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  1. YouTube videos from Modellers Central will give you a basic guide to planking a hull.
  2. Cast pieces on the Artesania Latina kits are quite well done. My biggest issue was that gluing was done with cyanoacrylate glue which I am allergic to. I used 5 minute epoxy which was awkward at times.
  3. I decided to make a companion for my Sopwith Camel (posted here a while back) The Fokker DR 1 seemed most appropriate choice. If I had to chose the most enjoyable build, I’d say it was the Camel. In saying that, I’m happy with the way the DR1 turned out. cheers Steve.
  4. Was quite an enjoyable kit to build. Instructions on CD not printed but you could print them off if so desired. Great detail in kit. Gave me a chance to practise my airbrushing skills too😀
  5. Short break - something different - before beginning the HMB Endeavour. Am also going to build the Fokker Triplanes by the same manufacturer.
  6. I find that holding very small items like blocks in an inexpensive fly tying vice is very helpful. There are many cheap vices for sale on eBay. I have found that my fly tying vice is one of my most useful tools in model making.
  7. I’ve built two Caldercraft models and am on my third. They are quite good quality for the money and have a good range of models for different skill levels.
  8. I use my own home made rope walker. I scour antique stores for cotton and linen thread. Apparently old cotton reels are collectable. I’ve found that old thread is often better quality than modern thread.
  9. If making your own rope, haunting antique and collectable shops is worthwhile. Apparently the old cotton reels are now collectable. I’ve managed to gather quite a collection of linen and cotton threads in a range of colours and diameters that are much better quality than modern thread.
  10. I used Admiralty paints on my Bounty. Excellent. - French Blue - Red Ochre - Yellow Ochre http://www.jotika-ltd.com/Pages/1024768/PSA_Paint.htm
  11. Deck trunnels were 0.3mm bamboo made with Byrnes draw plate
  12. Stern lights glass was made with 2 part epoxy used in fishing rod building mixed with a very small amount of white enamel paint to give a more opaque effect. Stern windows were custom made. Gudgeons and pintles were custom made. Yokes for swivel guns were also custom made.
  13. The Bounty. Completed using my own home made rope, on my own home made rope walker, for standard rigging and anchor rope.
  14. Shaped with scrap timber. The glass is actually 2 part epoxy used in fishing rod building. I also scratch built the stern windows as those in the kit had the incorrect number of glass panes. Just added another pic to show this. Anatomy of Ships - The Bounty was very useful.
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