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  1. Wonderful work, Ryland. It brings back fond memories of my build too. Your model is going to be exceptional!
  2. Very nice work, BE. I'm very interested in learning to do a bit of silver soldering. I'm sure the learning curve will be steep as is usual for a complete beginner to soldering like me but I'm game to give it a go.
  3. It looks like this is going to be a large model, vaddoc. What will the overall dimensions of the completed model be?
  4. First of all, regarding the error, we've all been there especially when we were building our first models. I've tapered the wrong end of a plank and I've sanded through the hull. I also cut several new planks on my Medway Longboat since I wasn't happy with how they looked after they were already glued to the hull. So I removed them, traced a copy on some scrap and cut them out. It happens but it's wood and there's always a fix. Personally, I would make new planks. If you have some scrap wood you can use that like Bradley said. If not, basswood is cheap and easy to find either at a
  5. I'm my own worst critic and it bugs me to no end when I have see little flaws in my build. They stick out like a sore thumb to me but, when I show them to my wife, she always says, "You're the only one who will ever notice any of those things," and, the truth be told, she's correct. Once the model is completed those flaws seem to "vanish" when looking at it as a whole. Your model is going to be wonderful from the looks of your work so far.
  6. I wasn't able to get onto the site for over 9 hours...weird...
  7. Fantastic model of a very unusual boat! Congratulations on another outstanding model.
  8. Thanks for standing and line and voting! My sister-in-law had to stand in line for 8 hours in Georgia to cast her ballot. That should not be happening to anyone regardless of what their personal political preferences are.
  9. The planking looks really good, Grant. Isn't great to have the planks already spiled? It almost felt like I was cheating but it sure was nice!
  10. There's good news and perplexing news: the good news is that I just tried to get onto the MSW website again and it opened as fast as lightning; the perplexing news is that I didn't do a thing to make it happen. So who knows what was going on? I spent the better part of today searching for answers to what was going on and trying to find a solution. Nothing worked. I wish I could say I had something to do with things returning to normal but I didn't. Whatever was going on had a mind of its own. I chalk it up to some digital gremlin lurking in cyberspace trying to make me crazy!
  11. This is exactly what is happening with me as well and I am using my iPhone via a cellular connection just as you did. So how did you finally resolve the problem, Glenn?
  12. Thanks, Jack. I tried that earlier and it got through which would indicate the problem is on my end. All of my devices are Apple. I am able to open the MSW page trough a cellular connection on my iPhone but not when my phone is connected to my home Wi-Fi network. So something seems wonky on my end yet the problem is only happening with the MSW web page. Crazy...
  13. I am getting a message saying that “Safari can’t open the page “http://modelshipworld.com because the server where this page is located isn’t responding. Baffling...
  14. I’m having a problem I’ve never encountered before. I can not get the MSW web page to open on my iMac, MacBook Pro or my iPhone when I’m connected to my home Wi-Fi network. This just started when I tried to open the web page this morning. I don’t even get an error message. I’ve tried to load the page with 3 different browsers: Safari, Firefox and none of will open the page. This is only happening with MSW. All other websites I go to load quickly. I’m typing this from my phone using a cellular internet connection not my home Wi- Fi network. I’ve tied everything I know
  15. These are lovely boats. I'll take my seat and follow your build. Maris Stella makes a kit for a Brazzera and there are quite a few photos on their website: http://www.marisstella.hr/model-ship-kits-details,100,brazzera-72cm-1-32
  16. Nice review, Kurt. These models are a great introduction to the hobby. I used to read MSW off and on for several years before I decided to actually build a boat and, by then, I knew very well that starting with a nice, basic kit would be the best way to test the waters. My first build was also a dory boat, the Saint Malo by Artesania Latina. After that, I was hooked. I would have bought the MS kit if it had been available back then.
  17. I've enjoyed this series very much and the TV series is nearly as good as the books themselves.
  18. This is a fantastic tool. I love mine.
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