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  1. I realize that you built the model a long time ago and your son now has it. That's a very special gift for your son and your information has been helpful. I was just wondering if you have posted any other models on the forum and if you are currently building a model?



  2. Thanks very much, Jean-Pierre. Your Pen Duick will be a treasure for your son. My son will inherit my models some day and I think they will mean a lot to him as a valued heirloom from his father.


    Do you have any other build logs on this forum? Are you building anything now?


    Best regards,


  3. Hello Jean-Pierre, thank you for your reply. I think the Le Baron kit is larger than the AL kit that I have. The Al kit is 54.3 cm in length. The AL kit does not have a screw either. I suppose I could try and add one but I've never scratch built anything and I'm not confident about making major modifications to the kit. The fittings in the Le Baron kit look quite nice. Some of them look better than what is in the AL kit. 


    Can you tell me if the the hull should come all the way up to the deck at the stern and thereby forming a sharp edge where the hull and the deck meet at the stern?  I have finished fairing the hull and have a small lip, about 3 mm, that drops straight down at the stern where it then intersects with the hull. I haven't been able to tell from photos of the boat which profile is correct.


    It would be great if you would stop by my build log on occasion. You may be able to give me some advice if you see things that I could be doing better. 


    All the best,


  4. Beautiful model, Jean-Pierre! I'm starting to build the Pen Duick by Artesania Latina. I tried to find some information about the Le Baron kit that you build but couldn't find anything. It looks like a very nice kit. What the dimensions of the model you built? Thanks.

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