might be using an older email from me? I just send here another email at mmllc@cfl.rr.com Thanks Hans.
  5. Hi Jim, As follows: "Thanks for your on-line order #200730MM24768001 at ByrnesModelMachines.com!" Regards and thanks Hans. ps also send an email to Donna after the order as for details/instructions on shipping.
  6. Hi Jim, hows the work going? I put an order in week and half ago. Any indication as when it could be shipped? Thanks for having Donna take a look. Just so I know whats the wait. Thanks Hans.
  7. Andre, I am building the 7 provincien and have (had) the same problems with the angle of the platforms (de mars). A lot of models show them quite angled whereas sometimes you see them horizontally. Angled is said te be for the fact that (mostly sweet rain) water will run down and away. But I also mounted them horizontally, which seems more logical and fitting to me. water will run away anyway with the platforms being rather open en the ship probably always rocking due to waves. further a very nice build. Rgds Hans
  8. Nearly another month, time for an update. As I was working on the bowsprit I decided to finish all mast and all parts of the masts. Highest point reached!! Time for a beer Experimenting with rope, as it is nearing time to fix some rope. As I cannot reach that anymore after closing the deck. 1mm drill bit
  9. Jim, What about a special consignment job to build me one? Not being able to build and ship 120V motor units could maybe leave you some spare hours :)? RGDS Hans.
  10. Who again said: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”?
  11. OK clear, thanks Jim. There are some on the market, but not as good as yours. I currently have the proxxon. its ok but as their table saw compares against your table saw, just a step down on the ladder. Rgds Hans
  12. Jim as you provide a larger table top for the table saw is there a likewise option for the disc sander? I would be very much interested in a 250mm disc sized discsander Rgds Hans
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