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  1. Allan I had a brain cramp and incorrectly named this CA based product. It is Rapid Fuse, not Insta Cure by Dap! And here is the data sheet reference. You will see accetone is recommed. https://www.dap.com/media/4866/rapidfuse-wood-adhesive_tds_100118.pdf Sorry for the bad information. Joe
  2. Another approach I was quite happy with was the use of DAP Insta Cure. There are two versions a general purpose one (good also for wood) and one used for wood. What I liked about the CA like glue was that one could lift the plank within 30 seconds if the result was not perfect and it could be repositioned again. I also found that it could be removed and relaid once again should a new one be required with just minimal "clearing" of the previous layer of glue on the false deck. Joe
  3. The gun tub is turning out to be quite a guess work project. In a recent conversation with a naval officier I asked why we were unable to secure the gun tub drawings. He reminded me that the Navy Bureau we dealt with held a few drawings back. Given that it is related to armament we suspect they may have erred on the side of caution. So for whatever the reason the construction of the tub innards has become a head scratcher. With the aid of more photos The tub structure was assembled and a cardboard model of the tub shell casing and gun mount steel works was constructed. Admittedly i
  4. I know the feeling jfhealy as I have not even attempted my Winchelsea until I have completed Cheerful. I made so many minor mistakes on Cheerful, only to rip them off and start again. This passion we all have has been a pursuit of perfection and frustration given so many references on MSW of incredibly fine work. I find in most anything I do the second time is the charm. For many reasons it seems to be so. So starting anew I am sure you will find it that way until you reach a new chapter and then it seems to start once again. The frustration that is. So for me I now do a practice
  5. Nikolay there is so much going on in that museum model you show that the lack of full rigging does not at all detratct. It becomes a study of the ship's aritecture. In a recent visit to the NE Ship Modeler Conference in Conneticutt I recall a clipper that was displayed that did not have near the detail of your depicted model that was without any rigging. It's beauty was in its fine detail and workmanship. Joe
  6. As we delve into references for the gun tub innards we find a number of different configurations for the gun mounts, the inner catch tubs and even the ammo feed elements. One can only suspect that there was quite a bit on "in field" retros and contrivences. Shown below in order is the Patriots Point forward gun tub followed by what is obviously a in field shot. In the latter one note the 50 caliber shell trays and the relative gun spacing. The tubular frame overhead here is likely weather shielding framework. In looking at the multiple pictorial sources one has to assume that it does not matt
  7. Glenn I too am building Cheerful but elected not to post my trials and tribulations as the model has forced me to improve my skill levels along the way when compared to so many who have posted. I too replanked both starboard and port as my irst attempts were pitiful. You were not alone on this journey. In regard to the moldings I ultimately went the traditional way using jeweler files to fashion the countours in sheet brass. The only thing I did make the countours a knife edge by back filing one side of the stock. That seemed to help the profile scraping. I used boxwood as I found
  8. Pictorially the difference between the earlier gun tub and the soon to be new one (just the form) can be seen in the attached photo. This time I made a full form out of stacked MDF scrap. The glued up assembly was bandsawed to near diameter and then sanded on the shop disc sander which has a convenient way to make perfectly round elements. The new form is 3 3/8 inches high and sits on the sub deck. It will be wrapped in .030 polystyrene. Luckily one of our group had 3 foot long polystyrene stock so there will be just one joint. I am thinking of wrapping the upper part of the tub once again wit
  9. Our last posting made the press just about the time we all became accutely aware of the emerging pandemic. Both seem like a long time ago. In the intervening time little was done on the build as priorities turned elsewhere. Well just last week we felt comfortable enough to restart the project with a priority on the forward gun deck and tub. With the on again, off again mode we were in we quickly realized the gun tub diameter was incorrect. Somehow in our haste we neglected to understand its doameter until a composite sketch was drawn utilizing the Navy and Maryland Silver drawings. Sadly the e
  10. And thanks again for the update. Looking into this appraoch as I write this. Joe
  11. Thanks guys. I have helped lay up a cedar strip canoe with the fiberglass resin approach. Even with an experienced leader it was messy but indeed the finish was beautiful. I was afaird that would be the response/solution. I certainly will take it outside to follow this regime if we march down this avenue. Can you tell I am reluctant to go this route? I do know they make a fine mesh fiberglass expressly for models and I will likely use that material. We do have a limited group budget for this project so the next step is to check out West System product costs. Joe
  12. We have a thread on MSW related to building a Mark I River Patrol boat in 1:6 scale. In spite of the fact that it is a waterline model it has large surface areas that needs to be coatedand faired prior to painting. The model will be placed in a museum display for the public so a convincing quality finish is desired. The substrate of the hull is basswood. It has been skim coated in the seam areas with Rage, Easy Sand and further patched with Nitrostan body filler. We have tried Golden Edge but it as well as the Rage have little open time to spread and work the 2 part compound. As a matter of fa
  13. Ah the Navy echelon Andre. When I worked for Raytheon I lived in an apartment complex that housed an Annapolis grad, a Great Lakes 90 day Lt JG and an enlisted guy. The white gloves, silver calling card tray and uniforms came off on weekends but watch out Monday morning! I still chuckle about it all. But nonetheless it would have been my choice if I had enlisted. Welcome aboard. Joe
  14. Maury I lived at the "Top OF The Golden Triangle" for a short period too many years ago. It would have been an honor to have met you in person. Your works are spectacular! Joe
  15. Just a brief update on re installment of the larger table top. I had left the saw for a few days w/o installing the saw blade. When I put it back on and was checking the travel I found it would not elevate as hisgh as before. The problem was the lead screw controlling the arbor lift was hitting the arbor arm cross plate preventing further travel. It turns out that the coupling to the front lift wheel was not seated back quite far enough on the shaft. I thought it was positioned correctly but I learned on this attempt that the coupling was hung up on the shaft. There is no specification on its
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