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  1. Thanks. I have used some message stickers in the past but they would always seem to slip out of the loop. I'll give it another try with newer stickers. I'm also going to order some of the plastic sewing clips. I've used the small wooden clips but they didn't seem to hold the whole loop together as the clamping space was too small. Thanks all for your help!!! John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX
  2. Thanks Tom. Do the Post-It pads hold up the loop. Since there is no tape on the loop doesn't the rigging have a tendency of slipping out? Thanks. John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX
  3. In my build of the Conny I prebuilt the masts and hung the various lines, taped together in loops until I installed on the ship. Now as I take the tapes off I'm finding little pieces of glue which are sticking the lines! Major mess! Any suggestions as to a better way to store the lines until they're used? Thanks. John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX
  4. Painted tends to cover up all the mistakes made by us truly amateur model ship builders! John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX
  5. Is this what you're looking for? See attached rigging layout for the MS model. MS Const Rigging Plan.docx
  6. Building MS USS Constitution. I would appreciate anyone's comments as to how tight the shrouds should be. Currently I'm tightening only to make the shroud straight as it connects to the blocks et al. I'm concerned that once I start mounting the ratlines there won't be enough tightness and the shrouds will start sagging. Your comments are sincerely appreciated. Thanks. John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX
  7. Chuck: I and I suspect others are following your post with the intention of building the ship once we finish our current project. Will these figures and wood sculptures be available some time in the future? Thanks. John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX
  8. Another question on this same topic. I think I know the answer but want to be sure. I mount all the yards on the masts before mounting on the ship. Once mounted do I finish each mast one at a time, ie from lower yards to the royals, or do I finish all the lower masts, ie shrouds, etc. before proceeding to the next level? I believe it's the latter since it would firmly base all the masts in place on the ship, needed since subsequent rigging involves rigging from one mast to another and firm support is needed. Please confirm. Thanks. John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX
  9. Thanks David I appreciate your comments. I did notice the railings and backstays as well. Geoff Matson's log and others have been especially helpful. These forums are a great help.
  10. After a >5 year lapse I resurrected my MS USS Conny kit and continued construction. I've had to relearn everything but it's been a good experience since much has changed. Two issues aren't clear to me: I'm building all the masts and yards off the ship and understand best way to mount is to begin with the foremast, then main and mizzen followed by topmast, gallants, etc. What I'm not clear about (I read all 34 pages of the rigging forum!) is whether I mount the yards before mounting the masts or afterwards? 2nd issue is Bob Hunt's practicum: although all my builds have been with Bob's practicums as many have mentioned he did a poor job when it came to the rigging for the Conny. For some reason it appears he left out the foot ladders. Any thoughts as to why? I appreciate your comments. You've helped me get back to a hobby which is great fun! I'm not a master by any chance of the imagination but as someone mentioned it's mine and I'm proud of my work. Thanks for your help. John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX
  11. On further research I now see the diameter of the thread is 0.005" but I would still like recommendations for what would be the best specifications (polyester, nylon, 3 lines, etc.) and where to buy the best quality. Many thanks. John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX
  12. I have resurrected an old MS USS Constitution kit I purchased many years ago. The threading unravels very easily even when I touch the ends with CA glue. I would like to replace but don't know what would be the equivalent, best type of thread to purchase and where. The thread supplied with the kit (which MS no longer supplies) is size 3/0 for both the black and tan. I would appreciate your help in locating equivalent thread, what size and what would be the best specifications. Many thanks. John Gilchrist Rosenberg, TX

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