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  1. I guess I should have mentioned that the DAP product seems to sand easier and leaves no trace when one has to overcoat with either paint or finish. The manufacturer does stress that a minimal amount of adhesive is all that is necessary. I use the small but effective loop adhesive applicators that fit in an Xacto holder and that minimizes most all application problems. There are always caveats aren't there? Joe
  2. I would just add another alternative. I have become quite fond of DAP Rapid Fuse Adhesive. I would characterize it as a CA adhesive but it has one useful capability that others do not have. A plank can be lifted within 30 seconds of application and relaid once again w/o more CA. I found this useful if I didn't get quite the plank to plank abutting that was needed. I have even pulled planks off completely, sanded the CA side and bulkheads (once dry) and reapplied them without incident. The adhesive bonds wood to ABS or similar "plastics". It sets after 30 seconds and cures in about 30 minutes.
  3. Jim your work around for the tilt table to me is one of "why didn't I think of that?" comments! This certainly addresses the work piece falling into the blade if all things being equal and the table saw was sitting upright. I rescind my only criticism of the attachement. Thank you. Joe
  4. We were gifted with a record setting streak of warm weather here along Lake Ontario these past 7 days. And so were able to complete some last minute details prior to priming. To start with I finally decided to wet sand the hull to fair the Nitro Stan glazing compound. I had hesitated earlier as there was still a good deal of bare wood showing and it is a messy process as you auto body folk well know. It was left to dry for 2 days. Once that was done the rub rails were added up to the bow area. That was truncated because I have yet to master the "fair in" of the bow and the rub rail
  5. Something has to give Chuck. It is clear that you are a driven human being and that has to be further aggravated by your sense of success and customer care. None of us can easily alter our genetics but we can throttle the things that we can control. Family first always and that means taking care of yourself and shed any guilt about your customer base shortfalls. Jim Brown of the Cleveland Indians was asked why he got up so slowly from a play and return to the huddle. He remarked "just saving my energy for the rest of the game". Joe
  6. I am pushing to get the hull primed this weekend as the weather is going to be in the mid 60s and I can't spray in the basement. As a result I could not let this setback prevent me from that goal. The rub rail I have found is about 3/8 inch wide in scale (1:6 maybe slightly less). It has a slight taper across the width inboard to outboard. Using bass wood I built a shooting board and tried to add the taper but I quickly found that I was having trouble getting a uniform tapered edge not to mention tearout. I then thought of a more obvious way. On the Byrnes saw I taped a 1/32 inch s
  7. &*%#! I found a photo of the hull that didn't pixelate too much that displays the rub rail. That is the good news. The bad news is that my interpretation was wrong. I had assumed a more modern style but the picture that is shown in page 1 of this build log exhibits a much different rail that is proud at the stern and through midship but then intergrates itself into a splayed upper bow. I picked up some tapered balsa made for model airplane struts but in experimenting with it I have my doubts that it will suffice. Back to the drawing board! Joe
  8. Thanks Mark, we move on. The hull fairing is nearly complete but still remains tedious. I hated automotive body work in my younger years and this project is no different. Embarrassement of a poor result is all that drives me on. Took a break from that work and made the elements of the rub strib for the hull at deck level yesterday. After finding nothing at the hobby shop of suitable form I decided to make them. Using my 3/8 inch beading bit for my router I machined 3/8 basswood stock with the bit raised to just the bead height. (A smaller radius one is shown). I machin
  9. When I retired I was looking for some satisfying work and happened to join Habitat For Humanity as a site supervisor. As the "newbe" I wasn't always given the prime work of building new houses. I got my fair share of rehabs. One was a 100 year old two story monster. I won't begin to relate the problems with construction and material differences compared to modern times. Everything was a contest and a compromise. Two by fours were really two by four inches (sort of, they had dried out so much they were not quite a full dimension). I can sense what you are encountering. As a home own
  10. I viewed progress on the gun tub carriages and beginnings of the frameworks for mounting the carriages and subsequently for the guns. At this point we have a question for anyone out there that served on a vessel like this. In studying the geometry of the mounting we have come to the conclusion that the carraiges were mounted to the swivel frameworks, not the guns. Our study of the photos we have does not reveal to us how the guns were secured to0 the carriages.We have to assume that the guns were easily attached and removed so how was carriage securing dealt with? While the gun tub
  11. If you go to the Trucolor web site you may find a retail outlet near you. May is the operative word. They do not have a wide distribution. The second problem is that the retailers do not stock all colors. I have spoken to the manufacturer sales department (some time ago) and they will ship. What is needed are some really good color charts with TRUE COLOR which they were considering. Do not have any update on that. Joe
  12. Joe, Please send me your email address. I cant cope with this site's security. Sam

  13. We have advanced a bit farther in the build of the gun tub. Jim our project manager has taken the tub which was outfitted permanently with the modified inner catch/ammo trays. He has been working on the 50 caliber gun carriages. We continue to glean tid bits of information about the Patriots Point PBR. We have been told of late that the guns are not real but apperantely resin cast. No wonder they don't look exactly like our 1:6 scale units. Here is a mockup of the tub with guns.We will be removing the handles aft as they were not "handled" from that point. I would add that the tub
  14. So impressive Rusty. Perhaps you could be persuaded to speak to your advancement at our next video conference???? Joe
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