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  1. It's been a while since I've posted an update. My wife and I had our second kid in April, so modeling time has been tight, or I'm just too tired, lol. I have made a bit more progress and gotten some of what I'll call the harder parts done. The mast and yards are completed. They are made from wood dowel. I tapered them by carving to square first, then taking the corners down and finishing by using my electric drill and sand paper. The drill worked great and was very easy. I just left more of the dowel on the end to not have the drill damage the piece. I also finished up the final touches on the hull. I added nails to the swivel gun stanchions and prepared and installed the two swivel guns that come with the kit. I added the various cleats as well. Next is to start the rigging.
  2. It certainly interesting to see our two builds side by side and see stylistically you can be done with the same kit.
  3. The brass blackening overall is going well. It's the first time I've used a brass blackener, but it's fairly easy. I clean the brass with alcohol first, then dip it.
  4. After a few weeks, I've made some more progress, but nothing spectacular. The cannons are completed now, the rails installed, rear rails installed, catheads and the swivel gun bases. The rails detail continues and I've started work on the rudder. I'm really enjoying this build and really like the scale of this boat. Rigging the cannons was very satisfying for me. Here are some pictures. I stained the catheads Minwax natural to match the interior, but looking at this picture, I may refinish them to match the rail. We'll see.
  5. You're doing a fantastic job! Did you end up using the kit supplied rail caps or making your own?
  6. Chris Watton had mentioned something previously in one of these logs about the gun port lining. There was a reason it wasn't included, but I can't remember why. The width of the material may have been a problem.
  7. I’m looking forward to the log. This model has peaked my interest about scratch building.
  8. I've made some progress on this build. I've completed the cannon carriages, added the cannon ball racks, completed the stove, and rigged the 12lb gun. I must say rigging my first gun was pretty fun for me. The Syren rope and blocks really make a difference in the overall appearance of the model. I had never really thought about it, but the tackle really works (until I glued the carriage, lol). For the stove, I used the advice of some of the other builds on this site and make bricks using clay and the wood cutout as a mold. I used white putty as grout. It's intentionally a bit messy, but needs a bit more clean up. I added some burned match sticks and ash as well. I thought it came out pretty decent. I made one rope coil for the slide tackle, but that was a pain. I may just pre-make them and glue them down for the others.
  9. I will be using the laser deck (version 2). The focus of this ship to me are the hull lines and rigging/masts. Minwax natural with a satin poly ages to a nice, soft yellow hue on basswood.
  10. I now have the lower dead eyes completed, the mast partner installed, finished the haus holes, and have finished the exterior nails. The haus holes were done with 3/16 brass tube and the supplied kit photo etch pieces, painted a light grey. The lower dead eyes were not very complicated to assemble, but I did have some issues with some of the planking chipping as I drilled them, despite using a pin vise. I did have a minor issue with the location of the lower dead eyes compared to the mast partner. The dead eyes are located via a template provided by the plans. Given the location, I actually move the one closer to the mast partner in about another 1/16" as I was concerned about them fitting properly. The mast partner is located via a jig made from laser cut pieces. Of course, despite this, the mast partner still encroached on them slightly, but at least is located properly. For me, this isn't a huge deal because the dead eyes will still work fine, and the mast partner is properly located. However, if I did not move the one hole 1/16" closer, it would have been a much bigger deal and I would not have been able to install the mast partner in the right location. I don't know what caused this problem, as I haven't seen it raised in other logs. I thought I would raise it now in case anybody else has this problem, or at least to be aware of its potential.

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