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  1. The precision of your workmanship is an inspiration to all of us Mike. Your exacting attention to detail is producing an exquisite model, and certainly something to be very proud of. Tom
  2. Oh, yes! Those new pics of the planking look pretty darn nice Ron. I assume you solved all the problems that had you so vexed. Tom
  3. I'm happy to see that my Canadian buddy was able to find the cash for a Jim Byrnes saw. You are just starting to find out what a great purchase it is. I hope you enjoy this tool, and that it makes sawing tasks easier and more precise. Now, take your ship model building to another level. Eventually your wife will calm down, but you have to know the next big purchase will be for her. 🙄
  4. Today, when I was carving out the interior of the hull, I came across something quite disturbing in the third lift from the bottom, a brown ribbon-like streak of what looks like rotted or partially rotted out wood. I probed it with a dental tool in a number of spots and found that in some areas it had a sawdust consistency, while in others it was a little harder, but not much harder. At first, I thought it was localized and tried to carve it out, but the more I did so the longer and deeper it became. I continued to carve but nothing changed. The problem is that I'm dangerously close to th
  5. Steve, you're building one beautiful model. It's turning out great. Your new home may slow you down some, but I doubt it will affect the quality one bit. It's fun to read through your build log, and I will continue to follow your progress. Tom
  6. Yes, take it to a professional printer. I used Tyco and everything came out perfect. Don't use your printer as it's very likely you will start this project all messed up. Tom
  7. Over the past three days I started to shape Winnie ll with mallet, chisels, gouges, a block plane and a few power tools. Exterior shaping is pretty much where I was at on Winnie l when I hurt my back, but the interior hollowing out is, as you can see, much further along. Although the model is 6.2 lbs lighter than when I first began it's still quite heavy at 18.6 lbs. The Jet Air Filtration System was suspended from the ceiling today, so I was free to use the heavy dust producing power tools. Very soon I will start hull shaping with the set of plywood templates I made. The photo of the wor
  8. I love the progress you're making Bob. Your Winnie is one sweet looking model. Tom
  9. With Baltic Birch plywood you will be sanding until your arm falls off. It's Poplar core without question. Yes, Poplar core is weaker than Baltic Birch. You just have to be very careful around protruding pieces, and use temporary reinforcement. Tom
  10. It's a really nice start Frank. I'm going to enjoy following your build. Take your time and do it right. There is no rush as it's not a race. Tom
  11. A big thank you to JJ, Frank and Ron. This past month I've put in a lot of hours at the drafting board and in the shop trying to get Winnie ll ready for hull shaping. Last night I broke out the gouges, chisels and mallet and cut loose on the port side of the hull. Today I started in on the hull's interior with a Makita oscillating multi tool. That tool makes the job much easier. I still don't have the Jet Air Filtration System installed, so I can't use the Porter Cable belt sander with the 36 grit belt. It will be up and running by Thursday evening. That's ok, there's more than enough h
  12. Welcome aboard Jan. You chose quite an attractive model to build. This group project has a number of talented and very friendly model builders. Feel free to ask questions about anything, as no question is too stupid. 😉 Tom
  13. I've been working hard to get Winnie ll to the point where I was at with Winnie l just prior to me hurting my back, and tonight she makes her debut. Is this version as heavy as the first hull? No, no way, but it's still quite weighty at 24.8 lbs. I lightened the hull but not appreciably. She's still a big girl! As you can see in the first photo I brought in some "heavy-weight" tools to trim Winnie down a bit. When I shape a hull it's standard procedure to move many of the front shop room tools to the back. Winnie ll is different from the first version in several ways.
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