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  1. Hello Justin When creating this video for YouTube, I used the soundtrack "Depths" by composer Alexander Zatsepin for the Soviet film "Captain Nemo" in 1975 (based on the novel by Jules Verne). If interested here is a link to the movie.
  2. Looks great, but the flagpole is an extra detail on the model if the sails are shown
  3. Gentlemen, with great pleasure I want to show a new model! The model was built by Yura Kimborovich according only to our drawings by "MasterKorabel" Drawings we prepared on the basis of archival information of the 1840s. This is a 20-oar 42-foot longboat #1 of the 120-gun battleship “Twelve Apostles” - the flagship of Admiral Lazarev of the Black Sea Fleet. Date: 1841 -1855 Sailing: the Plymouth bot. Art.: one 24-pound carronade. 80 shots. Crew: Midshipman, 160 marines and 22 sailors. Scale 1: 48 length - 498.5 mm, width - 80 mm, height - 350 mm
  4. No pennant on the topmast. Tender "Avos" was the second ship in the squad (three-masted ship "Juno" and tender "Avos"). She was not supposed to pennant. Only the three-masted ship "Juno" could carry the pennant as the leader in the squad of ships There were signal flags on any ship. Can add them
  5. Emperor Alexander 1 officially approved the flag of the RA company on September 28 (October 10), 1806. Here is a copy of the order with a sample flag from 1806 As we know, the tender "Avos" was built before, in the summer of that year. It is possible that at first time (several months or half a year) the tender was flagged Russian Navy flag But most tine the tender "Avos" had the flag of the RAC The flag of the Russian-American company (RAC) is part of the great common history of Russia and the United States, a unique history of the development of Alaska!!! It was a period of discovering new lands, conquering new horizons, and a time of great friendship between Russia and the United States. That's why we decided to put this flag in the box.
  6. "Novo Arkangelsk (New Archangel)" Drawn by the Creole Aleksandr Olgin in July, 1837 As you can see on the ships of the Russian-American company had its own flag. Yes, this picture was painted in 1837, when the Avos tender was long gone. Despite this, the artist drew our tender. So at least it is considered. 😎 Yes, there are many questions to this watercolor... This is not a drawing. This is an image only. But we liked it and we decided to place the company flag as shown in this figure And we have provided three options for the modeler. Peta has already said this. The modeller has the right to choose where to place the flag. .
  7. ''MasterKorabel'' manufacturer from Russian are on your side! It is unacceptable that your work be used without permission. I realized that your comment was deleted on that forum? It is unacceptable! NO modeler in the World has the right to ignore you!
  8. "MOREL" - Yefim Nikonov`s "Secret Vessel" MK0203 by MasterKorabel Scale 1/36
  9. do you have any distributers in Bulgaria

  10. Hello This is russian gun of the end of the 18th century - the beginning of the 19th century, just for the tender "Avos"

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