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    Scale Ship Modeling. Cadillac's of the 1950's and 60's
  1. Beautiful J Boat model. Is it radio controlled for sailing? I have plans to build one of these. I would Love to communicate with you . Sincerely , Bill Young
  2. I always use 5 minute 2 part epoxy and glue everything with it. I find that the epoxy glue holds up forever and is easily sanded and reworked if necessary. I hold my planks on using metal push pins and T pins. Also on my finish mahogany planking on the sides and decks I lay out the frame locations over the finish planking with tape as a straight edge and I then use a Biopsy needle and score the planking to simulate bung plugs , then when I stain the Mahogany the stain settles into the bung plug scoring and when wiped off the whole model looks like it was screwed and bung plugged once it is Var
  3. Very Impressive! , I Love turn of the century steam tugs. Bill Young Gainesville , Georgia
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