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  1. It has been quite a while since I last posted. The easing of lockdown regulations made catching up with family feasible and this plus various garden jobs led to little available time for boat building. What time I did get was quite disjointed and this didn't help progress. Thank you Michael, Patrick and Druxey for you comments and thank you to everyone for the thumbs ups. I made the 4 fairleads from a solid piece of brass bar .500" wide by .125" thick. I drilled a series of .0625" cross holes and then removed the central webs with a jewellers saw and needle file.
  2. Nice work Druxey --- drawing the planks on the plug is so obvious i am wondering why I didn't think of it!!! When I did my draughting training (50 years ago) at Rolls Royce we had a whole day given over sharpening our pencils to a 0.0125" thick chisel point. Bet that skill isn't taught any more.
  3. Love the interior fine dining views but no napkins??????
  4. Patrick - i am pleased to see you back. This one looks very boat like - the designer must have been having an off day. Love the detail but hell of a lot to take in. The spiral staircases must have been hard.
  5. Coming along very nicely Tom, much more elegant than I expected noting the humble beginnings.
  6. All looking very interesting Michael, looking forward to seeing it develop.
  7. Eberhard - yes that is what I find. I am constantly out of focus because my hands naturally drift out to my normal working distance.
  8. Eberhard - today I forced myself to use the Optivisor and remembered why I hated it so much. I admire your dedication and skill but I think I will stick to larger scales. great work and usual.
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