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  1. Pierre: You might try KJP Fine Hardwoods, located in Ottawa. I've never been there, but I think this is the place that a friend who does fine woodworking goes (he's happy with them.) Visit their website to see if that is what you are looking for. Grimey
  2. For cross-referencing of various hobby paint manufacturers (like Tamiya and Humbrol) try the IPMS Stockholm website www.ipmsstockholm.se . The site is in Swedish but the Helpdesk is in English and will lead you to Urban's Colour Reference Charts Part 2, where you will find charts for the major brands. Be advised that the cross-referencing is really only approximate, but it will give you some ideas. Grimey
  3. Visit the Titanic Research and Modeling Association's website ( titanic-model.com ). There is an astonishing amount of material there, on the ships of the "Olympic" class and models of them, including articles on the kit of interest to you. Grimey
  4. Don: If what you want to learn are the basics on how to do ship drafting, then try this book: H. I. Chapelle "Yacht Designng and Planning - for yachtsmen, students and amateurs" W W Norton and Co, 1956 . ISBN 0 393 03169 1 It will give you a good introduction as well as give you an idea of what equipment is needed, keeping in mind the date of publication. Try your local library first to see if they can locate a copy for you on interlibrary loan. Good luck! Grimey
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