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  1. Eberhard - Thank you, I keep telling her she is developing a fan base. Keith, i don't think so. You can see from the following plan that washrooms are positioned centrally in the crew accommodation area. I think the area below the vent is for sail stowage. Presumably it is ventilated to dry stuff out. I think my wife sees me as the helpmate. In hierarchy terms I come after the dog.
  2. Meanwhile the hired help is plodding on. She is complaining about the difficulties of keeping track of the bobbins. I did a rough count - she seems to have about 70 on the go and all seem to need to be operated in sequence. a bit of a knotty problem so to speak. But she is making progress. We both have our covid jabs booked for Friday - I hope your turns come soon.
  3. I finished a couple of deck bits off over the weekend before commencing the manufacture of loads of stanchions. Firstly the final cowl vent went in. It is mounted on a small box structure and sits well forward on the bow. A deck board sits between the pair of skylights. I made the top solid on 4 transverse planks and then used a slitting saw to form the top planks. I counted up the stanchions and came up with a requirement of about 80. Quite a lot I thought. They are turned from 1/16 inch brass rod as per t
  4. Sad news Michael. You catch them in the corner of your eye for many years after they have gone.
  5. Very nice brass work - did you make the wheels for the torpedo handling crane?
  6. Very good JD, however if you are anything like me it will be a mess again by the end of the day. Nice progress on the framing and transom.
  7. Thank you Geert, Eberhard, Michael, Dan. I passed your lacemaking comments on to Ann as an incentive to starting a class but she just referred me to a book and the internet. I pressed on, persuading her to show me. A bit complicated I thought "better to stick to my own knitting", so to speak.
  8. Thank you Steve and Geert. I was being naughty. I did the prep work and then used my skills to convince the admiral to do the actual lacework.🤫
  9. Thank you Pat and thanks to everyone for all the likes and visits. It has been pretty cold here for days. By noon on Monday the workshop temperature had struggled its way up to 7.3c (45f) After the morning in the workshop I had had enough. The draw of the lounge wood burner became overpowering. I decided I needed an armchair job so my thoughts turned to the bowsprit netting. I had previously looked at samples of window netting and fly screen netting but wasn't really sat
  10. I think they must have been very fast swimmers or rowers in those days Keith. I'm assuming you discovered the ladder in your research? Did you discover its purpose?
  11. Superstructure is looking quite smart, nice detailed work in cutting out the windows, well done.
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