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  1. As the new moth approaches time for another update. The first part of the deck, all between the strakes, had been finished, still dry fit. And I will keep it dry fit for some time as to keep acces to the orlop. I did some parts on the main deck, like the kolderstok. Also the Rusts for the putting irons were made And next was the bowmast. I still needed to make the bottom fitting square and making a holder for it. During this I found the mast not properly alinged and thatw as adjusted. Final and correct aligment now. Creating some other parts on the deck.
  2. David, sorry for asking but shouldn't the stairs and pillars stand on the deck? They seem somewhat elevated now.
  3. Very nice build 👍I will hop on for the rest of the ride.
  4. No Marcus not selfmade. Bessey. Amongst here you can find them. https://www.superhandgereedschap.nl/product/parallelspanner-mt-1-36mm-bessey/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-r71BRDuARIsAB7i_QNHe24SCgjOSfzT7rpOcK4HFeeTyKBU-YfHtKlM9ucSh0GK8fC2z8kaAubrEALw_wcB They will for sure be cheaper in US.
  5. Due to corona there is quite some spare time, so I progressed nicely. The deck beams for the halfdeck (english Quarterdeck I believe?) were all finished so I could start working on the closing of the maindeck. That meant making a lot of gratings... It took me the last 2.5 weeks to get it done. But more on that later But I started first on the schaarstokken, thickers strakes then the normal deck planks. That meant collecting a lot of saw dust but also some fine sanding to have them fit correctly over the deckbeams. Sawing the strakes, thickness 2x the deck planking wich will be 1.8mm thick and just about 8mm wide. And they are sawed so that the top is just as wide as a deckplank and that the top is flush with the planking. Milling the inserts for the beams. Not straight in first instance, the pieces moved. so I had to improve holding the pieces of wood against the miter. I used sanding paper The lot finished from fore to aft. After that I started on the gratings. Man that took me long to get it right. I followed a russian builders example but soon found out that it was noy my way of doing. It was based on sawing to 2 pieces and mount them counter wise and then removing top and bottom half. It was all too fragile for me. When removing the surplus material the parts were always easily damaged I went to making a saw sled mould that could saw both directions accurately and then filling with seperate pins. Be ware this is all 2mm in all directions, wide long and deep. This still took some inventing to do as my sawblades (Byrnes saw) were all US in inches. So at last after finding a kerf 2mm sawblade it still had to be mounted to the arbor. But an adpater ring was easily found (Thanks mr Bosch!) Here prepared for striking it with heavily diluted PA glue with water. After drying it is better to work on. I then found my spacing of deckbeams irregular out of line. So I had to go back to redoing the strakes with correct, even spacing. Status of today. I still have to redo the middle grating of the 5 adjoining. I cut it a little short as you can see. But overall satisfied with the result. 7 So I will continue to finish this deck and then probably the inner hull planking up to the half deck C U later, Hans.
  6. Marcus, when doing the planking and scarphs on my ship I found that each scarph-joint was different due to the bending etc of the planks. Maybe that is also something that Ab means by his comments? I also had a mould but needed to sand each scarph afterwards for a nice, flush fitting.
  7. Happy Easter everybody! A nice progress in the last weeks. I painted the orlop using this as a test for later decks that will be seen. I liked the outcome but it has to be a little lighter brownish. Started also mounting the bits and pieces on the orlop. As I will close the main deck soon this has to be done first. A pity you will not see anything later on. I will not mount canons on the orlop, I will close most gunhatches or slightly open some for fresh air, as was sometimes done in these days. Then I started working on the deck beams for the halfdeck and finished setting the masts in the correct position. They will be loose but if the 'vissingen' are placed and fixed they will be automatically have the right setting. Pictures speak for itself I think. A few pics on the process of the deckbeams.
  8. The Corona has left us with some good spare time so I progressed well with the fortuining (klinker in english I believe). I succeeded keeping the numeber of planks the same everywhere but has to slope them some to come to the final result. I installed the last 3 gunports using pre-fabricated rabbits. So I took out a good part and inserted the pre-fabricated rabbit. Now I am busy sanding the rest of the gunports. Next step will be the beams of the verdek and fixing the details on the gundeck and closing that. I will probably leave the gunports of the gundeck closed or slightly open, but I will not install any canons. I also set out the internal lines for the remaining decks. g Checking that the internal deck lines run horizontally paralel.

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