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  1. Very impressive model! This was a great build log to follow. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Following your build log for HMS Naiad was quite special, a real tour de force on plank on frame model shipbuilding. Your joinery all throughout the build was exquisite and something all modelers aspire to achieve. I look forward to seeing your next project. You certainly set the bar very high for yourself with this model. Thank you.
  3. When this model is finished I hope it ends up in a place where lots of people can view it. Pandora is way too beautiful to reside in your home! The world needs to see this model.
  4. Wow! The work on those sails is off the scale nice. I envy your craftsmanship. Your Pandora is one of my favorite build logs to follow. Simply awesome!
  5. Congratulations YankeeD on your completion of the hull planking. It's an arduous and time consuming job well done. Those hull planks bent around that bluff bow look quite challenging. Tom
  6. Oh Keith, my heart beats funny when I look at your model of Altair. It is gorgeous. The women I dated in my life never had such pretty lines! Tom
  7. That stand is unlike anything I've ever seen....really classy looking. Tom
  8. Wow Siggi! That is one beautiful carving and paint job you did on that lion figurehead. Gorgeous! Tom
  9. What a wonderful build log to follow! Your work, as always, is exquisite. Tom
  10. Hi Mike, Thanks for the info on he riffler files. Your help is appreciated. Tom
  11. It's coming along nicely Mike. I have some questions about the file(s) you use to fair the frames. What are they? Make? Style? Cut(s)? Where did you purchase it (them)? Cost? Thanks Tom
  12. Merry Christmas to you too Ed. All through 2017, with each of your YA entries, the MSW group received an early present from you. Thank you Santa Tosti!
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