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  1. It’s wonderful what a taxing hobby and dogged determination can achieve. You are a credit to the forum Keith. Keep at it and continue to impress us all for many years to come.
  2. A very interesting ship. 14x12" guns is I think the largest number of main armament guns ever mounted on a Dreadnought. It will be quite a challenge at the proposed scale - but I suspect you will astound us all.
  3. Thank you Richard, I am still rationing myself to one day a week while my house maintenance work continues. I made progress on rear face of the main deckhouse. The hole for the porthole frame was cut small with a drill and then opened out with an end mill. I find this produces the best edges (apart from the chip at the top)!!!!! The weakening of the sacrificial insert worked well and it came out a treat. You can see that I repaired the chip while putting the porthole frame in. I made the pair of doors.
  4. Allan As it isn't built yet couldn't you just get the builder to make the wheel to match your design. It would avoid reworking it.
  5. Such a pleasure to see your work Valiery. I would love to see more detail of your metal working. It hard to always see from the finished item how you went about the assembly
  6. Hi Patrick, this one turned out rather well. Even looks like a boat. Plenty of monstrosities are still being built by oligarchs. What next?
  7. Coming along very nicely JD. The planking always seems to me to be a much more satisfying process than building up the frames.
  8. The rowing boats are fantastic Boris. They deserve a build log in their own right.
  9. Ah! A ship from a era when luxury yachts were elegant, unlike todays monstrosities. i look forward to seeing her come to life.
  10. I just found your build Allan. I do like the elegant lines of schooner and the Boothbay 65 does have really elegant lines. I look forward to seeing her develop. Just one question about the ships wheel, is the rim to scale? It seems very substantial.
  11. Good luck Rich. Scroll saws take a bit of mastering so don't get put off by your initial attempts.
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed catching up Gary. All you work inspires but for some reason I particularly liked the bilge pump.
  13. Hellmuht. Just caught up with your build. Very fine craftsmanship but more importantly you are teaching me so much about the construction of these ancient vessels. Thank you.
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