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  1. What a treat to see the models. Thanks for the pointer. Joe
  2. Have some time to model I see. Your quality of work never skips a beat Rusty! That can be hard to do with limited time. I observe the mornings are best for me. Joe
  3. What is there about ship modeling that drives one to model to such a high degree of accuracy? You set the bar so very high for the rest of us and that is OK. It has become such a passion for me through you and others of your capability! Thank you. Joe
  4. Hey Glen just tuned into your work site. beautiful work and you are way ahead of me! Joe
  5. No Glenn I do not but I will share pictures with you if you would like. When I started this model I just wasn't that confident of my work. Over the past 2 years I have gotten better. Early on when i was planking her it took 3 tries on the starboard side and 2 on the port side to get a level of quality i could live with. With the fine work on this site I have learned well enough to feel my work is acceptable. Here is a picture of the mast bands installedl sans final alignment and the eye bolts. still need he inclusion of the fid top mast. In looking at chapter 12 this AM I thought i could get a
  6. I picked up the picture from Pintrest and was trying my hand at humor. I wondered the same thing but it surely looks like a man overboard. This may have been a lucky camera shot as things were unfolding. To that point a good friend and I were on Long Lake in Harwich Mass. we had just put in (in his Coranodo) and as we cleared a land outcrop a gust of wind sent us flying and into the water. Sneakers, cooler and bodies all floating.every which way. It happened so fast there was no time to react. We got ourselves ashore and noticed an older gentleman and kids heading out just like us. I thought f
  7. Dome that too but not in a Lightning! Ok, ok i will throttle it back and let you get on with the model. Joe
  8. Thistles were a bit more pricey as I recall and I think that held them back here. I remember as at the time I could not afford one. i just looked up any clubs in the area and all I see is around Albany, Saratoga area. Joe
  9. Just discovered your work on this great model you are building. Brings back memories of an earlier time when Lightnings and Comets raced on Irondequit Bay in upstate NY. Don't see too many these days. Wonder why. Always admired the lines. Joe
  10. Model building is a series of problem solving steps isn't it? Dziadeczek and Mark I appreciate the inputs on blackening since that is something new to me. I will try out a sample, solder and all, before I commit the ones planned for the model. and thanks for the warning about the blackening agent migration. and cleaning. Yet further considerations. rraisely I did try automotive striping tape i had but it didn't stick well that is why I abandoned it. It was pretty old tape so likely the adhesive was dried out. . Joe
  11. I am always grateful for the advice i recieve on this site so don't judge me too harshly in that I didn't use any of the techniques. This task has sat idel for 2 weeks as I was consumed by other non modeling needs and in that time one of my PC artwork mast bands started to lift. in that interval the 1/16 X 1/64 strips arrived. and those two events prompted me to try the brass approach once again. After stripping the mast bands in place I cut stock about 1 inch in length and marked the center. Laying the strip on the square mast section I carefully bent it into a "U" around that se
  12. I note from the date interval of your postings that things still may be a bit hectic for you on your outside duties. I have to believe this is an escape for you. You were a subject of conversation with the NJ modelers group last night. The highlight speaker failed to show so Ryland brought up the 2014 NE Conference pictures and there you were! You make such an impression with your modeling everywhere. Joe
  13. Jim I am of the same mind. I can't imagine putting my name on this as "my" creation. It should be the original modeler. just yesterday i spent some time removing elements that are not attached to see if there was any trace of a name. None could be found. So it will remain a mystery for some time to come and hopefully not forever. I still await the Smithsonian drawing for more detail information but as I inspect the mode, ever more closely, I have begun to think that the builder may have known more of the vessel that the drawing may reveal. Some of the detail elements of the build
  14. Roger thanks for the ncouragement. yes she does not need a lot of work. However I am a bit tenuous regarding the restoration. I further note who ever did this was a master at controlling glue! It is just another sign of the competent nature of the creator. And you are right the case will be most of the work. Right now I am debating with myself of how to present her. I have some beautiful mahogany and cherry stock that I could use for a fully framed case. But I waver. It may be too elegant for a workboat? Should it just be a frameless cover and work a more fitting base into the design. I have t
  15. Thanks Jim I did discover this recently but have yet to download. I might mention I was also alerted by the secretary of the NRG that one can establish an ALERT on Google for any subject of interest that will do just that as related information is posted. I plan to use this as well. Joe
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