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  1. The shaping is going really well Tom, not bad for a first scratch build. I find my mind can wander in almost any situation.
  2. She is coming along very quickly Allan. Are you working to a deadline or are you just naturally quick? Not sure you should have used that piece of walnut, now it won't be available for some future use.
  3. Thank you Michael, I'm sure it would be too distracting from model making. Maybe when I can't see what i am doing anymore. I seem to have been at the deckhouse for an age. It is now nearly complete so I need to get a wiggle on and finish it. Back to the roof - which has 10 small mushroom vents. These were turned and then installed. I also made the rests for the boat hook. The rubbish under the front edge of the hatch is wire wool debris. I then spent a pointless hour making the ceiling lights - totally hidden from all angles of view. The frosted
  4. Eberhard - These particular columns form part of the Pu purification cycle for the Thermal Oxide Reprocerssing Plant, my guess is that it won't feature highly on the decommissioning list for some years. I also did work the Low Active Effluent Treatment Plant, the Solvent Treatment Plant and early cement encapsulation schemes before I went into the more socially acceptable but more lethal brewing industry.
  5. Greg, the amount of brass fittings was part of the incentive for making Germania, although the model has more than the original because stainless steel in the original is replaced by brass in the model. In some photos of the original it is clear the crew didn’t always bother with the polish. ) The story of my life Druxey. About 36 years ago I was granted a patent for a liquid distributor for mixing the feeds into solvent extraction columns. It was used in nuclear reprocessing plants, buried deep inside highly radioactive equipment behind 6 feet of concrete, not to be seen again fo
  6. Loverly looking ship - from an era when naval architects still thought aesthetics were important. Good luck with the build
  7. Another little masterpiece Javier. You must let us all see the fleet assembled together some time.
  8. Thank you Steve, Gerrt and Allan. I do think finding a way of doing something is the most fun part of the hobby. Also Thanks to everyone who has left a "like". I am feeling that my work is a bit unstructured at the moment as I dot about finishing parts of the deckhouse. Sorry! I thought the time had come to finish the back walL I cut out the rebates for the door hinges and glued them in place. The tricky bit was ensuring the correct alignment of the 2 parts of each hinge I made the door plates for the door handles and bent a piece of wire to for
  9. Tom . I'd stick with the plan of not drilling through the outer layers if i were you. Because the dowel grain runs in a different direction it is likely to contract at a different late over time and hence become visible. One trick to stop differential movement between layers is to sprinkle a little salt on the glued surface before clamping. The angular grains stop the movement, (although I think your doweling plan is better).
  10. Everyone has to start somewhere Tom. It is probably a good idea to start with something relatively straightforward. You can always progress to HMS Victory in the new year.
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