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  1. I have that saw. It is far from vibration free, but for the money, it's not bad. This is my second scroll saw. Looking back I wish I'd ponied up for a true woodworkers one.
  2. This has been a great build log to follow. Especially because of the very clear and close photos. Great looking ship!
  3. WAs intending to do a little heavier cutting and I installed the original blade. However it seems to be biting one side of the cover. When using slitting blades I also noticed the blade was very close to the cover on the right side (looking at it). Any thoughts? SEE THE PIC ATTACHED TO SEE WHAT I MEANT ABOUT BLASE BEING SO CLOSE TO SIDE> THIS IS A SLITTING BLADE.MY CARBON BLADE THAT CAME WITH THE SAW RIBS RIGHT AGAINST IT.
  4. Agree with the pin advice. Just want to add to make sure your drilled holes are directly in the middle of each.
  5. I received this excellent kit for Christmas, and you are doing such a fine job, I know I'll be referring to your build log often once I start it. It will be a little bit yet, as I'm just starting the second planking of my AVS. I always struggle with planking to try to get it right, and am still not where I would like to be. Adopting Chuck's method of bending has helped a lot, but I need much more practice IMO. I have been using a hair dryer, but it just doesn't seem to get quite the bend I would always like and I see you are using some type of heat gun. I wonder if that might work
  6. I have a shop vac I use in the basement, which I can connect the hose to the byrnes saw, scroll saw, thickness sander and disc sander. Works well, but I do most of the actual assembly, including sanding, in my den. When doing so, I usually wear a protector. This protects me, but does nothing about the dust it throws into the air. I've been thinking about jury rigging a small shop vac, to which I can somehow fix the hose intake semi permanently to my bench and sand over the top of it. Anyone ever try anything similar?
  7. Hi Dave The Bluenose was my second ship, so I was far from experienced when building it. While I hand brushed the black above the waterline, I used spray paint for the red lower portion. I taped off everything but the target area, put it in a cardboard box, and sprayed it outside from a spray can. I did three coats and lightly sanded after the first two. Not only did it turn out great IMO, I have had several compliments on. Just a thought. If you'd like, I will take a few pics and send you if you PM me. John
  8. YT...I did the same before I posted. I am looking for either sheets I can mill, or strips. I didn't see any. It doesn't appear the a wood supplier carries it, and same goes for Syren.
  9. You make my Sherborne build (albeit my first) look like a preschool group project. Very well done!
  10. I'm working on the Cheerful, which calls for single hull planking. Yet, many kits call for second planking, which I have done. What are the pros and cons?
  11. If you have a mini table saw you can get decent cherry sheets from Woodcraft. I used it to plank my Dos Amigos and was very pleased.
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