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  1. I think black would be entirely reasonable for the wheels and axles and would give a nice contrast the carriage and a nice symmetry to the guns themselves.
  2. A frustrating situation to be sure. Best wishes for resolving it and being able to return to this incredibly meaningful project.
  3. I'm working on catching up on logs I hadn't found yet. I'd say there's interest, you have a set of likes on each post. Sometimes folks just don't comment when they don't have more to say than "good job" so as not to clutter up the log. I think your work looks great and would like to see more.
  4. This is an upgraded version of the basic Dusek kit, adding a lot of extra detail to better represent such a vessel, including replacing the deck with individual planking, adding cargo, improving the shields, making a paneled sail from bond paper, and so on. Details can be found in the build log.
  5. The longship is officially finished, just over a year from when I began it. It's spanned a rather intense period of my life, including the decline and death of my father-in-law, a lifelong scholar of Old English language and Anglo-Saxon history who was very important to me. In his final days, I stayed at his bedside night and day, at times reading Beowulf to him, including these lines: You have fared in life so that far and near Forever and ever, you will be honored… Thus it is duly just That one praise his prince in poem and story And hold him in heart when he must head away Forth from flesh elsewhere. This build is dedicated to him, as well as to my proudly Norwegian grandfather who was a mentor and role model to me, and who would have loved to see this model. I can't express how much the support, advice, and discussion from all of you following this has meant in the past year. Life has been rough in many other ways beyond the above, that I don't need to go into here, but this model will always be tied to this period of life and I thank you all so much for helping me carry forward. With that being said, here are the twelve images I officially submitted to the NRG 2021 photo contest this morning (there's still time to enter your own models, the more the merrier). The first eight are required angles: After this are four optional shots highlighting whatever details are desired. So I included this close view down the central hull: This view of the chests, shields, and rope coils at the stern: This overhead view that captures more of the cargo and deck detail: And this shot of the crew ready for their next adventure: I also took these additional shots that weren't submitted but that I also like. First, another of the crew, this time at the stern: Then these two vertical views: And finally, this one of the model's temporary home. I'm working on getting a full-size display cabinet for my models that will protect the large ones like this and my Arabia more efficiently than individual cases, but for now this works pretty well: To address the inevitable question, my next two projects won't be nearly as interesting to others. I purchased two NRG learning projects to work on my planking and scratchbuilding skills. First, the half-hull planking kit, which I want to do in part or whole with wood I've cut and milled on my property: Second, the capstan project, with the same goal for wood sourcing: I'll do build logs for these, and am looking forward to working on something smaller for a change after this Viking behemoth! Thanks, again, with all my heart for sticking with me on this voyage.
  6. It's still doing it for me. I just reloaded the Instructions page to be sure. It's the "Pay the $30 entry fee for each model by clicking here" line that still throws an error.
  7. I'm working on my submissions and found two potentially confusing errors in the NRG information. I mention them publicly here not to criticize or embarrass anyone, but in case others are confused by these before they can be addressed (knowing that NRG is all-volunteer and can't respond instantly to such things). I'm excited about this contest and the opportunity it provides people to share models that might otherwise never make it into physical contests due to travel-based obstacles. First, on the Instructions page (https://thenrg.org/contests/instructions), the link to pay the entry fee (https://thenrgstore.org/products/2021-model- competition-entry) is mis-formatted: look carefully and you'll see a space after the hyphen between "model" and "competition". This returns (https://thenrgstore.org/products/2021-model-%20competition-entry) which throws a 404 error. If the user manually removes the space, so the link correctly reads (https://thenrgstore.org/products/2021-model-competition-entry), it works fine, but many of our members are not computer-savvy enough to recognize this fix on their own. Second, there are conflicting guidelines on how to name photos. The Competition Rules page (https://thenrg.org/contests/rules) suggests the format "HMS Victory–bow quarter.jpg" but the Instructions page (https://thenrg.org/contests/instructions) says that files need to be in the format "ModelNameBowPortQtr.jpg". This is needlessly confusing and I hope NRG wouldn't reject either approach as both are clear, but it would be best to decide on a consistent requirement.
  8. The final details have been added. First, I made a series of rope coils for each rigging line, to hide the cut-off end and because it just looks better this way. Below is just one example; no idea if this is just how Vikings coiled their lines but I don't think we can know for sure, so I'm going with it. And the final fun, an anchor. I like the look of stone anchors that other modelers have done, such as this one from killickthere's build: So I cut a few live branch junctions (so the wood would be flexible) and hunted around for a good igneous pebble that would look like the right kind of rounded glacial boulder a Viking shoreline would turn up. I found an awesome triangular one. I used a sharp knife to carve the branch junction down so it looked like an axe-hewn trunk, and made a bottom cross-piece: The cross-piece was bored so that the branch Y would have to bend around the rock a bit, helping hold it in place. The fit isn't perfect but it's the closest branch shape I could find in the time I wanted to spend on this. Test-fitting: I stained this with dilute paint and then rubbed it with pastel before installing the rock. I then made a final rope coil for the anchor. This is a big beast, but it's a big ship, and I can envision a few burly Vikings heaving this over the side with a grunt. Here it is in place at the bow: I think it gets the idea across well enough. So with this, I think I'm done adding details. Tomorrow I plan to take a full set of photos (including for the NRG model contest, due August 2), and then I'll declare it done.
  9. Oh cool, this looks fascinating. I speak some German but probably not enough to be useful in translating maritime history. You've been a great influence in dragging my interests from obscure American riverboats to even more obscure ancient ships. This looks like a good extension to the rabbit hole. I admit I was rather startled to see "Winchelsea by Louie da Fly" and wondered what prompted such a drastic change in modeling period for you!
  10. Wow, that looks great. You're definitely right about the paint bringing out the realistic look. Nice job on the texturing. I like the idea of a dark/rusty maroon, something that sets off the edge a little but doesn't highlight it. I found a detailed painting of the Cairo's interior on another modeling forum in a log for the BlueJacket kit. Not going to directly post it here as I'm not sure about copyright issues (not even sure if it's from the kit or some other source), but here's a link. It's a bit grainy, but appears to show gun rigging that looks fairly standard for naval cannons. If it is from the kit, I wonder if you could source a good copy directly from BlueJacket? If nothing else, I bet they'd be willing to discuss their own research used to develop that kit and maybe help you find new information?
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