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  1. Hello: At the moment I have it stopped. I had not thought about putting it, thanks for the comment. The slave ships that I know do not carry them, or do not represent them on the plans (L'Ouragan, Amistad), although I do know of their existence on other larger ships (L'Aurore). I see that you have finished your "Dos Amigos", put some more photos. A gretting. (Hola: De momento lo tengo parado. No había pensado en ponerlo, gracias por el comentario. Los bergantín goleta negreros que conozco, no los llevan, o no los representan en los planos (L'Ouragan, Amistad), aunque si conozco
  2. Hello, I did not take photos during its assembly, I present it finished. I hope you like it. Greetings. (Hola, no hice fotos durante su montaje, os lo presento terminado. Espero que os guste. Un saludo)
  3. Hi everyone: Another small advance. I hope you all feel well. Take care of yourselves. a greeting (Hola a todos: Otro pequeño avance. Espero que todos os encontréis bien. Cuidaros. Un saludo)
  4. Hello: Putting some "strakes". Greetings (Hola; poniendo algunas tracas. Un saludo)
  5. Hello: Checking for possible defects, marking of the curves of the hull, and "lockout lock". Greetings (Hola: Comprobando posibles defectos, marcado de las curvas del casco, y traca de aparadura. Un saludo)
  6. Hello: With the Google translator, I don't know very well what you mean, I guess you want to know this. I attached a drawing of a partner, Leopoldo. Greetings (Hola: Con el traductor de Google, no se muy bien a que te refieres, supongo que quieres saber esto. Te adjunto un dibujo de un compañero, Leopoldo. Un saludo)
  7. Hello everyone: I've had a few days, and I've continued with the model. I have made the grooves to place the "barraganetes", I have cut all the "barraganetes", I have built the covers of the "trancaniles", which I will then paste, and I will make the grooves for the "barraganetes" (more carefully, and more tightly, as it will be seen), And I built the "apostles." From here, I will place the keel and start with the helmet lining. Greetings. (Hola a todos: He te
  8. Hello: A small step. I have cut the keel, the stern, the rudder and the stem. a greeting (Hola: Un pequeño paso. He cortado la quilla, el codaste, el timon y la roda. Un saludo)
  9. Well, I've finished with the deck of the deck, I had to rebuild part of the gunwales by a small accident to scrape the deck, but the truth is that you do not notice the arrangement. A greeting (Bueno, ya he terminado con la tablazón de la cubierta, he tenido que reconstruir parte del trancanil por un pequeño accidente al raspar la cubierta, pero la verdad es que no se nota el arreglo. Un saludo)
  10. Congratulations, everything comes to an end. I'm glad you did not abandon the project. To the next, and improving! a greeting (Enhorabuena, todo llega a su fin. Me alegro que no abandonases el proyecto. ¡¡¡a por el siguiente, y mejorando!!! Un saludo)
  11. Try making a putty with white glue, water and cigarette ash, it is black. Once applied, with a damp cotton cloth remove the excess. Care that is very hard. When dry, scrape with a blade. If you do not have ash, dye the glue with some Chinese ink. Very important not to damage the model, do tests outside the boat. A greeting (Prueba a hacer una masilla con cola blanca, agua y ceniza de cigarrillo, queda de color negro. Una vez aplicada, con un paño de algodon humedo retiras el sobrante. Cuidado que queda muy dura. Cuando este seca, raspa con una cuchilla. Si no tienes ceniza, tiñe la cola co
  12. Hello, you have bought a nice kit. It is of the best time of Artesania Latina, later it has been getting worse. I put some pictures of the support that I use, made with a plywood and some boards, for the cover of the cover goes very well. If you do not like this, think about how to make a support that is useful, and comfortable. Cheer up. A greeting. (Hola, has comprado un bonito kit. Es de la mejor época de Artesania Latina, posteriormente ha ido empeorando. Te pongo unas fotos del soporte que yo utilizo, realizado con un contrachapado y unas tablas, para el forrado de la cubier
  13. Good morning to everybody. Taking advantage of these days I continued with the trancanil, slow work, but the truth is that when you see the result, it is worth the effort. a greeting
  14. Hello everyone. Already placed the gunwales. I should have done the firing of the poles, but I do not have the drill column at hand, so I have advanced part of the covering of the deck and the cutting of the deck boards. a greeting (Hola a todos. Colocado ya el trancanil. Debería haber realizado la fogonadura de los palos, pero no tengo a mano la columna de taladro, así que he adelantado parte del forrado de la cubierta y el corte de las tablas de la cubierta. Un saludo) (Hola a todos. Colocado ya el trancanil. Debería haber realizado la fogonadura de los palos, pero no tengo a mano la co
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