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  1. Next steps was to make the guns At first I changed the brass into bronze by painting it with acrylic (old gold mixed with black) And than the wooden parts. Milling the side panels of the gun carriadges. Side panels and other parts after cutting by band saw and sanding First attempt Making the axis and the weels The first finished gun A board At At last for today I had to m
  2. Next job on the Golden Hind was to make the channels. I have made it from 2,5 x 2,5 mm bras, The gun port lids For this parts I had to make a lot of parts The parts of the hinges are from bras, burnished with Nerofor from Ballistol, a german Company Cheers! Hartmut
  3. Hello Javier! A very nice and perfect made piece of modelling. Congrats! Hartmut
  4. Hello Maurice! Yes I am fine and modelling is still a great pleasure. In the last time I have finished the Pinco Genovese and the Staatenyacht Utrecht. My current project is the Golden Hind on an old german plan by Hoeckel. I hope you are fine to. Do you know something about Pete Coleman? regards Hartmut
  5. Hello BE, your are doing an absolut amazing Job as everytime. Thank you for showing! best regards Angarfather
  6. Hello again! In the last weeks at first I have made some things like the pump, the capstan, some doors, gratings and than I modeled the fore castle. Here Are some pics. This was the G H yesterday evening Cheers! Hartmut
  7. Hello guys, the last two weeks I have made the Gallion. Here are some pics. First the gallions construction. It is made in the same way as I know it from the mediteranien ships like my Pinco Genovese. The grating of the gallion The door of the front Cheers! Angarfather
  8. Hey, Omega! Me and my family are very well. But the summer this year had been so warm that I was more interested in swimming, barbecue with friends and family as to sit in my dockyard. And there had been two wonderful journeys with my admiral to the Lofoten (north Norway) and to Denmark. Best regards Angarfather
  9. Aye, Omega 1234 very amazing pics from your model. When I was an boy I dreamed of sailing on such ships. Best regards Angarfather
  10. After finishing the out side planking I have made the planking of the main deck. The question was how wide the planks must be. The only binding information I found in the report of the wreck of the Mary Rose. Here is the plank width 50cm. This corresponds to 15mm in scale 1:33. After this I planked the inside of the main deck and cut in the gun ports. Next job was to make the fore castle. There were quite a few parts to do. There are deck beams, mast tracks, anchor and foremast bitt and another hatch. An other question was how to paint the walls inside. Because I
  11. Hello guys! The summer 2018 was to warm to stay in the dockyard for modeling. It was a good time for barbecue, swimming and lazing around with old friends sitting in the garden enjoying an ice-cold beer. And last but not least there were to wunderfull journeys together with my admiral to the Lofoten islands in Norway and the Møn Island in Danmark. In the last two weeks the planking was done. Here are some pics of the Golden Hind today. Best regards Angarfather
  12. Aye, Mates! Many thanks for your kind words and all the likes. The last weeks was not so much time for modelling the Golden Hind. There had been many interesting job. Thats ok. Here are some pics from the last days. To finsh the wales in the bow I first did mount the upper and the lower wale. After this I use spacer blocks to mount the bow part of the wale in the middle The last wale piece Next step was planking the space between the two lower wales and the stern.
  13. Thanks, guys for your kind compliments! Next steps was to make the keel, the stemson and the bob stay piece of the head. I have made the pieces from mahogany, planed with the thickness planer. Next I make and bring in the walls. Cheers Hartmut
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