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  1. JimByr....can you expand on your question re: "width side to Thickness side"? Thanks/John
  2. I was at the point of adding the first drop plank below the wale, when I put the whole thing....ship, wood, and fittings back in a box and started something else. That was over a year ago. It was like having writers block. Every time I tried approaching how to make this I just put it aside. IMO, I was really having a nice build up to this point, and I was afraid (still am) of coming up with something that I would just accept and move on. Any Cheerful builders out there experience this particular stumbling point? Is so, how did you move beyond it?
  3. Thanks Bob..I'll give it a go. BTW Jim...I planked first because I wanted the gunport paint color to include the plank edges around the port. However, before my next build I'll be touching base with you for some other important tips. John
  4. One of my more recent activities this Covid crap has spawned is paint by number. Surprisingly relaxing, inexpensive, and they actually look fairly (IMO) good. You'd think that after doing a few of the above, with many minute shapes, that painting the inside of the gunport would be a breeze. Well, not for this cowboy anyway. I still end up with traces of the paint (red) on my lovely pear outer planking. Before I make it worse, any suggestions for removing it? Thanks
  5. Wow....thanks for all the feedback. I've got a bit of homework to do.
  6. I used to at least rip decent planks. Now, I van't get the width so be continuous through the whole cut. After 6 or so inches, it starts decreasing. Frustrated. Thoughts?
  7. I may have misled....I only use clamps for planking above the wales, and for bending and drying a plank to fit the curve of the bow.....these are the times that I get the dents from bad clamps. I also use clamps on wood for many other tasks when ship building. I'm really just wondering if anyone has a source for good quality small and medium clamps. Thanks
  8. I'm sure everyone has seen, and maybe used, those red handled and tipped clamps. I'm sure many will agree they are junk. The protective tips eventually will either come off or west through. They also have varying degrees of tipping power....some much tighter than others . AS such, they become useless for things like planking as they end up leaving dents. Are there any really good small clamps out there. I would pay for quality, but haven't seen any. such thing. Any thoughts?
  9. Not sure how, but I lost one of the two. Does anyone know if there are replacement clamps?
  10. Ditto on the folding table. I use two of them and they work fine. Don't go too cheap....sturdier the better.
  11. Second planking with very nice kit supplied pear wood. Almost finished. I did some preliminary sanding and applied a coat of gun oil. This made a few imperfections stand out, and I will now repeat the process at least once. While I've seen tons of better planking jobs on this site, I'm kinda pleased with my efforts, and, as I stated in my initial post, I just hate to cover most of this with copper. And, likely will not. To each his own I guess. Also...keel needs lots of work yet. Might just use a dark stain...any thoughts?
  12. Starting the second planking of my Speedy build. After that, copper plating is close. I've only coppered one ship (Pickle). and I just didn't like the look of it. I much prefer the unpainted wooden ship. I even mix woods a little for contrast. Another thing...I try to do my best (still a ways to go) on the second planking and to copper over most of your efforts is a bit of a downer. Finally, most of my hull will be planked with pear wood....a beautiful wood....why cover that up? But not coppering doesn't present a real ship of that period. What are current thoughts from the group?
  13. I have that saw. It is far from vibration free, but for the money, it's not bad. This is my second scroll saw. Looking back I wish I'd ponied up for a true woodworkers one.
  14. This has been a great build log to follow. Especially because of the very clear and close photos. Great looking ship!
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