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  1. Jacek sorry for the late answer. I used some 6 mm ply for the frames. But I don't know why the keel part of the frames was little bit tick. I think it was the variation of the thickness of the ply so I had to sand this part on the thickness sander. I didn't work on my model a long time because moving to another country and lot of other thinks and I hope I will be back soon. All the best and good luck... Greetings Sinan
  2. Nice start on a beautiful build. I like everything about this, the ship is one off the best, the movie...ect. Can you say a few words about the plans please. I will like to have the plans and one day to start building this beauty. Thank You!
  3. Nice start. The bulkhead method is my favorite one so I will be here to learn some and maybe suggest some things.
  4. That is a neat idea. I think the white plexiglass that is used for making neon signs is going to be the best choice for this. They used also in medicine for x-ray copies.
  5. This is http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/263-all-my-homemade-tools/?hl=%2Ball+%2Bhomemade+%2Btoolsa link to the homemade tools I made. You can find the thickness sander there first...
  6. Thank You Norman, Dee Dee, Sherry and Janos for Your reply. I have some rough birch wood and I will try to cut it to ticker boards and leave it to dry for 2 or 3 years, and hoping that I will use it some day.
  7. Everybody heard about birch plywood but how about birch wood how good is for modeling (planking ect).
  8. Nice start. I will need to build one my self so this will be interesting for me.
  9. Congratulations on your beautiful model build. I like the additional things on display.
  10. I'm here Daniel. Thank You for your concern. I haven't post a progress for a long time now and is because of "changing life" and not having time for modeling. I'm hoping I will continue my build soon. This lack of modeling is killing me really :mellow:.
  11. Santa, next year don't forget me!!! Awesome piece of technology - the ultimate tool for ship modeling!!! down side is only the price.
  12. Congratulations Elmir is a great bout and we can't see any mistake, is flawless!!
  13. Maybe this is off topic, but this guy made a mill from scrach and I think is for wax but if you can replace the small motor with a rotary tool is going to be strong enough for wood. Here are some pictures ....
  14. Congratulation on a beautiful build Ilhan!!! I hope you will start another build soon
  15. Compare a metal ruler with a caliper and then use ONLY them. I compared a plastic triangle and is off almost by a mm.
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