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  1. Hello all once again. It's been awhile since I last logged in on this kit so I'll give a update. After a short burst of building it was again put on the shelf for a few years until a this Thanksgiving when I must have seen the end in sight and finally finished after 27 years! Thanks for all the help and a few pics of the finished project, Happy building Larry.
  2. Coming from a r/c airplane background where wood to wood glue joints are critical i'm just wondering how I should glue all these painted parts that go on a ship? Do you really paint everything then scrape away where it glues on and then touch up? That seems like a lot of extra work and a lot of repainting. I'm kinda stuck on finishing the deck also, what I thought i'd do is use Minwax pre-stain conditioner, then apply a natural stain wood finish and let dry. Now would I need to do anything else, can I glue right to the stain, how about painting on top of the stain in certain areas? Would just a coat of polyurethane be better that stain? Is there any low order water based products I could use instead, as I picked up some acrylic paints that I really like order wise. What I would like to do is be able to use the same product to seal/finish the deck then paint right over if needed. A couple of pics should give you an idea of what I want to do. I started this over 20 years ago then switched to r/c airplanes so I have a little painting to do over also but i'd like to finish the deck first, then repaint the white. This way I'd be able to start gluing parts to the main deck and follow the instruction book on the rest of the decks. I know i'm asking a lot of questions but I never did any wood finishing. Thanks and happy building. A couple of pics; First the kit I'm building This is the deck and some prats that need gluing I have to repaint the hull and the railing deck white
  3. Ok a little update. Looks like I got my build back on track, paddle wheel covers are on thanks for the tip Rob, board and batten installed, stern railings finished, now on to the boiler. I think I'm gonna pick up some Minwax finish like you used Rob, Does this act as a wood sealer also so I can paint right over it on parts that need painting? My plan of attack is to seal the deck, put as much as I can on that needs painting white then tape off the deck and repaint the white that way I won't have any touch up to do. Now another question I have is when you paint and prep everything before installing it do you just glue right to the paint? A couple of pics so far; Thanks for all the help so far Rob, I hope I won't be too much of a bother but this ship building is a lot different than r/c airplanes I'll tell you that. Happy building Larry
  4. Hello all: gonna start my 1st build log so bear with me. Bought this kit back in 1990's when I first wanted to get into building models. (Hint not a good 1st model). So after switching to r/c airplane modeling for 20+ years I dug this out the other day and thought it's about time to finish this up. I found a build log on this model by Jarero and another couple of pics from Robhow on his build so I figured I could get some help and encouragement if I started one also. This is what I have so far; As you can see I put enough work into this to finish it up but I see that my white has yellowed,I didn't stain or varnish the deck,couple parts aren't lining up to good? and my biggest problem and the reason I stopped building is gluing the plastic covers for the paddle wheel, nothing seems to stick. I'm thinking of using balsa instead unless someone has a better idea. Also would like ideas on when and how to finish the deck, and best method of sealing/priming and painting of all these wooden and metal parts. Thanks and happy building Larry.
  5. Wow that looks great Rob, I hope I can finish mine let alone have it look anything that nice. Looking over my work from 20 some years ago I can tell that my building skills back then left little to be desired, so i'm scratching my head a little right now on how to proceed. I know now from r/c airplanes that ALL parts have to fit together sooner or later but it doesn't look like thats how this was started, throw in painted parts (yellowed) a little warping and I got my work cut out for me. My building skills were never in the fine details but I see now that will have to change with ship building. As far as a build log I think that would be a good idea Scott, guess i should start a new thread so not to highjack this one. Thanks all Larry
  6. Hello all Just finished reading this post in its entirety as I had purchased one of these kits back in the early 1990's . Started the build and got the 1st deck somewhat finished when I discovered R/C airplanes instead and dove head over heels into that for 20+ years. Fast forward to today and I'm thinking of finishing this build as I still have everything although a little dusty. So does anyone know what happened to Jarero and his build? Robhuv have you finished yours?Also if anyone has words of encouragement I could use a little as I know the small scale of these parts is one of the reasons I hade such a hard time building this model.

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