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  1. Thanks for posting this build log Zoran,as this will be my next build it will be very informative and helpful,an watching with great interest as I'm shure are many others,
  2. Looking good mike, like the finish, remember SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.
  3. Think those curves might be a bit of a challenge,but its looking good Mike,keep up the good work.
  4. Its coming along very nicely, am watching with great interest, nice model boats from marristella, looking at STILAC for my next build, could do to see a build log,to see what its like, but for now will follow yours,keep up the good work.
  5. That's a beautiful looking model,you have more than done it justice,infact I like it that mutch I am very tempted to purchase one,very well done.
  6. So simple,great idea, will be trying that when i get round to the rat lines on my endeavour,thank you ,
  7. Hi Mike,just been looking through your lancia armata build log,like your build very much,thats a nice sized model with plenty of detail well done,this may be just the thing to give me a rest from riging on my endeavoure,never done a plank on frame large model and am intrigued how removing the frames was done, Ross.
  8. Sounds a good idea(bit different)would like to see a photo,wonder if anybody else has any good ideas for a base ,instead of the same old thing of pedistals on a base. Ross
  9. Michael,if your thinking of buying a nail pusher for doing your planking ie holding planks in position while the glue dries,try Push Pins,you can get them on ebay, i purchased the amiti one,used it once,but find the push pins a lot better and easier to use,just my oppinion of course, Ross.
  10. LOOKING VERY GOOD.could you tell us ,is the master cutter any good cheers,Ross
  11. Hi all,this is a realy interesting right up,when i have completed endeavour this will be my next build, thinking of using caldercraft snake,i think as said in previouse posts it would probebley be a better starting point than the cruiser,one thing i hope someone can tell me is,the photo on page 5 of the cruiser, what shade of stain or wood has been used,just love that coulor, cheers Ross.
  12. This is bookmarked. excelent tutorial thank you.
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