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  1. I use my own home made rope walker. I scour antique stores for cotton and linen thread. Apparently old cotton reels are collectable. I’ve found that old thread is often better quality than modern thread.
  2. If making your own rope, haunting antique and collectable shops is worthwhile. Apparently the old cotton reels are now collectable. I’ve managed to gather quite a collection of linen and cotton threads in a range of colours and diameters that are much better quality than modern thread.
  3. I used Admiralty paints on my Bounty. Excellent. - French Blue - Red Ochre - Yellow Ochre http://www.jotika-ltd.com/Pages/1024768/PSA_Paint.htm
  4. Deck trunnels were 0.3mm bamboo made with Byrnes draw plate
  5. Stern lights glass was made with 2 part epoxy used in fishing rod building mixed with a very small amount of white enamel paint to give a more opaque effect. Stern windows were custom made. Gudgeons and pointless were custom made. Yokes for swivel guns were also custom made.
  6. The Bounty. Completed using my own home made rope, on my own home made rope walker, for standard rigging and anchor rope.
  7. Shaped with scrap timber. The glass is actually 2 part epoxy used in fishing rod building. I also scratch built the stern windows as those in the kit had the incorrect number of glass panes. Just added another pic to show this. Anatomy of Ships - The Bounty was very useful.
  8. Yes, duplicated on other side. Oars made from extra long match sticks
  9. I have an older model of this machine. I improved it by adding another length of threaded rod to the front to hold a reel of thread. It makes the job a lot easier. I simply drilled and bent up two right angled brackets in Perspex then drilled a hole in the front (base) of each of the legs on the serving machine. I bolted on the the brackets then threaded the rod through holes drilled in the top of the brackets. I can change thread reels simply but undoing one of the nuts on the threaded rod and changing reels.
  10. I use 2 part epoxy designed for coating fishing rod guides. Mix together then add very small amount of enamel paint. Place oven bake paper under window frame and apply mix. When dry, peel off oven bake paper and you will get realistic looking glass - concave or convex shapes can be achieved depending on how you apply mix. I usually use a toothpick.
  11. I wouldn’t be without my cheap fly tying vice. Excellent for many jobs where a third hand is essential.
  12. If you do a google image search for the Byrnes draw plate you can see the step down between hole sizes used. This drawplate is brilliant. As to cutting bamboo cleanly, I use a pair of cutters with very, very sharp, fine jaws.
  13. this is my ropewalk. Works a treat. https://modelshipworld.com/topic/14464-inexpensive-powered-rope-walker/?tab=comments#comment-449106
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