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  1. Hello everyone, Many thanks for your comments and encouragement...it really is appreciated. I did look at the Mamoli Beagle some time ago Usedtosail but found it it reminded me of the old Revell plastic kit in the '60's ? which was really just a re-work of their Endevaour kit with a 'few bits' it seemed. Lack of info' then I guess . The sheer plan I had from the NMM showed a bow profile much less bluff I remember. Thanks mtaylor : Must have been an oil bound distemper perhaps. White lead perhaps...? this was used everywhere on buildings . Do you have a source for your info ? If you ha
  2. Slow but steady progress. A very steep, but enjoyable, learning curve. Have 'cheated' with the exposed frames but just wanted to get a feel for their actual structure. The idea will be to view the sectioned area from the starboard side and from above to give a hint of the internal arrangements. Thinking ahead : as the model will be painted in period colours.....despite internet searches, have not been able to discover the internal finish I should apply to simulate Royal Navy brigs of this period. Were that just 'tared' in the hold area and white thereafter ? Any help here would be much a
  3. Hello every one, My first build log for a wooden ship.... I have been modelmaking for many years, mainly architecture and space craft structural models. For those of us ancient enough to remember them, I started off in the late '40's on Micromodels, a Roman period ship.....something must have stuck and thank goodness for having a keen modelmaker in an elder brother who taught me so many skills. I did start a plank on frame model of the Endeavour some forty years + ago but my then five year old daughter sat on the keel... why had I left it on the sofa ? I was also then gatherin
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