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  1. Thank you Marc. I really have to get myself together and finish her. Only sails and rigging left....
  2. Good day, Mikhail has two 10 chisel sets currently available : Strait - 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 мм. Half round - 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 мм. Angled left and right, - 2.0 мм. "V"- shaped Mini knife. PM for details
  3. Natural on port side and painted on starboard, that will take care of this puzzle.😝 Kidding aside I lean towards painted option. Seems Minerva's maker was not pursuing the authentic colors and look (use of Ivory). This is purely matter of each authors vision and taste.
  4. Could also be a scam, never mind piracy - you want get anything at all. Similar to bunch of 18$ Trumpeter kits on Ebay that usually cost over a 100$
  5. This is something I was hoping for ! There is no excuse for producing a duplicate kit that been developed by someone else. Should not even be discussed, it is a blunt thievery and directly impacts original manufacturer financially. But there is a number of kits that are actually developed by Chinese companies from scratch, particularly the admiralty style models, which are unique and not available from anybody else. Lumber Yard timbering sets are not even close, and Ancre with SeaWatch are not producing any kits. My understanding that such kits are created basis plans and monographs, pirated or perhaps even legally purchased, and the only thing that gets them into the pirate list is that royalties are not paid to the authors. I really hope progress can be made in this respect by Chuck and don't see why the Chianese MFG's would not agree to pay for the rights or percentage from each model sold to take care of this seemingly simple issue. I say Chianese, since Russian MFG have no such kits, they develop their plans and kits themselves or pirate the whole thing (I only know one) . There is nothing to negotiate there.
  6. Pentart Liquid Patina is great, unfortunately it is sold out on Ebay. So far don't see any reliable source in the US. As mentioned before Bitumen liquids are not finishing products as oils and dyes (use it as a stain on bare wood and you get an ugly, patchy black rotten wood look). Can't just be applied evenly and let dry. Use it as a wash to weather the finished surface (not just wood) to highlight the details, applying small quantities and letting the liquid flow into crevices. Or apply liberally but wipe off the excess on raised surfaces to give it a look of centuries ald object which accumulated dirt over the years. All together it takes the model into a certain style category of fake antiques and is absolutely not necessary as one can build a model in style of Syren Ship model prototypes. Those grimey museum models where just as clean as Chuck's models when they were initially built. On the picture is my 4 oared Yal in progress. Pear with homemade stain before and after applying Liquid Patina
  7. There are 2 more manufacturers that make kits similar in construction but they are also Russian and so are the ships they are selling. Only foreign vessel that might be coming soon is Italian vine transporter. So in regards of ships origin you are out of luck for now . Otherwise MK has 4 kits of ships plus several kits of smaller craft. Falkonet has 2 kits of steam launches, 2 viking tipe ships, a 1/24 scale yawl and in development are 2 masted cutter "Uvalen" built for russian prince (similar to French pilot cutters), Peter the Great pleasure yacht "Nataliya" and in a long run schooner Meteor (Baltimore schooner type) Eskadra has 2 kits out - famous Mercuriy and schooner "Lastochka" from Crimean war
  8. With great sadness here to inform that Aleksander Dobrenko "woodeater" had passed away. He was only 65. He was one of the greatest enthusiasts of ship modeling in Russia and well known in Europe as well. He had put together modelers guild of St. Petersburg, organized annual ship modeling show and contest "University Cup", was a go to guy in all aspects of the hobby and naval history of Russia. He will be greatly missed.
  9. Yes, it is a very sad news. He was a keystone of shipmodeling in Russia. Hopefully some one picks up on what he was doing for the hobby.
  10. I will be waiting for my sails for a while. Tea usually does a pretty good job coloring the sails. Uniform and not too dark.
  11. Sails are taking shape. Still a long haul from Russia, keeping my fingers crossed as lately Brooklyn USPS is a close competitor to Russian Mail in poor service and delinquency.

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