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  1. The bulwarks were a NIGHTMARE!!! I just couldn't figure out how to get them to lie right. I substituted the ply bulwarks that came with the kit and cut ones out of base wood, still getting them to fit was hard. I'm sure I took some photos of how I wrestled them into submission using numerous clothes pegs, clamps, elastic bands, tears, cuss word and force of will. Just can't find them right now. Once I got them on one thing I noticed was they had a concave profile, not sure what I did to get that but there you go. A little bit of filler smoothed them right out.
  2. Hi everyone, I haven't been on for a while as my mother managed to burn her house down She was unhurt thankfully but it's been a bit busy sorting the rebuild out. But on the plus side my little ship has been my escape, 9 months on the clock and still plodding along So, where am I up to? Well I got the deck done.
  3. really struggling to get the bulwarks sorted, I'm reading every build log I can find lol.
  4. Ok, moving forward. I removed all the laid planks and sanded smooth. I thought about the black paper route but the curve of the deck kinda threw me, sooo. I went back to the thread idea, I bought some 0.1mm and I've used that technique.
  5. on the lower decks I used 0.1mm black thread which when scaled up gave a chaulk of 5mm (baring in mind I'm not going for total scale accuracy). I need to get to the shops and buy some more I guess. Goodness knows what I've done with it. I'm just in the process of removing the planks.
  6. I have to agree with you David, I can't find the thread I used for the lower decks which was much thinner. I've been undecided about this thread but you've confirmed my thinking and I think I'm going to remove the planking and start again. Thank you for your input.
  7. So, I've started to plank my upper deck using the same laying in of thread between the planks to simulate the chaulking.
  8. I'm new to building so sadly can't offer any advice as I've only just completed my first layer of planking on my Swift. I've done a build log that shows how I went about it on that model. I will follow your thread to gain some insight myself.
  9. I think the next step for me now is to give the hull a light sand to identify any areas that require filling to get a nice 'line' but it doesn't look too bad. I'll plank the deck next using thread between the planks as I did with the lower decks. Does that sound about right?
  10. Well, it took a little while longer than I first thought but I've finally got the first layer of planking finished, hurrah!! It's my first build and as such my first attempt at planking, my goal was to try and have no stealers or drop planks. The main thing I regret is pinning through the planks to hold in place while the glue set, but once I'd thought of pinning next to the plank I managed a more appealing look. As this is the first layer I can live with it. What do you guys think? What could I have done better/differently?
  11. Hi Guys, I hope everyone is having a Happy Holidays. Just got 2 weeks off work and rubbing my hands together for lots of building when my mother fell and broke her hip at the tender age of 82, so I'm currently living with her whilst making trips home. Actually managed to get a plank fitted today so hurrah.
  12. Thanks Keith, right at this moment the promotion feels more like a curse than a blessing I'll recap how I'm going about shaping the planks on the next one I fit. I've been thinking about the holes when pinning in place and you're right I don't want hole in the 2nd planking. I have a cunning plan which I wish I'd done on the 1st planking. As I've done in a couple of places already, with the 2nd planking I'm going to put the pin 'next' to the plank not through it. I'm pre-drilling each pin to prevent splitting the bulkhead. By putting the pin next to the plank not through it I'm hopi
  13. Steady progress, I'm currently in the middle of an intensive promotion course at work so struggling for time at the moment. My Swift is my treat at the end of the day if I've got enough course work done
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