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  1. Piet, great to see the model in full, nice touch, great details, I am sure the "Marine Museum" would be more than interested to organize a complete exhibit around her
  2. courageous, soaking the keel in a bathtub, but the warp is also at filling blocks level I guess? A little warp is not the end of story, I have both a longitudinal and a hogging warp in the keel of my model, its only when you have it on a flat table and against the sun, or keel up and with an eye along it that it catches the eye
  3. Nenad, on msw there is a sound of silence with your blog on hold, but in that silence we are with you. All the best with wife, Jan
  4. Guys, thanks for the likes. In the meantime I added a table and additional beams, still loose fitted.. I then had a go at making windows which turns out to be real challenge, my first attempt is a complete failure.. I earlier read Alex M.'s explanation on window making http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/410-hms-sphynx-by-alex-m-scale-148-english-20-gun-frigate-as-build-1775/page-3 so I have a go at his method, first with copying the frames on transparent paper.. Then to put the paper over white paper with packaging plastic on top (package from Dremel sanding drums; feels like good quality plastic). Then I find my master in Alex M. with making 05.x 0.5 strips and handling them in a precise way, such small scale really requires a complete different approach to handling materials, and makes me realize that all this kit bashing introduces levels I might not be ready for or take too much time.I will let it rest for a moment, might continue with the deck first
  5. making of side panels.. And the start of a quick but solid oak interior..
  6. sorry, yes, I would not want to derail the tread, I was a reflex to those outer ribs and the sense of immense drag, I mean, after a centuries of boat evolution it looks like an immense hydrodynamical set back and makes me wonder - with all due respect for your excellent woodwork, craftsmanship and unique research :-) - if you have not overdone them a bit, I mean, looking at the historical pictures it appears they end quite narrow and well above the waterline ?
  7. interesting research and glad I live in the age of foiling cats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rit72ePAus#t=54
  8. Nenad, next has been some "outside in" engineering by hollowing out the insides and then squaring out some holes for the side windows (still have to design those) and opening the cabin to the front and placing a door frame.. Reason for enlarging the cabin to the front is to allow the steering wheel to be placed on top, the Corel drawings place the steering wheel in front of the quarter deck, behind the mizzen mast, making it impossible for tiller and wheel to be connected, unless with a tiller that sweeps at belly level through the cabin, and with some intricate wiring underneath the deck. Next will be finalization of cabin, maybe even doing some interior work, and making of rudder for which I have to learn how to solder hinges, the kit's hinges are way to coarse
  9. Found them on the Internet, great looking site, and they also have a great shop for tools, might be worth a detour, when I am in the Netherlands Amsterdam would be closer, the Amsterdamse Fijnhouthandel would be the alternative place to go..

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