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  1. Well worth a visit Eberhard. It was very quiet when a group of friends and I went about 15 years ago. She was in the early stages of preparation for display and a very obliging volunteer took us on a very detailed tour of the engine room -- quickly curtailed when we realised the restoration crew were hacking lumps of asbestos off the steam pipes. Clearly asbestos regulations are not always the same.
  2. All looking very smart Pat. I enjoyed magnifying the deck photos and taking a self guided tour. Nice little bell, I guess it does not have striker at that scale?
  3. A remarkable amount don for just a year - compared to my sometimes pedestrian progress. The hull painting turned out rather well and overall she is looking quite trim - probably a lot more so than the original. I continue to find this vessel most interesting. Condolences on the loss of your Father in Law.
  4. Tom - I had to look up what a bow chock was. Another example of "Two countries separated by a common language".
  5. Nice technique for the blocks Eberhard. The most rewarding part is finding a way of doing the seemingly impossible.
  6. Hi Keith - I loved catching up on the block / shackle debate. I recall looking at some very detailed work (through a microscope) in the gold room of the Hermitage Museum in St Peterburg. The very knowledgeable guide pointed out that the work was so fine it could only have been done by children because of the visual capability they posses. I think you need to get younger or recruit some grandchildren.
  7. Tom, At a certain age I find it best to avoid photographs and throw out mirrors. I still think I am a teenager and don't want the illusion shattered. Sorry to hear about Uncle Jon but take comfort from the pleasure he will have derived from seeing your workmanship. Best regards Keith
  8. Coming along very nicely Steven. The hull is a great example of freehand tin bashing and welding.
  9. The hull planking turned out very well. Good news that the planking isn't going to be lost under paint. It will be interesting to see how the finishing deliberations turn out.
  10. An enjoyable half hour catching up Valeriy, your craftsmanship is always impressive.
  11. I agree with many of the comments above but here is my experience. I got my first lathe about 35 yeas ago and found it useful on both kits and scratch builds. On kits it gave me the opportunity to make better and more detailed replacements for those nasty plastic, white metal and to a lesser extent brass parts that kit providers often supply. I dint think I really needed a mill until I got one about 10 years ago. I then found I used it a lot more than the lathe. I now wouldn't be without one. I find that with a bit of imagination it makes many jobs simpler and more accurate.
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