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  1. Hi Frank, Thanks for you nice comments. I have owned the Dik book but sold it. I am building from Otte Blom's plans. http://www.otteblom.nl/ and for when those plans are not clear enough or missing information I use what is available from Dik's book and the Batvaia warf and other sources like the Kolderstok model of the 7P. It was/is my first boat ever, I also started out of the blue without any shipbuilding knowledge. Learn as you go. All you basically need are the line drawings, lijnendiagram, of the boat. Each and every frame and curve can be taken
  2. We zetten de volgstand maar eens aan, een Bredanaar net als ik dat moet goed komen. Good luck with your build. Will be interesting to follow. Grts Hans
  3. Let me start by wishing everybody a happy but for foremost healthy 2021!! I have been very busy with getting a grip on the CNC world. Getting the machine to run and do something is not the isssue. the issue is getting into the machine what you want to get out of it :). And I am succeeding. I chose this path because I know handworking and sculpting is not my thing. I tried several times but my artistik qualities are too low. So I concluded I am a 'technical' guy and hence approached the problem from a technical point of view. Thus the CNC. I started in Artcam/Carvec
  4. So, Santa is on its way and the days are getting darker so lots of time for fun. (Althoug its getting colder to work in the shed) After finishing the galjoen which took quite some puzzzling I started working on some ornaments, I am now the proud owner of a CNC machine for that. I tried handcarving (followed even some lessons from a friend) but that's simply not my 'thing'. And I started painting her. As the deck will be closed soon I have to foresee some ropes as I cant reach the knight a
  5. Thanks for posting the link, but to my opinion that proxxon and hegner are way too high priced. nearly full new price. If you shop around the proxxon can be found new for less in Germany. Just my 2 cents.
  6. If they were in EU I would easily rank them as fraud. No references or links to safe trading institutions, no independent reviewers site where you can check them out. Call them, seems they list a phone number.
  7. Again a 2 months period has passed, you all might be thinking I stopped building. Now indeed I stopped building temporarily as another project came by but that has been finished so I continued the build. I finished the gunports on the Verdek and also the gunport lids. The inner planking up to the halfdek was also done. After that I started working on the bow section before going farther up. I decided the concentrate my build a little more (I have been building crosswise) I will build basically from down to up
  8. I think I would go for the least impact solution. Leave as it is and I would smuggle with iron of the hinges just as if it were how it should be.
  9. Wauw, just realise its been 2 months since an update. Now I also have been busy building other projects and some holidays. But some progress was made, so here he goes. I finished the deck planking and did some roping as later on I would not reach the knights head anymore. During the clamping of the inner planking a clamp spri=ung off. I was uncarefull in placing it so I had to repair the parts carefully. I used sanded dust and diluted glue as I did not want to replace the parts. I was quite succefull i think.
  10. Jim, she used and older email and it came through. Very strange why the h.oosterwaal@... does not work from your end, it does work for this forum's notifications?? Anyway, I was stupid and had my sliding table fell to the floor. Its bent now. Tried to remedy but alass. So decided to purchase a new one and use parts of the old one for some of my jigs. Sorry for all the trouble and thanks. Hans.
  11. Jim, checked this morning, alass no mail. I think maybe Donna might be using an older email from me? I just send here another email at mmllc@cfl.rr.com Thanks Hans.
  12. Hi Jim, As follows: "Thanks for your on-line order #200730MM24768001 at ByrnesModelMachines.com!" Regards and thanks Hans. ps also send an email to Donna after the order as for details/instructions on shipping.
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