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  1. I assume that the bow is the name for all the pieces when they are assembled
  2. Allan Thanks for the information I never knew that there was as many pieces as you say most kits just depict it as one piece I will have to Google them all and try and find out exactly where they fit Andy
  3. I thought someone would know Yes Wayne how many times have we tried to fit a piece to the stem when it belongs to the stern Andy
  4. I have often wondered what the difference is between a bow and a stem both seem to mean the front of a ship Is it wood against steel Or UK against USA I am sure someone will have the answer Then someone else will contradict it
  5. excelent workI just hope mine turns out as well and my Italian was as good as your English Andy
  6. Hi I am just starting this kit I hope it turns out half as good as yours Andy
  7. Hi all I have just bought a Proxxon DH40 planner a.d wondered if anyone has tried removing the blades and covering the drum with sandpaper held in place with the blades clamps so making a sander thicknesser with controlled in feed a fault that I have read about with many others on the market Andy
  8. Hi all sorry I haven't posted for a while but things have been a bit busy at work and with family and as I have said before I tend to be a bit of a lurker often on the site but not very often posting . I guess we are all our own worst critics but I never feel that my work stands up to criticism compared to the excellent work shown on the site. But here goes with a few pictures of my work so far
  9. hi I have just caught up with your build very impressive so far Just a quick question how much did it cost to import the wood package and did you get stung for customs like I did with my kits from the USA Andy
  10. excelent workmanship I bet its nice to work on a large ship and at a large scale means some great details Andy
  11. Very useful link thanks I didn't expect to be able to read the whole book I know it can be very expensive to buy Andy
  12. Hi I use the same as Tadeusz though the light is a waste of time I cut it off a bit less weight Andy
  13. Hi all Just received my Ship of the Line book Seems smaller than I thought but there will be a few good nights reading And lots of pictures !!!
  14. Hi Spyglass I got mine from good old E Bay there's a god choice of woods lengths and widths also try original marquetry they do some v nice saw cut veneers that are ideal for our hobby also a company called twigfolly give old Google a try Andy
  15. Hi I suggested doing this some time ago using iron on veneer tape that you use to edge worktops but it was generally considered to be a bad idea So I have done it on my Vaasa It seems to work quite well you have the instant stick of CA but none of the fumes which I only need a sniff to make me ill for the next 2-3 days I made a simple jig to cut to length and then to width all done with a knife no mess dust or noise I am not sure of the long term results but so far it seems to work I will agree though the base has to be flat you only hame 0.6 mm to sand ! Andy
  16. do it to is whats the worst that can happen ? end up with a box of paint stirrers ? sure your good lady could help you find a use for them
  17. Excellent tutorial thanks I will have to be brave and have a go,the wash part is the bit I am always unsure about
  18. Thanks Jan the newer Billings kits might have more up to date information but mine is an early one and there seems to be a lack of information on anything to do with the building of the kit I am struggling with the gunports at the moment everywhere I think there should be one there seems to be a bulkhead ! Andy
  19. Hi all I thought I had better post an update on progress when I last was on I had just started on some of the deck furniture doors and ladders etc. These are all now made fitted and painted so I have made a start with the planking so far it has been quite straight forward with no really nasty bends that a 10 minute soak in hot water won't cure I have now realised that there needs to be a method of supporting the dummy cannons so work has stopped and my thinking cap has been dug out again I have been looking at the excellent build logs thanks guys for all your help and pictures I will post more pictures when I have sorted the cannon problem out Andy
  20. Hi Mar3kl I am just starting to cut out my gunports on my Billing Vasa I like your idea of false gun caridges but how much can you see when the guns are in place ? I wondered if the extra work was worth the final result ? I was just going to fasten a ply board for the gun spigots to fasten to I would apreciate your thoughts Andy
  21. I use the clamps from miskin models they are very good but I thi.k they are no longer in business
  22. I haven't thought about that yet I will probably make small boxes that will line the gunports with a solid back to fix the cannons to Any other ideas ? I am open to suggestions Andy
  23. Thanks Matti I am definitely going to open the gunports and fit dummy barrels I wish I had thought about it before I planked I now have to find a way of fitting them soe careful measuring to avoid the bulkheads and try to fit some sort of support Andy
  24. Hi Matti I am half way through the planking of my Vasa and have realised that I have no idea where or how I am going to fit the gunports or dummy cannons. My instructions are so vague that they are not mentioned can you help me please ? Andy
  25. There is a false virus warning on that website !!!!! do not click on anything look and leave

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